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Nightmare Fuel / Megamind

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It's just a villain movie about a blue, big-headed alien and his loyal minion in a robot gorilla body... How scary could it be?

  • A quick one that's often glossed over, but near the beginning of the movie, we get the wonderful sight of not one, but TWO ENTIRE INHABITED PLANETS BEING DESTROYED BY A BLACK HOLE. The inhabitants don't even have a chance to escape. Only one infant from each planet is able to make it off.
  • Hal Stewart/Titan proves to be a scarier and more intimidating super villain than Megamind himself could ever hope to be. The ironic part is that he's far from an intelligent human being...which arguably makes him even more scary than if he actually was smart. See, villains with intelligence actually have some inhibitions and reasoning, having some lines that they aren't willing to cross because they can think of the consequences to achieve their goal. Stupid villains like Hal Stewart, on the other hand? No such restrictions.
    • It's pretty funny, but during Hal's training, he viciously tears apart a dummy of Megamind, first savagely beating the dummy, tearing its arms off and beating it with them, stomping it in half and finally melting its face with his laser beams. Megamind, disguised as Space Dad, has an appropriately horrified look on his face.
    • Hal repeatedly tossing Roxanne several meters above the city in an attempt to woo her. And when she rightfully rebukes him, he snaps at her, telling her she's supposed to love him now that he has powers.
      Roxanne: Are you crazy?!
      Titan: I suppose I'm a little crazy... about you!
      Roxanne: Who are you, really?
      Titan: Oh, right! Well, prepared to have your mind blown, little lady... (takes off his mask) Ta-da!
      Roxanne: Hal?!
      Titan: Yeah! Isn't this great? Now there's nothing keeping us apart!
      Roxanne: No, it's not great.
      Titan: Wow! Our first fight. This so us! We're like an old married couple.
      Roxanne: Look, there is no "us", okay? There will never be an "us".
      Titan: But... I have powers. I have a cape, I'm the good guy!
      Roxanne: You are a good guy Hal, but you don't understand. We need to find out why...
      Titan: No... This - this isn't right!
      Roxanne: Hal, just take a deep breath and listen to me for a moment!
      Titan: You're supposed to be with ME!
      Roxanne: I'm trying to warn you, Hal!
      Titan: It's Tighten! It's Tighten, not Hal! (flies off, shattering dozens of windows in the process)
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    • Titan revealing he actually wants to kill Megamind instead of taking him to jail. Especially with his pupils glowing bright red. This forces Megamind to flee in absolute terror.
      Megamind: Well done! I thought that battle went really, really well! I mean, I have a few notes...
      Titan: Notes?
      Megamind: But they can wait. You can take me to jail now.
      Titan: Oh, no, no, no, no. I was thinking more like the morgue. YOU'RE DEAD!
      Megamind: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! This isn't how you play the game!
      Titan: Game over.
    • Then we get this after Megamind attempts to subdue Titan with a copper sphere failsafe, which we assumed was Metro Man's Kryptonite Factor:
      Megamind: Guess what, buster brown? It's made from copper! You're powerless against it! It's the very same metal used to defeat—
      (Titan punches his way through the failsafe)
      Megamind: ...Metro Man?
      Titan: You...should stop comparing me to Metro Man! (throws the failsafe at Megamind, chasing him off)
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    • And then revealing his true nature to the Metro Citizens, with a surprisingly scary Slasher Smile to boot.
      Mayor: We're saved! We're saved! What's your name, new hero?
      Titan: It's "Tighten".
      Mayor: Thank you! Thank you! Titan has freed us!
      Titan: Oh, I wouldn't say "freed". More like "under new management". (forcefully flicks the mayor with his finger, sending him flying)
    • After this, Titan proceeds to rampage through the city, destroying everything in sight with his laser beams and carving the word "Tightenville" into a residential area. A good part of the city is in flames, and Titan has a look of utter maliciousness on his face.
    • Immediately after this, Roxanne heads downtown to try and reason with Hal, but unfortunately, Hal is too far gone to listen to reason.
      Titan: Let me guess. After seeing how awesome I am, you've finally come to your senses? Well, I'm over you.
      Roxanne: I've come to stop you, Hal.
      Titan: You?! Oh, wow. Okay. What're you gonna do, report me to death?
      Roxanne: I was going to try reasoning with you. You and I, we worked together for a long time. I know you.
      Titan: You don't know me! You never took the time to know me! This is the first time we've hung out socially, and it's when I'm about to destroy the city!
      Roxanne: I want to talk to the real Hal. I want talk to the guy who loved being a camera man, and eating dip, and being a nerd, and being not as scary as the Titan Hal!
      Titan: TOO LATE!
      (Roxanne backs up against the news van in terror)
    • Titan then decides to flat out kill Roxanne, tying her to the very top of Metro Tower and knocking it over to take her with it. Then he holds it in place just to taunt her.
      Titan: Hey, Metro losers. This is Metro Tower! They say it's supposed to be a symbol of our city's strength. But for me, it's a reminder of the day this woman ferociously ripped out my heart! And I HATE REMINDERS!
      Roxanne: HAL! (Titan stomps his foot on the tilting tower, holding it in place...for now) Please don't do this! I know there's still good in you, Hal.
      Titan: You're so naïve, Roxie. You see the good in everybody, even when it's not there. You're living a fantasy! There is no Easter Bunny, there is no Tooth Fairy, and there is no Queen of England! This is the real world, and you need to WAKE UP!
    • "Well, that was easy! Looks like there's only one loose end now!" (kicks a bus straight at Roxanne)
    • In a more down-to-earth sense of horror, the way Hal views Roxanne is very unnerving, particularly after he gets his powers and after she makes it clear how she doesn't like him. There are many creepy unstable people in Real Life who take rejection as poorly as he did, even to the point of taking the lives of others.
  • The scene where Megamind seemingly kills Metro Man, or more specifically when it looks like Metro Man flew out only to have a skeleton under his clothes.