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  • Andy's bookshelf contains a number of books named after Pixar shorts: "Red's Dream", "Tin Toy", and "Knick-Knack".
  • The toolbox sitting on top of the crate Woody's trapped in is one from Binford Tools.
  • Perpetually-anxious Rex channels the perpetually-anxious George McFly when he says "I just don't think I can take that kind of rejection!"
  • Potato Head's exclamation "I'm Picasso!" is borrowed from a then-popular Saturday Night Live skit which depicted Pablo Picasso (played by Jon Lovitz) as an egotistical celebrity who'd regularly shout "I'm Picasso!"
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  • Buzz explains to Woody that the mission he is on is that Zurg has built a weapon that can annihilate an entire planet, while Buzz is carrying information which reveals the weapon's weakness!
  • Two to Star Trek: After calling Woody "a sad, strange little man", Buzz does the Vulcan salute. The soundtrack album version of "I Will Go Sailing No More" has the line "Never more to sail my ship/Where no man has gone before".
  • Pizza Planet's entrance is guarded by old-school Cylon centurions. Behold!
  • Both the Alien Slime soda dispenser and the Whack-an-Alien game at Pizza Planet are a reference to the titular monster from the film series Alien.
  • When Buzz (excuse me, "Mrs. Nesbitt") is having tea, he says he's "sucking down darjeeling with Marie Antoinette and her little sister." The dolls are both headless, so which is which doesn't matter so much, but this is (potentially) referencing both Marie Antoinette's fate of beheading and Wednesday Addams's doll. Also, they're taking tea from a Utah teapot.
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  • While trying to escape Sid's house Woody repeatedly calls out, "There's no place like home!".
  • Woody's head spinning all the way around.
    • Big Baby doing the same in the third movie.
  • In an alternate version of the same scene, Woody says to Sid, "Gepetto, look! I'm a real boy!"
  • In the chase scene at the end, you get a quick glance inside the car, and the radio's playing "Hakuna Matata." Doubly funny when you remember that that song was only a year old at the time.
  • The moving truck that Andy's mom hires is from the Eggman Moving Company.
  • After "Strange Things (Are Happening To Me)", a shark toy pops out of the toybox wearing Woody's hat and says "Look! I'm Woody! Howdy howdy howdy!". A very similar joke—involving a vulture in a cowboy hat—appeared in The Far Side.
  • When Buzz is running away from the giant globe, the sound effect of the globe rolling is pulled from the boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
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  • In Sid's House of Terror, the carpet in the hallway matches that of the Overlook Hotel. Additionally, his Pteranodon toy is clearly a Jurassic Park toy with the Serial Numbers Filed Off.
  • When Sid is torturing Woody, he quips "We have ways of making you talk," referencing a (misquoted) line from the film The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935).
  • The way Buzz reacts when Woody opens his space helmet is a nod to the decompression scene from Total Recall. Additionally, when Buzz scolds Woody for doing this shortly after, he remarks, "My eyeballs could've been sucked from their sockets!", which is exactly what happens to one of the villains in the film when they get exposed to Mars' atmosphere.


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