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  • It's rather sweet that a bunch of convicts would take in and raise a baby. While Megamind's criminal parents might not have been as pleasant as Metro Man's rich parents (or from another point of view, might have been more so - Metro Man's adoptive father is shown completely ignoring his wife and son), it's notable that both aliens came to this world and almost immediately found a family.
    • The warden also cared for Megamind in his own way. On top of actually disciplining him, the school Mega is sent to is a small, out of the way, gifted school. A place both trying to foster education and intelligence in a positive way (on paper), as well as not overwhelm Mega who'd be dealing with kids his age for the first time, and possibly keep him out of government attention.
  • A hidden Metro Man's So Proud of You to Megamind, though the latter never hears it.
  • On that same note, Megamind believing Metro Man to be a ghost when he is revealed to be alive is actually very touching. It's not because he believes he killed Metro Man and there is no way he could survive. It's because his rival would never stop helping people, so obviously it must be a ghost!
  • Minion - posing as the Warden - accepting Megamind's apology.
    Megamind: Oh, Minion. You fantastic fish, you.
    Minion: What are we waiting for? We'd better get going.
  • When Megamind first impersonates Bernard, he and Roxanne start talking in an elevator, comforting each other about Metroman's death. They then talk about how heroes are made, not born, and the right person could stand up to Megamind. Afterward, they are both inspired: Roxanne to take on the villain alone, and for Megamind to create a new hero.
  • When Roxanne hugs Megamind disguised as Bernard. His reaction strongly suggests that he'd never been hugged before.
    • In fact, pretty much any scene with Roxanne and "Bernard" bonding, especially talking about his crappy childhood and kissing at the restaurant. If only she hadn't touched the watch...
      • Well, she kind of had to touch the watch, so they could move past everything and get to a real place in their relationship. Which is pretty heartwarming, in and of itself.
      • "It's too bad we didn't go to the same school."
    • What appears to be the main reason Roxanne falls for Megamind? He makes her laugh.
  • Even apart from the romance, the relationship between Megamind and Roxanne is sweet. Their first meeting post-breakup is Megamind immediately going to her for help and calling her the smartest person he knows. Considering how well acquainted they seemed in the opening before Metro Man's death, it's very likely that she knows full well how much stock Megamind puts into his own intelligence and probably doesn't praise others lightly. It's clear he has immense respect for Roxanne even after being dumped by her.
    Megamind: If we don't find Titan's weakness, he'll destroy the whole city!
    Roxanne: (Beat, then...) Ok, how can I help?
  • Roxanne's inspirational speech to Megamind when Titan is holding her hostage:
    Roxanne: The Megamind I knew would NEVER have run from a fight, even when he knew he had no chance of winning! That was your best quality! You need to be that guy right now! The city needs you! I need you...
  • Roxanne running to Megamind's side after he's attacked by Titan. Even though it's actually Minion, it's so sweet.
  • "You were right Roxy. I never should have left."
  • "I did look back!"
    • "You did? You did?" Just look at the expression of pure joy on his face. Look at it.
  • When, towards the end, Roxanne switches the holographic watch off so that 'Metro Man' turns back into Megamind. The looks they exchange speak volumes.
  • This exchange after Megamind takes away Titan's powers, defeating him.
    Roxanne: You did it! You won!
    Megamind: Well, I finally had a reason to win. You.
  • Several times, Megamind performs impressive linguistic feats to avoid apologizing or admitting he's ever been wrong about anything. Then Minion, disguised as the warden, calls him out after he hides from the world in jail...
    Megamind: If you want to hear me say it, I'll say it! Here it is; from the blackest part of my heart: I! Am! Sorry!
    • When the "Warden" doesn't buy it, Megamind gives this:
      Megamind: I don't blame you. I terrorized the city countless times. Created a hero who's turned out to be a villain. I lied to Roxanne. My best friend Minion... I treated like dirt. Please don't make this city... Please don't make Roxanne pay for my wrongdoings.
  • "You look really good in white."
  • Final scene: Roxanne jumps into Megamind's arms and kisses him on the cheek. Megamind's expression is that of pure joy!
  • That whole finale altogether, that Megamind is finally admired by the people of Metro City for his heroism.
    Mayor: Ladies and gentlemen, Megamind, defender of Metro City!
    Megamind: (voiceover) You know...I like the sound of that.
  • When Megamind and Minion are breaking out of prison one last time to go confront Titan, they pass the warden, who had been left tied to a chair by Minion, and he calls to them "Good luck, fellas!" It's such a sweet moment, because, let's face it, the warden was the closest thing Megamind ever had to a father.
    • Related to that, at the start of the film, the Warden is clearly sneaking the present past security, even if he doesn't give it to him and is clearly unaware it's just a ploy.
  • Megamind reappears and reminds Titan the difference between a villain and a supervillain, during which Titan is temporarily sidelined. Megamind rescues Roxy, and her first words to him are "I knew you'd come back!" And she did, even if he didn't.
    Megamind: Well, that made one of us!
    • Her awed expression moments before, when Megamind announces his presence.
  • Roxanne's reaction during the climax, when Metro Man apparently reappears to fight Titan. She grants him a single line of acknowledgement (implying surprise at his return, no less) before immediately turning her back on the fight to rush to an injured Megamind's side. It's a solid flip from her perspective at the start of the movie.
  • "And Megamind, this one's for Space Stepmom! You LIED to her!" Played for Laughs or not, for Titan to show that much love and care for his...erm, Space Stepmom was oddly sweet, in a hilarious kind of way.
    • She brought him churros!
  • The simple fact that Megamind's parents, knowing they wouldn't be there for their son, gave him a "Minion", a protector and companion to accompany him to Earth. Even Superman's parents didn't think to do that.
    • In recent interpretations, they did: Kara, his cousin, was supposed to be his guardian, which is pretty heartwarming for both stories.

Button of Doom short

  • Megamind has a recording of Metro Man's song in his lair.
  • Megamind and Minion are in happy tears when they discover that Metro City gave them their own signal.