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At some unseen point Megamind killed people horribly
Cutesy cartoon universe or not, no one is sentenced to 88 consecutive life sentences without doing something beyond the Moral Event Horizon at some point. Before the start of the films story Megamind HAD to have genuinely killed whether or not it was intentional a large amount of of Metro Cities populace in a horrific and torturous fashion (thus the need for the extra life sentences).

Another possiblity is at some point Megamind did/committed a crime SO Horribly WRONG that Metro Man had to erase Megamind's well..mind and personality of the horrific event ala Dr. Light (thus explaining his Affable Evilness), However he simply accepted his 88 Life sentences because

  • Jail has always been his home since nearly birth.
  • Megamind has always seen himself as genuinely evil. Regardless of whether he remembered what he had done, he easily accepted his punishment.
  • Sure, he had just killed Metro Man, but an entire wall of people with guns shouldn't have just dropped their weapons when he was taking over the city hall. Yes, he had his robots and a light show, but he didn't have any known protection against bullets and his robots are easy to take out. Presumably, he has demonstrated that he will kill non-heroes in the past, and he seemed very jumpy with his gun when people started closing in on him later in the movie. It was just luck that he was using a probably non-lethal weapon and had someone to calm him
    • He's just killed the most powerful superhero in the world. They're absolutely terrified of him, and the only person who has ever managed to bring him down is now dead. At that moment, they probably think he's practically invulnerable, and who can blame them, really? As for his robots 'being easy to take out', we never see anyone without superpowers actually do this, and there's absolutely no way for them to know this; for all they knew, one false move his robots would tear them apart (they do have big heavy bitey jaws).
  • In most jurisdictions in the United States, kidnapping receives a life sentence. Given how many times Megamind had kidnapped Roxanne Ritchi, that would probably account for all the life sentences. If he had really killed so many people, he probably would have gotten the death penalty, especially considering that that prison could not hold him.
    • By being a serial kidnapper rather than a mass murderer (who turns out didn't really kill Metro Man), this also allows Megamind to remain as a sympathetic character.
  • And then there's the thought of what must be millions to billions of dollars worth of property damage over his career.
  • I like to think he just enjoys the challenge of breaking out of such high security facilities, so he intentionally gets his charges as ridiculous as possible.
Roxie is/was a supervillain herself.
In the trailer she's apparently familiar with every possible death-trap, nonchalantly saying they're garish, lame, juvenile, "seen it..." That and it would be freaking awesome.
  • While this would be an awesome WMG, she probably knows all about deathtraps due to being kidnapped (and rescued) more times than Princess Peach.

Minion will die at some point to show how serious the situation is.
C'mon, cute animal(ish) best friend? Movie about redemption? They will make us cry and we will love every minute of it.
  • You realized it's a Dreamworks production, don't you?
    • Yeeeees, just because it's Dreamworks doesn't mean they can't have emotional drama. They have been getting better in recent years.
    • This is plausible, because the minions in Despicable Me never died, and the makers of this film could've decided to make the movie Darker and Edgier than Despicable Me.
    • Actually it seems like this near the end but it just turns out that Minion is a drama queen.
      • And it makes sense, since only his suit was damaged. The guy is still just a FISH.
      • ^^^ Actually, his water-helmet also took a lot of damage, to the point of all the water draining from it. Considering that he is a fish, he actually was in danger of dying for a while.
      • He's an alien fish-like thing. For all we know, he's perfectly fine out of water but simply prefers it for comfort.
      • He has no problem talking without water, which means he can breathe just fine.
      • Even perfectly-normal fish don't die out of water until their gills dry out. Minion had plenty of time to ham it up.

When Megamind's parents told him he was "destined for greatness..."
...they'd meant he'd be a great hero.
  • Indeed. According to the extended trailer, Minion was supposed to be his sidekick.
    • Interestingly, in the actual film, you never actually hear his father say anything except that he has a destiny.
      • It sounded like "greatness" to me. Or at least, great something. It was just a little muffled.

Megamind will end up turning Roxy into an alien like him.
Megamind's the last of his kind and there is some interesting chemistry between the two. Not only that but Megamind had given super powers to a human. Genetic tinkering is not beyond his abilities.
  • The gun glowed again after he drain Metro Man's powers, from Hal, maybe he'll give them to Roxy!
    • This troper was thinking the same thing regarding giving Roxy powers. Hell, he might even be able to both turn her into an alien like him AND give her Metro Man's powers!
  • This troper wouldn't bet on it. The only possible source for DNA from Megamind's race is Megamind himself, and if he infused Roxy with that, it would raise Squicky implications about him continuing to date someone who would, in effect, have become his biological relative.
  • That's assuming Roxy would want to become an alien like him. It could just as easily go the other way, with Megamind deciding to turn himself human, possibly with Bernard's DNA if Roxy still likes Bernard's looks.
  • Also as many works of science fiction have No Biochemical Barriers, it may also be possible that they could conceive a Half-Human Hybrid child.

Dreamworks is holding a supervillain
Seriously, who the hell would leak so much of the movie in its own trailers?!?
  • You may be on to something, although it may be "group of supervillains" instead. The Wii game plugs being a sequel and introducing the "Doom Syndicate".

Megamind is a prequel to Monsters vs. Aliens...
...and it was Galaxhar who caused that black hole. He might have been an alien minion race of a different clade than minion.
  • Also Minion resembles RO-man from robot monster a bit
  • The whole Shared Universe theory for these films holds a lot of water. They both serve as an Affectionate Parody on Silver Age entertainment, monster flicks and comics respectively. They share similar design concepts and seem to obey the same general rules. Maybe DreamWorks plans to do a crossover film in the future?

Metro Man knew Megamind would become a hero.
It's interesting to note that Megamind never intended to hurt anyone - save Metro Man. It's not out of left field that Metro Man noticed this. Could his retirement have been a Gambit Roulette to allow him to retire and force Megamind into being a hero? It's probably not lost on him that he's partially responsible for pushing him into being a villain by constantly making him a Butt-Monkey when they were young. At the end, Metro Man seems like a proud parent when he says "I knew you had it in you." at the end.

Megamind would have turned Roxie into Titan if everything had gone according to plan.
She's the obvious choice; do-gooding, willing to snark with him, focused on stopping him, knows him as well (maybe better, even before they started dating) than Metro Man did... and she's also the only person (aside from Minion, who obviously isn't an option) that he knows well enough to accurately judge whether they'd be a good hero or not.

Megamind is still serving time for his time as a supervillain

He's doing community service now. Being a superhero.

  • He's also still imprisoned; not only does he have eighty-eight consecutive life-sentences to serve, but it's also the only place he'd ever truly consider to be home. Key thing is, however, it's still a Cardboard Prison, meaning he can still break out whenever he wants or needs to (and given his Heel–Face Turn the authorities are more inclined to look the other way / make things easier for him to do so); he just breaks out to do good instead of evil this time.
    • Except we see Hal occupying Megamind's cell at the end. Given the city's gratitude and how much he's reformed, it would be pretty rude for them to boot Megamind out of his childhood bedroom, or foist an annoying roommate who hates his guts off onto him.
      • They upgraded him to a nicer 'cell'.

If anyone ever asked Megamind would say that he's still a supervillain after the events of the movie, even if for all intents and purposes he's acting in a heroic way.
It just happens that with the hero gone the only thing around for him to fight are those uppity, unstylish, not-super villains who think they can get away with committing crimes on his turf.
  • Given that Megamind doesn't appear to have changed his stylings at all during the dedication of the Megamind Museum at the end of the film, the above seems a fairly safe bet, though this troper thought of it more along the lines of him being a hero with his former villanous persona's M.O. (meaning cunning on-the-fly Indy Ploys, convoluted schemes and traps (should another villian happen to show up in the future), lots and lots of black leather and so on), which really is pretty much the same thing when you think about it, just with a more positive "spin".
    • You basically just described Batman but with a bigger personality and bolder sense of humour.

Metro Man isn't retired for good.
He's said that he was burnout from fighting Megamind over and over again, and that's he's tired of being the person society wants him to be, that doesn't mean he'll never superhero again, teaming with Megamind will be a new experience and if he finds out that he wants to help people for himself, he'd probably get back into it. And it's way to cool to not happen, or course...what could stop them?
  • He was burnt out from being a hero, but Metro City has a new hero now. Maybe he'll decide it's time for him to see how much fun he has being a hammy harmless music-themed villain instead.

The film takes place in an Alternate Universe, less Crapsack World version of Dr. Horrible
Come on. A highly-intelligent supervillain who also happens to be a complete loser? A Smug Super nemesis only not really? A Heterosexual Life-Partner minion? Come on, don't tell me you don't see it.
  • The timing's even right. Somebody at Dreamworks saw DH back in 2008, and decided to make a pure comedy version of the rip-your-heart-out-and-stomp-on-it Joss Whedon tragicomedy.

Hal bears resemblance to Will Farell. Plus: Spinoff Imminent?
Planing Epileptic Trees here, but perhaps they had originally planned to cast Robert Downey Jr as Megamind and Will Farell as Hal/Titan/Tighten?

Also the Wii games mentioned a new league of evil called the Doom Syndicate and a Mega Team with one of the screenshots showing Metro Man, Megamind, Minion and even Hal fighting side by side, and supposedly picks up where the movie left off. Smells like a pitch for a CGI animated series to me. It might work~ in wake of the new threat, Megamind forms a justice league and gives the powers extracted from Metro Man to Roxie, and Metro Man comes out of retirement and hiding to join the league (After all, for once he'll be facing a different adversary). In the meantime, Hal gets broken out of prison and is recruited by Doom Syndicate which is in fact a front for Galaxhar's attempt to invade the planet, and is granted superpowers and transformed back to Tighten as Galaxhar is impressed by the wanton destruction Hal has caused in the movie. Tighten proceeds to be the Monster of the Week of the first episode until he finds Galaxhar's true motives for invading and Galaxhar's plans for him once he's outlived his usefulness. Tighten then does a Heel–Face Turn for good and defects to the Mega Team. If they want to include a B-Plot, it could involve the public's reaction to Metro Man's relevation that he's alive, and subsequently their distrust in him for abandoning them and thus Metro Man has to not only re-earn the confidence of the public, but make them understand that even superheroes need time out.

Nah, too cliche...

Megamind is a Genius
Either a Grimm or a Neid.

Megamind and Metro Man's home planets were Kakrafoon Kappa and Kakrafoon Iota, respectively
Megamind bears a STRIKING resemblance to the Belecerebons of Kakrafoon Kappa mentioned by the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy voice over in the BBC Television series episode six. Metro Man's planet being the next orbit nearer to the star, he must be from Kakrafoon Iota. I guess they didn't like the Disaster Area concert. Which also explains Megamind's love of heavy metal.

Hal is Snotty Boy from Barnyard
Just take a look at the physical similarities alone: Mess, weird shaped hair, complete with near spaghetti-like thickness, bulbous nose, close eyes, malshaped teeth. Then there's the attitudes: Rude, cocky, and selfish. If you just have Hal call everyone stupid, they'd be a perfect match. Maybe Snotty Boy grew up the jerk he is, continued to be dumped, lost a little weight, and went into the camera profession just because it is connected to television, and it's the only position a person like him could obtain in the field.
  • I knew he reminded me of someone!

Megamind is autistic
Well, why do you think he says "Metrocity" instead of "Metro City" and "olo" instead of "hello"?
  • Metrocity as a reference to monstrosity/atrocity, and 'olo' because no one has ever called him before.
  • Because of all the Superman parallels, I took the "Metrocity" pronunciation as an allusion to "Metropolis", since they both have the same syllable stresses (me-TRAW-sit-tee). I thought it was just a clever way of showing how Genre Savvy Mega Mind was.
  • Add to that, he's quite isolated and never really interacts with others, making him naive to the ways of the world, which how most autistics are. And that he can build a ton of complex contrapions, which I can presume that he imagines all in his head. He's also a bit anti-social with others (Mostly seen through Bernard)
  • I was thinking more of a speech impairment, but autism is also an option. Not to mention that when the crowd tried to get near him, he got out his gun and started to threaten at everyone like they were going to hurt him.
    • They had only known him as a supervillain up until then. He might not have realized he was being forgiven. I think he just has impaired social skills, he seems to have spent most of his life with minimal human(figuratively speaking) contact besides Minion and Metro Man.
    • This is outrightly stated in the movie, right after Megamind pulled out his blaster:
      Roxie: (to the townspeople) No no! It's okay! He's just not used to positive feedback.
  • To all of the above: no. He's simply someone who reads his brain out and doesn't ever actually use the words in conversations (seeing as he doesn't really ever TALK to anyone). This troper is not autistic, and yet after twenty four years she can't seem to wrap her mind around the fact that "forage" does not rhyme with "garage".
    • And as to why he doesn't pronounce Metro City correctly even after being corrected countless times - it's probably habit, or stubbornness.
      • The above point has merit. Note that when he and Roxie are exchanging things they've never told anyone else, he catches himself as he starts to say "shul", and instead says "school" quite clearly. He knows the right way to say things, he just says them the wrong way to ham it up, to the point where it is now habit. This habit is shown when he nearly says "shul" to Roxie, and then again when he does says "Metrocity" to Titan.
  • Also consider that Metro Man stole the school away for the "good" kids before Megamind got to graduate. He may not have gotten to learn some pronunciations. (Probably unrelated, but this Troper is slightly autistic, has an autismdar for fictional characters, and didn't pick up any vibes from Megamind whatsoever.)
    • That's a well made point, as a fellow autistic there's not too much in there. Speaking of which, what other fictional characters set off your "Autismdar"?
    • I also sustain this objection, though I do think Megamind's circumstances could be causing him to simulate certain autistic behaviors. As some have noted, everyone acts autistic on the internet, from actual autistics to total extroverts, because body language and other visual cues aren't available to pick up the way they are in face-to-face interaction. Being a social outcast is what made interacting normally with other people difficult for Megamind. Of course he would pull a gun on the crowd: when had he ever been surrounded by a crowd that wasn't hostile to him? Yet, when he was disguised as Bernard, he flirted freely and successfully with Roxy and was friendly and outgoing with everyone; he could easily have been the life of the party anywhere he went. If I were to suspect anyone of autism, it'd be Hal, except that he strikes me as more anti-social than anything else.
  • At least some of his mispronunciations might be things he picked up from the criminals he grew up among, who could have used them as in-joke slang (e.g. "Metrocity" as a bad pun about how it's an atrocity for the city to have locked them up; "ollo" as a handy compromise between Spanish-speaking and English-speaking prisoners' greetings).
  • Still another possibility would be that Megamind's parents spoke a language in which certain sound-combinations used in English didn't exist. His fast-growing alien brain had attuned itself to their speech-patterns prior to birth or in the 8 days his family had together, much as human babies' auditory brain-regions do. It's not that he's careless with his pronunciation: it's that he literally can't hear the difference between "school" and "shool", and has to make a conscious effort to say such words correctly in spite of this.

Metro Man's super-speed causes him to age comparatively faster
Metro Man looks physically older than Megamind, by the end of the film, and also seems comparatively more mature. If he ages according to his personal speed, not the world's speed, that would explain why he goes from being the jerky-kid to the more mature adult in what seems like a very short time.
  • Just a reminder: He's also an alien.
  • It could be something that happens when he uses said super-speed, as opposed to a general, all-the-time thing. He had time to get something to eat, read a few books, do a lot of soul searching, and fly a kite in the nanoseconds before he was supposedly "killed". If he does stuff like that a lot, he could have aged years at accelerated speeds - and, as a bonus, it would explain why it doesn't seem to be one of his well-known powers. He's realized what's happening when he uses it, so he doesn't do it often.
    • ... Or, if you want to be boring: his graying temples and relative maturity are side effects of the stress involved with being the personal hero of an incredibly helpless city.

Megamind and Metro Man are the princes of their home planets
...hence why they are the only two people put into the (presumably, proto-type) pods. Metro Man's planet was richer, which is why his was better built.
  • That, and it's a shameless Take That! at Superman, who is apparently the one person worth getting to safety on his entire planet.
    • More like the only one with a parent who actually believed that the world was coming to an end... and happened to be an engineer capable of creating a prototype escape vehicle that just so happened to fit one Kryptonian infant. It's entirely possible that neither of their planets saw the black hole coming, or something prevented them from leaving en masse.

Megamind was in love with Roxanne long before the events of the movie
...and he just wasn't aware of it. He always kidnapped her partly because she would be the perfect bait for Metro Man (as his rumored girlfriend) and partly because he wanted to be around her. At one point Minion mentions to Megamind how kidnapping Roxanne always cheers him up. His scowling "let's call your boyfriend" could contain a hint of jealousy, perhaps?
  • The commentary track on the DVD confirms this.
  • Well, maybe not exactly in love, but he was always trying to impress her (and everyone else in Metro City), and the desire to impress a girl is a kind of infatuation that's not too far different from being in love with her.
  • Note also when Minion suggests they kidnap Roxanne again because it always cheers him up, Megamind's face for a moment just lights up before he realizes that, without Metro Man, he has no reason to.

Metro Man didn't save the city when Megamind and Roxie asked him to because of more than just his dislike of being a superhero.
As well as not wanting to be a superhero any more, Metro Man could guess that whatever created Titan was more than likely Megamind's work. He wanted Megamind to clean up his own mess- if Metro Man had just stepped in and stopped it, where would that leave Megamind(or Metro Man himself)? Megamind needed to fix the problem he created by himself, or he'd never become the hero Metro Man saw he could be.

Metro Man's real name is Mr. Goody Twoshoes. Megamind's real name is Buddy.
They knew each other since childhood, and even went to school together. Megamind explicitly states that they chose their own monikers, but not until they had fallen into the roles of Hero and Villain. Since they've known each other all their lives, it makes sense that they'd know each others real names (or at least those given by their adoptive parents). Yet Megamind keeps calling Metro Man "Mr Goody Twoshoes", and Metro Man calls Megamind "Little Buddy". So it follows that maybe those are their names. Sort of like how in Kill Bill, we think Bill keeps calling The Bride "Kiddo" as an affectionate nickname, but it turns out to actually be her last name.
  • Seems like a lot of people are accepting 'Wayne Scott' as Metro Man's real name but mostly don't have any idea about Megamind's. Personally, I love the idea of his real name being Buddy and it makes sense, in a way. I mean, he would have been named by the criminals who raised him, right? Maybe they nicknamed him Buddy (while thinking of a proper name?) and over time that just became his name. Or maybe he would only respond to Buddy?
    • 'Wayne Scott' was Metro Man/Uberman's real name in the original 'Mastermind' screenplay, and given that his parents are still credited as 'Lord and Lady Scott' in the film's credits, it's not too much of a stretch that the name was kept. Megamind/Mastermind's real name in the screenplay was 'Bubsy'.
      • Which is also a very named-by-criminals sounding name. Though I prefer Buddy.
  • Since the criminals seem to treat Megamind like a pet or a nephew in the begining Little Buddy makes sence as his earth given name. Don't know why Metro Man's mother would name him Mr. Goody Two shoes. Note Megamind might know his given name from home.
  • But Buddy is already a supervillain's given name...

Mega Minds real name is Sir.
The one "person" who would know his real name always calls him Sir.

Metro City is the last city on Earth.
After becoming ruler of Metro City, Megamind doesn't even consider taking over the rest of the world, which seems like the most obvious next step. Surely fighting against all of the world's armed forces at once would be as great a challenge, if not greater, than fighting Metro Man. The whole city seems to be on a giant island, and the only country we hear about outside of Metro City is Romania. Why? Because Metro City is practically all that's left. Something bad happened to the rest of the world- war, plague, flood, alien invasion- something that rendered almost all of the world uninhabitable, and thus Metro City is the only thing left worth defending. It also explains why Megamind doesn't just try to take over another city: because there are no other cities to take over.
  • Although a newscaster says that citizens are 'fleeing the city in a mass exodus' before the final showdown with Titan.

The rest of the world was too busy dealing with the Boov occupation to help Metro City.
One of the extraterrestrial species shown celebrating at the end of Home (2015) is a bunch of bald blue people similar to Megamind's species except for having beady little bug eyes; possibly relatives to his people the way the Supergirl's people on Argos were to Superman's people on Krypton? My theory is that the Boov invasion occurred right before Megamind's victory over Metro Man; the Boov scouts detected that Metro City had super-powered aliens present whose powers and technology easily exceeded their own, and instructed their navigational computers to steer everyone clear of the place. Hence, the citizens of Metro City and the counties surrounding it weren't relocated and the region was not occupied. The Boov and their extraterrestrial colleagues did eventually make contact with Megamind (sometime right before they had their galactic housewarming party), but only after the end of this movie.

Metro Man's spaceship turned out better because his parents had more relative time to work on it via superspeed.
  • I don't know about this one. If Metro Man was a parody of Superman, he and his race would not have had super speed on their homeworld, only on Earth.

Minion was a fish because Megamind's parents thought he would land in the water.

Megamind is his species' equivalent of a teenager.
  • His parents look older in his flashback than he does in the story.
    • Also part of why human teenagers act the way they do is because their brains are still developing, Megamind's bigger brain would take longer to become like an adults and so he'd at least act more immature for longer than a human and maybe Metro Man.

What Megamind's parents were telling him
  • They weren't telling him to become a villain or a hero - they were telling him to make up his own path.
  • In the trailer he was destined for greatness, although it turned out differently in the movie.
    • For that matter, "greatness" leaves a lot of latitude for interpretation; Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill were both "great" men... but for very different reasons, and in complete opposition to each other. Metro Man and Megamind are also very "great" men throughout the movie, also for very different reasons, albeit not in such complete opposition as they might appear to be at first.
  • They could have told him he was destined for earth.

Megamind's race kidnapped humans and did experiments on them.

Part of the reason Megamind has a crush on Roxy at is she looks a little like his species.

Minion encourages Megamind to keep people out and encourages his supervillian defence.
I'm partly thinking about how he seems to keep trying to get Megamind to give up on Roxanne and refuses to let him have the invisable car. He sees a patern Megamind tries to get friends he gets hurt, and Minions only purpose in life is to protect Megamind.

Metro Man will still be a superhero sometimes
Just not a flashy one. He'll go around in that low key trenchcoat ensemble and beat muggers up in dark alleys, but never take the spotlight or any type of credit.

Titan vs. Tighten
  • Titan=Giant (a morally "big" person).
  • Tighten=To constrict (iron-fisted rule).
It's not Rouge Angles of Satin, it's a consious choice.

Megamind is a metaphor for the history of Comic books
  • His origin is along the lines of a Golden Age superhero's origin, complete with rival since childhood (a la Superman and Lex Luthor)
  • He then begins to develop all sorts of strange gadgets and odd technology, just like the Silver Age heroes did (Batman's gadgets anyone?)
  • Then, the original hero is replaced with a new one as a Bronze Age arc (just like the original X-men team did in 1975)
  • Next, this new hero turns out evil and spends his time running around as a anti hero and then full on villain, leading to a Dark Age
  • Finally, Megamind defeats the dark age character and saves the day, creating a new optimistic view, like the Modern Age.

The titular character is supposed to represent people with a mental disability.
As a teenaged girl with Asperger's Syndrome, I was surprised at how much I could feel like I could relate to Megamind much more than your typical protagonist— a hard time learning, making new friends, expressing my feelings, etc. This can be justified by the fact that people have described having autism as 'an alien in a different planet'. Not to mention that, as he grew up, that's when he realized he could be as creative and talented as his opponent.

Megamind would be (or possibly is) an awesome cook.
There's scant evidence for it in the film, which is why I'm thinking of writing a fanfic short for it. But consider the type of restaurant Megamind took Roxanne to... and how he actually seemed to be reasonably in his element there (no "which fork do I use," perfect composure over sharing a glass of wine). A guy who devours learning from written sources would be in his element with cookbooks. Now consider the traits that make a talented chef: timing, multitasking, an attention to detail, a flair for color and contrast and design - presentation!

Megamind is performing community service at the end of the movie
In order to work off those 88 life-sentences Megamind is saddled with, and to allow him to remain as the city's new superhero, it was decided that his new superhero duties would be considered community service.

Megamind and Metro Man's planets were at war
That's what I thought when I saw the two planets apparently wiping each other out - so I assumed that they were at war with each other, and then they wiped each other out in their battles (they both got sucked into a black hole). Neither was especially heroic or villainous.

The hero/villain dynamic was supposed to be in reverse.
Megamind was supposed to be the hero, destined to champion the earth with his supreme intellect. Metro Man, a Flying Brick, was sent to destroy Earth. Metro Man was raised by a rich family and became a superhero. Megamind was raised by prisoners and became a supervillain.
  • The fact that Metro Man's parents are the ones who didn't give their child a companion who would love and care for him, like Megamind's did, might just back up this theory. Neither family could know where their kid would end up, but only one couple was decent enough to ensure their son would never be alone: something even Superman's folks didn't think of doing.
  • Or...

Metro Man and Megamind were supposed to be a team.
Metro Man got the brawn, and Megamind had the superior intellect. Alone they could only do so much, so they were to be a crime-fighting team—with Megamind coming up with genius tactics and cool gadgets, and Metro Man beating the crap out of villains.
  • OR...

Both parents wanted their kids to be heroes
They were competing as planets (as is seen in the war theory) so they sent their kids to a planet where they'd be heroes. It just so happened that Metro Man won that time.
  • OR...

Metro Man's ride was programmed to save Megamind from becoming a danger to the world
While Megamind landed in the prison and Metro Man landed in the wealthy home, Megamind gets the attentive, doting family who definitely encouraged his brilliance (even if for negative uses), but at the same time a 'father' (the Warden) who was big on discipline. Metro Man on the other hand got parents who were more distant emotionally - indeed, he does seem less enthusiastic, and he gives up on the hero gig first.
  • The discipline thing is important - Megamind may be Genre Savvy but he's also pretty conservative in how he uses his inventions, and there's little collatoral damage. And if you're thinking 'because it's a kid's film' remember how much Titan destroys in comparison.
  • I'm a big believer in "Nature Vs Nurture" myself - something which can turn good people into bad people, and bad people into good people. Good parents vs mediocre parents. A positive enviroment vs a negative enviroment. If Megamind had wound up with the rich, but emotionally distant parents, he might have ended up an even more dangerous supervillain, something along the lines of wealthy and brilliant Jerkasses Green Goblin or Lex Luthor.
    • Similarly, for the Flying Brick that is Metro Man, but also being pretty smart, growing up with criminal influences would have meant that rather than using genius for evil, he'd be using muscle for evil, possibly even ending up as somebody like Bane, or at best The Sandman. In the end, the path he took protected them both.

Metro Man was actually pulling a lesser Heel–Face Turn of his own.
While the movie was focused mainly on Megamind and his Character Development, it didn't entirely neglect everyone else. Throughout the history Megamind provides us in all of his flashbacks, we can see Metro Man developing quite a bit as well. As a kid, Metro Man actually seems to have been a bit of a jerk, joining in with the other kids in bullying and tormenting Megamind, preening and showing off to the kids, and sucking up to the teacher. As an adult, he does seem to have grown out of this: even if he does still preen for the crowd a bit, he does seem to be acting more out of a genuine concern for others than for their affirmation. In fact, part of his reason for quitting seems to be that he was starting to despise their shallow-minded hero-worship and feel like it was all just an empty show.

Perceptive as he is in this regard, it can't have escaped his notice either that every one of Megamind's "evil" schemes was more to impress the city's residents (especially Roxy) than to achieve any truly practical villainous goal. (A "cheese typhoon" and "illiteracy beam" sound like they'd be... rather interesting to see, actually, but also thoroughly impractical, and mostly harmless.) That, combined with the realization that his picking on Megamind and hogging everyone's attention as a kid was probably at the root of Megamind's efforts to impress the crowds now led to a psychological breakthrough: realizing that his battles with Megamind really were just an empty show, and Megamind could just as easily keep the show running without him; realizing further that Megamind wouldn't really do the city or its people any permanent harm once he'd succeeded in impressing them with his victory, and soon get just as bored with their affirmation of his ingenuity as Metro Man had before him; and realizing that letting Megamind win would therefore be the most selfless and heroic sacrifice of them all, atoning for everything he'd ever done to him as a kid.

While he didn't anticipate every twist and turn that would follow, Metro Man really did know what he was doing, and really is just as kind and compassionate a hero as the people of the city thought him to be. While he probably will continue to use his powers from time to time for people's benefit, he'll only do so in ways that put other people's needs first and allow him to stay out of the spotlight. He's got all the fame and glory he ever wanted, has nothing left to prove, and has reached the height of his moral maturity. From a certain point of view, his story has the happiest ending of anyone's.

Megamind was raised at the prison for his protection
The irresponsibility of Megamind being raised in a prison has been addressed several times, but if you think about it, where would he have gone? While Metro Man could pass for human, Megamind was very obviously an alien. He wouldn't have gone to child services: he probably would have been picked up by the government. Perhaps the Warden decided keeping him in the prison was actually a roundabout way of protecting him from such a fate?

  • somewhat supported I think by the fact that the school meagmind gose to is outside of the city, with a small number of students. And unrelated, but the school is a "gifted" school. So the warden (probably) was trying to foster his intelligence in a more positive environment.

Megamind's birth planet rotated very slowly.
He was eight days old when he was put into the spacecraft, yet he already understood his parents' language well enough to comprehend words like "destined". While some of that might be chalked up to large brain capacity, it would've surely taken much longer than 192 hours, give or take, for baby Megamind to hear enough speech to properly analyze and acquire their vocabulary and grammar. Possibly a day on his native world was the equivalent of multiple days, or even multiple weeks, on Earth.

The citizens know (or will find out) Metro Man is still alive
His "remains" were bound to have been taken to some research facility. It is then they discover that the skeleton was a prop and the real Metro Man is still out there somewhere.

If a sequel or adaptation comes out, it will involve...
  • Megamind missing the days when he was a villain.
  • The rise of the Doom Syndicate like in the games.
  • A Roxanne x Megamind relationship.
  • Megamind faking his death and Hal creating a new superhero.
  • Bernard becoming a supervillain. He never looked that happy to begin with and in the stinger, we see him in Megamind's washing machine.
  • Megamind trying to win the trust of other superheroes, who still resent him for Metro Man's death or don't believe his Heel–Face Turn is genuine, and/or dealing with his former associates in the supervillain community, who now see him as a traitor.

After seeing Roxanne turn off Megamind's Metro Man disguise, the citizens of Metro City assumed that Megamind and Metro Man were actually the same person the whole time.
Just look at their confused faces when it happens. They know this theory makes no sense and creates massive amounts of fridge logic, but at this very moment, with Megamind actually fighting evil and using all sorts of gadgets that give him the same powers as Metro Man...

It provides a good explanation for why they would just go from hating him to loving him, especially considering that at least to their knowledge, Metro Man - if actually a separate person - was still dead.

Megamind will eventually stop being a superhero, but will help people more prosaically.
With Hal defeated and Megamind reformed, there won't be any other supervillains for Megamind to fight. He'll eventually get bored fighting ordinary criminals, whom the police could probably handle anyway. So instead he'll turn his intellect and inventiveness to helping people in other ways. He'll probably become famous for inventing new technologies to improve life. He'll still be popular and respected, but he won't be fighting very much.
  • Heck, he doesn't need to invent anything new, he could just rework his "dehydrated trash" idea into something more practical! By eliminating all the moisture in trash, it would burn much more efficiently, giving Waste-to-energy plants a boost!

The movie takes place in the same universe as The Venture Bros.
Megamind was a member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent and he and Metro Man were explicitly paired up as supervillain and superhero. When Metro Man got tired of it and opted out on his own, Megamind decided to create his own rival without Guild approval so he was kicked out of the Guild after Tighten was defeated. Of course, by then Megamind was perfectly okay with that and become a reformed-supervillain hero.

Megamind mispronounced English words because his pronunciations are actually words from the language of his people.
Alternatively, he's applying his people's language's speech pattern to English words.

If a sequel is ever made, Metroman will become a superhero again, but the singer Music Man/whatever Music Man's "real name" is when he not on stage and rich businessman Wayne Scott will be his civilian identities.
As a reference to Superman having Clark Kent as his civilian identity.
  • The first reason why Metroman will have three identities is, according to him, to make it harder for enemies to find out who he really is.
  • The second reason why Metroman will have three identities is that each of them provide something useful for Metroman as a superhero: Metroman would give him an identity to use his superhuman powers and combat abilities, the singer Music Man/whatever Music Man's "real name" will help him have something to kick back, relax, and have fun to blow off some steam, and wealthy businessman Wayne Scott would give him the money he needs to purchase crime-fighting equipment should he ever encounter an enemy that would require more than just his powers to defeat.
  • It will be explained that Metroman "faking" his death was really just an elaborate high-tech solid hologram created to emulate a human's body (or a humanoid alien's body in the case of Metro Man's).
  • Metroman really did die in the first Megamind movie, but his weakness is NOT really copper. His real weaknesses are black sunlight (referencing Superman's lesser known weakness to red sunlight), the radioactive alien rock Yionite (referencing Superman's most well known weakness to Kryptonite), magic (referencing Superman being affected by magic just like most other beings in the DC Universe), and a rare earth metal that Megamind was lucky to find even though he had no idea what it was but lined it into the building Metroman was trapped in, Megamind thinking it was reinforced copper at first. For whatever reason, Megamind decided to line that building with what he thought was "reinforced copper" (Megamind can be a ditz at times, even though he often blames his ditzy moments on Minion).
  • Once this is revealed, Megamind will still be charged with second degree murder (because even though Metroman was resurrected by an Expy of the healing pods that brought Superman back to life, Metroman still died before the resurrection, obviously, so that still counts as a murder).
  • However, Megamind will be given an alternate sentence in the form of being placed in a government strike team made up of former supervillains given a chance to shave time off their prison sentences, in other words Megamind will join what is basically the kid's movie version of the Suicide Squad.

Metro Man became a musician because he's bad at it.
After having a life where he had access to everything he wanted due to his rich parents and having superpowers that let him do basically anything and succeed, Metro Man has quite simply gotten tired of being The Ace. He's wholeheartedly embracing the one thing he's learned he's bad at because it gives him the entirely new, original experience of failing at something and subsequently being able to work hard and improve slowly rather than simply succeed immediately. That's why he's happy even when Roxie and Megamind's reactions make it clear he's a Dreadful Musician.

The Queen of England really doesn't exist in Megamind's universe.

While the scene where Hal says that the Queen of England doesn't exist right after saying the same about the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy is meant to stabilish him as a moron who might have grow completely ruthless but keeps his dumbass ways from before, i thought of an alternate take to it: the Queen of England is 'genuinely a myth in Megamind's universe - or at the very least, her position is non-existent anymore.

What do i mean with that? My guess is that Megamind's universe is actually an Alternate History where some events in our world went differently, and amongst them is that Britain became a republic instead of staying as a constitutional monarchy - thus, the Queen is genuinely a long-gone position that only exists as part of history (Though from a technical viewpoint the position of "Queen of England" doesn't exist in our universe either, in this case the position doesn't exist from both a Rules Lawyer and practical viewpoint). Alternatively, "The Queen of England" is a tale told in this universe in a similar way to how in our world Arthurian Myths are very famous both in England and outside of them, with the "Queen of England" being a character that exists as part of these myths. In other words, Hal was actually not being a complete idiot when he said that the Queen doesn't exist in his world.

Alternatively, the Queen of England does exist in the Megamind Universe, and Hal was only referring to the fact that the monarchy in Britain has been reduced to a symbolic role in favor of a democracy.

Hal has a Dark and Troubled Past similar to Arthur Fleck
While it doesn't excuse Hal's selfish, destructive, and creepy behavior, there are signs Hal hasn't had the best life or upbringing:

  • He lives in a crappy apartment under a bridge.
  • He has no close friends or social life to speak of. For all we know, Roxxie is the closest thing to a companion he has. (Ouch. No WONDER why he's so desperate :/)
  • He has a tremendous degree of social awkwardness.
  • He not only has no serious moral compass but lacks any vision or sense of planning: even if he isn't a genuinely good guy, he could still play the good guy for fame, attention, and some kind of salary, but blows this opportunity on an idiotic tantrum. The mayor greets him with genuine gratitude, and Hal chooses to flick him away like a high school bully.

So what kind of past did Hal have to make him so broken of a human being? there are a few possibilities:

  • A family that was either abusive, neglectful, or overtly indulgent.
  • He was bullied in school throughout his entire life.
  • Some of kind of developmental or personality disorder that went untreated throughout his life.