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Nightmare Fuel / Toy Story

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Moment pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.
Behold, the toy that scarred many generations of kids and grown-ups to come.

As the film that gave birth to one of the most influential companies of all time, Toy Story has shown that Pixar can bring the scares that would define so many of their future films for decades to come.

  • Sid blowing up (i.e. killing) the Combat Carl doll. Being a toy tortured by a child and not allowed to move or break pose is creepy enough, but the Combat Carl could do nothing but resign to its death motionless, with all the other toys unable to stop it.
  • Mr. Potato Head drawing a hangman's noose on Etch-a-Sketch, using it to threaten Woody.
  • There's a moment during the gas station scene where a motionless Woody is nearly squashed by a large truck, only stopping right when the tire was right at Woody's face. It definitely provides a claustrophobic feeling as well as horror of what might happen if the truck hadn't stopped right at the moment before it would crush Woody.
  • Anything involving Sid. The way he acts is the telltale sign of a sociopath in the making.
    Sid: Let's go home and... play. Heh-h-heh.
  • The alien that accompanied Woody and Buzz is shown being used as a chew toy by Scud. The camera cuts away before we can see the full extent of what was done to it, but judging by Woody and Buzz' expressions, it wasn't pretty.
    • During the toy uprising, we briefly see the alien. It's disheveled, mute and walks with its arms stretched out like a zombie.
  • Upon entering Sid's room, Woody sees remnants of other toys who didn't make it out. Imagine being in a grimy, dimly lit room, and seeing decapitated heads floating around in a lava lamp, or disembodied arms sticking out of a waffle iron or an alarm clock, and realizing that your own painful demise is imminent.
    Woody: We are gonna die... I'm outta here!
    • The script put it best:
      Woody and Buzz peer out of the backpack at their new surroundings. Heavy metal posters, discarded toy remains and power tools adorn the messy room.
      They are in Hell...toy Hell.
      • Worse? Most of them are baby dolls! Innocent babies being unknowingly tortured and slain! And, unlike the Mutant Toys, we never see them come to life...
  • The scene where Sid operates on Hannah's doll, Janie. He replaces her head with that of a pterodactyl.
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  • Sid's mouth through a magnifying glass while he "interrogates" Woody.
    Sid: Where are your rebel friends now?
  • When Woody nearly wakes Scud, he manages to sneak back upstairs only for his pull string to get caught on the railing, which causes Scud to wake up. As Sid's dog ascends to search for the source of the noise the heroes panic and split up. Buzz narrowly avoids getting attacked as Scud points his nose past the door...only retreating when he loses interest in Sid's father.
  • Woody and the mutant toys revolting against Sid. It's an attempt to rescue Buzz and escape from Sid, but still.
    • While Woody doing a 360-degree head turn might have been creepy, it was cool when he completely broke his own rule of being inanimate around humans and being nice to children JUST to scare Sid. The POV shot he abruptly springs to life and grins threateningly is surprisingly effective from the sympathetic cowboy we've been watching otherwise:
    Woody: [through speaker] From now on, you must take good care of your toys, because if you don't, we'll find out, Sid! We toys can see [head rotates 360°] eeeeeveryyyyythiiiiing...
    [Woody comes to life right in Sid's hand, just before actually speaking and giving a very threatening grin]
    Woody: So play nice!
    [Sid runs like hell while screaming his head off]
    • An alternate version of the above-mentioned scene makes it a thousand times worse where the toys come out of the ground, Night of the Living Dead style. And it has some instances of Mood Whiplash, first starting off as a Funny Moment, then switching to scares, and then back to funny again.
  • Buzz gets Scud to let go of Woody by pulling on his eyelids. It's a heroic moment for Buzz, but still disturbing.