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Nightmare Fuel / Toy Story 2

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Byyyyyeeeee Woooooooddddyyyyyy...

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  • Woody's nightmare is already bad enough, but it becomes even worse once you realize being dragged into a can of dismembered doll parts is Woody's equivalent of being dragged into a grave by bloody, mutilated human body parts.
    • The original Toy Story was supposed to have a similar scene, but instead of being dragged into a trash can of dismembered doll parts, Woody was eaten alive by cockroaches.
    • The way Andy acts in the nightmare. The moment he doesn't want Woody anymore, he starts speaking in a creepy monotone and has a glassy, lifeless stare that is truly unnerving. What makes it even worse is that this stare isn't looking at Woody. It's not directed at the camera either. It's just... into nothingness. And when he says "Bye Woody" and looks at him one last time before closing the trash can, the lighting and shading of his face make him look almost like something straight out of The Ring. What's worse, certain foreign dubs of the movie distort Andy's voice the moment he drops Woody to make it sound demonic, which coupled with his Uncanny Valley stance makes it look like the poor child is possessed.
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    • The original storyboard version adds an extra cryptic touch, when Woody first calls out to the other toys, they seemingly ignore him, or alternatively fail to notice him, foreshadowing the nightmarish fear he is not considered a working toy anymore.
    • Also in the original storyboard version, Andy stares at the camera with those glassy lifeless eyes.
  • Buzz's Family-Unfriendly Death at the beginning of the film, where he gets disintegrated from the waist up by Emperor Zurg. Sure, it's a video game, and not the real Buzz, but it's still unsettling.
  • Jessie's fear of the dark (or at least being put back into storage) is frighteningly realistic. When Woody reveals he doesn't intend to go to Japan with the rest of the gang, Jessie starts freaking out, hyperventilating and stroking her braid. You can tell she's clearly distressed. Later in the movie, Jessie is trapped in the green suitcase and is unable to get out before falling down the compartment slide and loaded onto the plane. By the time Woody reaches her and opens the case, we see Jessie curled up in a fetal position. It's scary how realistic the fear is represented and how close it can hit home.
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  • There's an Easter Egg on the two-disc special edition DVD that shows a rough animation of the scene "Jessie's Song" where Jessie is dropped off for charity. Fair enough. But after the car goes over the hill, it's just silent for a few seconds before the car suddenly careens over the hill and goes all over the place with the tires squealing before it crashes into the boxes. All while in Jessie's point-of-view. Worse is that it's described as a "hilarious outtake". Here's the easter egg.
  • Stinky Pete finally flipping out at Jessie and Woody when he reveals he's been the one sabotaging Woody's escape plans.
    Stinky Pete: FAIR!? I'll tell you what's not fair! Spending a lifetime on a dime store shelf watching every other toy be sold! Well, finally my waiting has paid off, and no hand-me-down cowboy doll is gonna mess it up for me now!
    • The first person shot of Buzz opening the chest containing Woody and the Round-Up gang in the airport has a livid-looking Stinky Pete popping out and punching him. Then, there's the terrifyingly deliberate way he tears Woody's arm with his pickax and threatens to dismember him if he doesn't come quietly.
    Stinky Pete: Your choice, Woody. You can go to Japan together or in pieces! He fixed you once, he can fix you again!
    • While Pete's response to Woody refusing his orders (raising his pickaxe) is already creepy on the original version, the Finnish dub turns it Up to Eleven by (possibly mis)translating Pete's accompanying line "Fine" as "Hyvä" - as in "Good", changing the context from "You forced my hand" to "I'm going to enjoy this".
  • A bit of understated Nightmare Fuel: After Utility Belt Buzz overpowers Buzz, he shoves Buzz into an empty "Buzz Lightyear" box (all while Buzz keeps shouting at him that they are all actually toys), and places him up on the shelf... and then Mr. Potato Head and the others come down the aisle and take him (mistaking him for their Buzz). All while Buzz is screaming and struggling from inside his box.
  • It's more a mundane case, but the suspense as Andy's mom comes to take toys for the yard sale. All these toys can do is stand and wait as she glances around them, it already established they are terrified of being put in the sale and taken from all their friends. Even worse when it actually happens in the third movie. She hovers around Slinky and even picks up Rex at one point (you can even see the latter's eyes shift and bulge terrified), though they avoid their fate. Wheezy on the other hand isn't so lucky...
  • Three words: Evil Emperor Zurg. The video game was one thing, but when the real thing (er...toy) is accidentally released from his packaging, he immediately seeks out Buzz Lightyear so he can kill him. The glowing red eyes, the sinister voice, and the determination to eliminate his hated enemy show he's not messing around. If a delusional space toy like Buzz Lightyear causes problems, just imagine what a delusional space toy of a super villain could do...
    • And if that wasn't frightening enough? Just as Andy's toys are about to arrive at the elevator car to try and rescue Woody, they end up with a very horrified look on their face as the car arrives to its floor. In the dark of the shadows arises Zurg, his menacing eyes more than enough to send Utility Belt Buzz and Rex into a fright. Even Andy's Buzz, who's well aware of his status as a toy by this point, can't help but express terror on his face seeing a delusional version of his foe blocking their only path between them and rescuing Woody.
    • The fight itself has its dark moments. When it seems like Utility Belt Buzz has the drop on Zurg, he disappears...only to return in full fury and choke Buzz. Rex is horrified as he can only watch while Zurg twists and throws Buzz onto the roof of the car, demanding a surrender. Buzz refuses, citing that Zurg killed his father. All Zurg does is reveal the truth, forcing the poor toy to do a Skyward Scream as he writhes in horror:
    Zurg: No Buzz. I. Am. Your father.
    • Then, Zurg is about to "execute" Buzz. It's not like he actually can (what with him being a toy and all), but you can see that Buzz is too caught up in his Heroic BSoD to do anything, utterly distraught, almost as if he wants Zurg to end him. Rex is so horrified that he can't look, only saving Buzz on accident when he knocks Zurg down the elevator shaft. All Zurg can do is scream as he falls to his demise, his eyes fading as Randy Newman's score provides a backdrop of impending doom for the villain. He's lucky he even survived such a devastating fall, when he could have easily been smashed to pieces when he hit the bottom of the shaft.