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Awesome / Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge

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  • The amazingly brutal fight scenes, complete with incorporating the x-ray bone snaps that were introduced in Mortal Kombat 9. It is probably the first time a Mortal Kombat animated feature has been as violent as the games it was adapted from.
    • What makes these fight scenes even more amazing is when the characters shrug off any injuries that would have otherwise left them dead or permanently crippled.
  • Even Hanzo's son Satoshi gets one. When he and his father are attacked by a Lin Kuei assassin, Satoshi bites the assassin's hand giving Hanzo an opening to attack.
  • Johnny Cage the Motor Mouth proving he can fight by taking on a bunch of demons to rescue Sonya and Jax. Sonya is definitely impressed by his Let's Get Dangerous! attitude and this earns him some respect from her.
    Sonya: Holy shit, Johnny Cage can fight!
    • Heck, for all his goofiness, Johnny proves he's a decent fighter in his own right more than once. Case in point, the actor manages to get onto the boat for Shang Tsung's island (which is leaving) by hopping on boat rails. While carrying a whole lot of luggage at the same time. This feat is especially impressive when you consider that by his own admission, Johnny doesn't do his own stunts.
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    • In his fight against Baraka, the only damage Johnny takes is a cut to his shirt. He doesn't actually fight back, but he evades and blocks the Tarkatan's attacks while the building they're slowly falls apart. Then when it explodes, Johnny jumps to safety while flipping Baraka off and with a Pre-Mortem One-Liner:
      Johnny Cage: Eat me, buttercup!
  • Sonya's at the top of her game in this movie, going by how she beats down some crook in China, then in the first round of the tournament, defeats Reptile.
  • Just when it looks like Liu Kang and Scorpion are about to get into a fight, Johnny quickly defuses the situation, pointing out neither had actually challenged the other, so there's no need to fight.
  • Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero. it's a fast-paced duel with both warriors proving their chops.
    • Sub-Zero for his part first knocks down Kano from his roof while he's firing at Liu Kang, Sonya, and Johnny, claiming the villain dishonors the tournament. Then he puts up a very good fight while Scorpion's trying to kill him, showing versatility with his cryomancy. Scorpion's just much more motivated.
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    • Scorpion powers through to stab Sub-Zero with an icicle, punches him hard enough to crack his skull, then jumps with him off the bridge to impale them both.
  • Jax fighting back while Kano is using him as a human shield to keep away Sonya and Johnny. Jax's arms had previously been ripped off by Goro, and Kano has a knife to his throat. Jax can't use his legs, so he bites Kano on the hand and causes him to drop his knife. Kano hits him back, but it's enough to give Sonya the chance to get close, knock out Kano and free Jax.
    • And afterwards? Jax kills Kano, simply by stomping on his head and crushing his skull.
  • Scorpion freeing himself when chained up in the Netherrealm. He has a blade through each limb keeping him from moving while the demon who planned to torture him gets close to gloat while Scorpion mutters something. He gets too close and Scorpion bites his ear and spits it at one of his chains, the demon's lava like blade melting it and allowing him to free his arm. He then kills the demon and slaughters his way past a horde of demons to get to Quan Chi's palace.
  • Raiden's intervention in Goro's beatdown of Jax. Shang Tsung criticizes Raiden for breaking the rules by intervening in the tournament, but Raiden points out the tournament hadn't started yet. As Raiden stops Jax's bleeding, Goro, who has just effortlessly beaten Jax, attempts to attack Raiden, and is causally swatted away like a pest. Raiden had previously been seen testing Liu Kang but here we see he was going easy on him.
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  • Shang Tsung gets one for being able to see through Quan Chi's attempts to kill him and steal the key to release Shinnok.
  • Scorpion forfeits the final match against Liu Kang, Shang Tsung swears to kill him and everyone else. Raiden points out that with the tournament over, he is no longer forbidden against intervening. That threat alone is enough for Shang Tsung to flee back to Outworld.
  • Scorpion's final vengeance - specifically atoning for his unwitting murder of the (relatively at least) innocent Bi-Han and avenging his family by personally killing Quan Chi. First he impales him with his twin swords, then he beats the living shit out of him, then he rips his arms out like Goro did to Jax, then after reeling him in with his signature line "Get Over Here!", he uses Sub-Zero's signature spine-rip to rip his head off, just before finally unmasking himself to reveal his flaming Hellspawn skull before reducing his corpse to ashes with Hellfire as the island crumbles around them.
    Quan Chi: My god... Will avenge me..!
    Scorpion: DAMN YOUR GOD.

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