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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: Titan rants on Roxanne's naivete, claiming that "There is no Easter bunny, there is no tooth fairy, and there is no queen of England!" The intended joke is clear, but legally speaking there actually hasn't been a monarch of England since the Acts of Union 1707 united the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland to form the Kingdom of Great Britain, which later joined with the Kingdom of Ireland to form the United Kingdom. Currently, the title of the monarch, depending on the gender, is "King/Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland".
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: For whatever reason, some people believe that Metro Man says "Thank you, Random Citizen!" in his speech. He actually says "And I love you, Random Citizen!".
  • Dueling Movies: Came out just 4 months after Despicable Me, another movie about a villain trying to become a good guy. The latter ended up being victorious on account of how it became one of the most well-known franchises throughout the 2010 decade.
  • Franchise Killer: This film ended theatrical releases of DreamWorks Animation films in Japan because it was released on the same weekend as the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, becoming one of the lowest-grossing releases of any film in Japan. All further releases of the company's films in Japan have been Direct to Video until 2018, when Universal Studios (who bought DreamWorks back in 2016) released The Boss Baby there.
  • Genius Bonus: Metro Man says the lie that copper drains his powers. This actually makes a lot of sense, since he is an Expy of Superman AKA the Man of Steel, and contact with copper is very bad for steel due to galvanic corrosion.
  • Inspiration for the Work: The writers got the concept from the following question: What if Lex Luthor defeated Superman?
  • Kids' Meal Toy: Hardee's had a set of four toys from February to April 2011. There was the Hero Meter, a figure of Megamind, the Superhero Checkers Game, and the Gloriously Bad Band.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: Megamind explained that he is evil's totally handsome weapon in the teaser trailer.
  • The Other Darrin: For the video games, the film characters except for Titan got their voices replaced with normal voice actors.
  • Sequel in Another Medium: The video game and comics continued the storyline from the movie.
  • Stillborn Franchise: While the movie was successful and spawned two video games and a short, Jeffrey Katzenberg decided not to have future movie genre parody sequels including this franchise, Shark Tale and Monsters vs. Aliens. His reasoning being that he believed such movies wouldn't travel well overseas and would age poorly. In 2022, however, a sequel TV series was announced.
  • Throw It In: The commentary reveals that a large portion of the jokes were improv, which isn't that suprising when you get Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, David Cross, and (to a lesser extent) Brad Pitt together.
    • Metro City being pronounced Metrocity was due to a French screen writer, who pronounced it that way innocently, and they decided to run with it. Will Ferrell took it from there and started mispronouncing other words as well.
    • Jonah Hill added in the line "And Megamind, this one's for Space Step-Mom! You lied to her!" (originally the line was "And this one is all yours!")
    • Tina Fey came up with "Girls! Girls! You're both pretty! Can I go home now?" when they were trying to figure out to cut the dialogue short.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Stiller were approached to voice Megamind before the casting of Will Ferrell. Stiller would eventually go on to voice Bernard in the movie.
    • The "Art of" book includes some of the things that never made it to the final cut, including a supervillain group, a giant lava monster, and concepts for Minion where his gorilla body was made from a real gorilla.
    • The film was originally scripted as a live-action, R-rated, adult comedy. Megamind would have been called Master Mind, and Metro Man: Uberman, and Minion replaced three clones of famous historical figures. The studio did nothing with it, so it was brought over to Dreamworks Animation as a children's film instead.
    • The directors originally wanted to play the film out with a cover of Michael Jackson's "Bad," until they realized that nobody could do better than the King of Pop himself, and the original was left innote .
    • There was supposed to be a longer chase scene at the end, but they shortened it to keep their audience from getting sick.
    • Megamind originally looked like Galactus.
    • When Metro Man (who's really Megamind in disguise) chases Tighten away and flies to Roxanne, Megamind would originally have revealed the disguise himself to surprise both Roxanne and the audience, but the writers figured that it made it more meaningful for Roxanne to reveal him, in a sort of "beauty and the beast" symbolism, i.e. Roxanne letting Megamind know she likes him for who he is.
  • The Wiki Rule: Megamind Wiki | Fandom
  • Working Title: Was originally announced as Master Mind and was called Oobermind for a while before settling on Megamind.