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Nightmare Fuel / Toy Story

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As if Cymbal Banging Monkeys weren't creepy enough...

The Toy Story franchise features Living Toys, and while it's very much set on the "friendly" side of the trope, the "scary" side is present nonetheless. Not to mention all the dangers the protagonists face, since they are thrown in the outside human world on a regular basis, and are not human-sized.




  • There's a Japanese collectible action figure (Revoltech) of Woody that comes with two faces you can put onto it. The second face (probably taken from a brief frame of Woody laughing at Buzz in the first film) is... unsettling. It's also become the basis of a rather twisted meme. "You're my favorite deputy" indeed.
  • Everything about this commercial for the Toy Story video game. Specifically, the fact that it takes place at night in a dark alley, the music, and the fact that the teenage boy's head ends up on Babyface's body.
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  • In Toy Story: The Musical, when Woody is taken by Andy to Pizza Planet, Mr. Potato Head rather unnervingly assures Woody that he and the other vengeful toys will be waiting for him when he gets back.
  • The Toy Story game's first Boss Battle: a Nightmare Sequence where Woody fights off a giant, flying Buzz Lightyear whose lasers and weaponry are very-much-real, which is further amplified by the sinister music that's playing. If he dies in the nightmare, he dies for real.