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  • Finally catching Carmen, at least in the earlier games up until Where in Time/Great Chase.
  • The fact that Carmen can even steal nailed down artifacts like the Statue of Liberty!

2019 Netflix cartoon



  • Awesome Art: The animation is a rare usage of lineless animation, and is very fluid, drawing some fan comparisons to Kim Possible and Wild Kratts.
    • Glen Manalo, one of the show's background artists, embraces the Kim Possible comparisons, imply that his fandom love for the Disney series influenced his work on Carmen Sandiego.
  • The awesome art comes into play in the Duke of Vermeer episode, where they replicate Vemeer's signature art style in the cartoon's art style!
  • Player being a member of Carmen's team. It's a subtle, yet awesome way to tell the audience that her greatest rivals (us) aren't opposing her this time - we're helping her.

    Team Carmen 


Becoming Carmen Sandiego, Part 1
  • Her Establishing Character Moment where she blatantly grapples her way into a locked house that's booby-trapped, finds a false wall in the atrium, and locates the jewel she was eyeing.
  • She pickpockets Chase successfully, curb-stomps him, and outruns him on the rooftops.
  • After Gray ambushes her on the train, cuts off her link to Player, and tells her that he's bringing her in to V.I.L.E. alive once the train stops in Paris, she calmly sits down, tells him that she wanted Gray to find her, and spends the ride talking about her past. Nerves of Steel, ladies and gentleman.

Becoming Carmen Sandiego, Part 2

  • Carmen's defection: she finds out in one night that the people she admired and loved all her life are reckless killers, and have kept her trapped on a Gilded Cage of an island for all her life. She has one friend on the outside, no money or an account to her name, and no freedom. So what does she do? She steals a boat, a hat and coat, and runs away from the island. She vows to take V.I.L.E. down, by stealing the objects they want.

The Lucky Cat Caper

  • Carmen's pickpocket test, shown in the penultimate episode, has her frantically going through every pocket on Shadow-san's coat, so fast that he can barely keep up. Furthermore, he's deliberately trying to fail her. Were it not for the fact that he rigged the test, she would have passed in spite of his best efforts.


Becoming Carmen Sandiego, Part 1
  • How did Player meet a young Carmen? By going through 27 layers of encryption from V.I.L.E. And, given the timeline, he was about 12 at best.


The Duke of Vermeer Caper
  • His disguise as a Duke for the caper, keeping it together despite having 24 hours of training.

The Opera in the Outback Caper

  • He was able to get El Topo to leave by making up a story that the subliminal opera music was making the dingos go crazy and mauled "some French guy" (Le Chevre). El Topo believes him.


The Duke of Vermeer Caper
  • Leads Chase on a high-speed snowmobile chase while disguised as Carmen.

The Opera in the Outback Caper

  • Ivy climbs all the way up to the top of a space shuttle tower to stop the countdown.

    Law Enforcement 

Chase Devineaux

Becoming Carmen Sandiego, Part 1
  • As reckless as the man can be, you have to admire him for chasing Carmen on the rooftops of Poitiers, following her train in a smashed-up car, and refusing to give up. Even Carmen is impressed. Or you can shake your head like Julie, who wants to call for backup but provides sensible answers when Chase asks. Or alternate between admiring Chase for his persistence and shaking your head at him for his recklessness.

The Duke of Vermeer Caper

  • He actually manages to cut off a lady in a red coat with brown hair on snowmobile in "The Vermeer Caper" with some quick thinking. It's his bad luck that it wasn't Carmen, but Ivy as a decoy. On the other hand, it gets him out of the Countess's dinner before the Janitors can knock him out.

The Chasing Paper Caper

  • He remembers the Chief's admonishment to make sure that when he corners Carmen that he doesn't catch another copycat. Then he and Julia in an Offscreen Moment of Awesome find Carmen on the train where she's trailing Paper Star, and he recognizes her in her lighter street garb. Carmen gives him a Worthy Opponent smile as he sits in her compartment and claims he's not letting her get away on a train again. She does, because she's Carmen, but it's a step up from when they previously met face-to-face.

The French Connection Caper

  • He isn't able to hold out completely, but he does manage to resist V.I.L.E.'s mind probe tech for a good while by scream-singing the French national anthem. Coach Brunt taunts him with the implicit warning of permanent brain damage if the device stays on him much longer, which Chase responds to by just singing louder.

Julia Argent

Becoming Carmen Sandiego, Part 1
  • She is much more competent than Chase, finding the Eye of Vishnu and proof that the apartment in the pilot belongs to a laundering company for thieves — that is, V.I.L.E. Considering that the Janitors tend to clean up any evidence, the fact that Julia managed to get it under Interpol wraps is amazing.

The Fishy Doubloon Caper

  • When Chase goes missing from the parking garage where his car is, she uses some quick observation and deduction to head to the supply closet where ACME is recruiting him by following the trail of his trademark mints.

The Duke of Vermeer Caper

  • As mentioned in offhand dialogue, she's adapted to ACME's tech and skills better than Chase has, giving him instructions on how to use his car's ejector seat and understanding Carmen's modus operandi. The Chief praises Julia for her knowledge on Vermeer's art.

The Chasing Paper Caper

  • She has a conversation with Carmen unknowingly when Carmen is tailing Paper Star. Her genuine desire for some respect from Chase, as well as her Not So Different love of travel and history that she shares with Carmen, is enough to convince Carmen to leave the stolen Magna Carta documents with Julia. As Carmen puts it, "They're in good hands now."



  • You have to give V.I.L.E. credit for being off the map and off the grid; Player mentions that he can never find Carmen's location on V.I.L.E. island.

Becoming Carmen Sandiego, Part 1

  • Gray managing to corner Carmen in the train and hold her at gunpoint. The fact that she claims she wanted to talk to him doesn't undermine that he does catch her by surprise.

The Sticky Rice Caper

The Chasing Paper Caper

  • Paper Star is probably the most legitimate threat to Carmen outside of V.I.L.E. leadership. While Carmen ultimately defeats her, she still gains a partial victory by stealing Chase's ACME keycard. Her Refuge in Audacity in skipping into the staff chambers, and her unbridled glee on revealing the card to her teachers, make them pause.

The Lucky Cat Caper

  • Mime Bomb, who had up until now had been seen as creepy comic relief, proves himself to be a cunning and resourceful thief. First, he steals a valuable postage stamp worth 10 million dollars. He hides the stamp in a Lucky Cat piggy bank that he uses in his street performer act, intending to pass it on to Tigress. Upon realizing that Carmen is watching him, he dupes Carmen by placing the Lucky Cat piggy bank in a store that sells Lucky Cats...only to reveal that he took the stamp with him before placing the Lucky Cat in the store. Immediately afterwards, he is captured by Chase and Julia. So how does he hide the stamp while still keeping it nearby? He slips it in Chase's coat pocket, knowing Chase will follow him.

The French Connection Caper

  • The fact that Shadow-san the whole time was trying to keep Carmen from going down the path of a thief because he was worried about her throwing her life away. This was despite the fact that to ever get off the island, she'd need to become a V.I.L.E. agent, and while on the shores she'd be influenced. While he obviously didn't intend for her to defect and cause V.I.L.E. to target her, he did succeed in convincing her to choose another path.


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