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  • Buzz "proving" he can fly during his introductory scene. Yeah, we all know it was due to (unknowingly) hanging off a ceiling mobile, but it's still pretty damn cool.
    Buzz: CAN!
  • Woody's plan to save Buzz and help Sid's toys:
    • The toys, led by Woody, using perfectly executed teamwork and a plan created in mere minutes to get Scud locked out of the house.
      Woody: Wind the frog!
    • In a very creepy way, the toys' carefully orchestrated tactics to scare the pants off their "master". The Hand-in-the-Box pulls off an ankle grab; "Babyface" puts its Unnecessarily Creepy Robot status to effective use by tapping Sid on the head as it perches there; and even with the more normal toys, the manner many of them emerge from the mud or sand resembles zombies rising to take revenge on their tormentor. Even Woody had to give them props for coming up with that touch.
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    • The moment Woody well and truly breaks the masquerade:
      Woody: (through his speaker) From now on, you must take good care of your toys. Because if you don't, we'll find out, Sid. We toys can see eeeveryyythiiiiing...
      (He then proceeds to come to life in Sid's hands)
      Woody: ...So play nice.
    • When Hannah finds out Sid now fears toys she takes her revenge.
      Hannah: What's wrong Sid, don't you wanna play with Sally?
  • The chase after Andy and the moving van:
    • Buzz saving Woody from Scud. Especially counts after Woody hopelessly telling him to take care of Andy while being dragged away from the moving truck.
      Woody: [after Scud grabs his leg] I can't do it. [begins to slip; fabric tears] Take care of Andy for me!
      Buzz: [jumps on Scud] NO!!! [grabs Scud's eyelids to make him let go of Woody]
    • By sheer luck, Buzz and RC manage to blast across the road through a stream of passing cars, while Scud gets trapped in a circle of vehicles due to causing an accident.
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    • After Woody is tossed off the moving truck, Buzz and RC slam into him, picking him up in the process. After managing to avoid the tire of the car in front of them, and getting underneath the car itself:
    • Give RC credit; once the Turbo kicked in, he managed to catch up to the truck, right up until his batteries ran out.
    • Shortly afterwards, Slinky attempting to pull Woody and Buzz up, at great risk to himself.
    • Woody and Buzz are launched up into the sky.
      Woody: This is the part where we blow up!
      Buzz: Not today! [pops open his wings, breaking the tape]
    • "This isn't flying—this is falling, with style!" Call it what you want, it's awesome. Undeniably one of the most iconic moments in Pixar, Disney, and animation, nay, film history altogether.
    • "We're not aiming for the truck."


  • The movie itself. Keep in mind what CGI was to the moviemaking industry in the 1990s. Jurassic Park only came out two years prior, and CGI was firmly in the action movie genre's grasp. It wasn't a kid's movie thing, it was a workaround to make scenes that would normally be impractical, impossible, or just too expensive to accomplish with practical effects alone. People simply didn't think CGI could be a cartoon, or that it would be so good at it. It revolutionized animation and cinema, put Pixar on the path to becoming a household name and a cinematic Seal of Approval—and it did so with basically just wit and heart.
    • The cherry on top is how well Toy Story has aged. Time has definitely worn on it, but take into account CGI's notoriously short shelf life, and the fact that it's still watchable at all is impressive.
  • Someone recreated the whole picture in live-action! Take a look for yourself here!
  • The original script unfortunately had such an unlikeable domineering Woody that when the other toys finally turn on him for (this time intentionally) throwing Buzz out of Andy's room, it is nothing short of cathartic. The punchline truly comes from Slinky, who at this point was a downtrodden right hand dog that Woody was trying to bully into keeping the others in line.
    Slinky: Stop! Don't throw him off the bed!
    Woody: Yeah!
    Woody: WHAT?!?? HEY, NO, WAIT, HEY, HEY, COME ON!!!! *dragged kicking and screaming to window*
  • While not as dramatic as the climax of the finished film, the early storyboards had a pretty awesome way for dealing with Sid - just as Sid prepares to light the rocket, Woody casually comes to life, strolls up to Buzz and unties him. All while questioning what deep-seated issues would cause a child to act like him. Buzz, initially baffled by Woody's actions, soon joins in, and the two end up having an intelligent debate over Sid's psychological problems, all while poor Sid is reduced to a gibbering mess at seeing two toys come to life and psychoanalyze him.