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Heartwarming / Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge

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  • The opening scene. Scorpion's interactions with Satoshi are nothing short of adorable. However, it becomes more of a Tear Jerker when you realize that this was the last peaceful moment of Scorpion's life as his clan and family are murdered in the next scene.
  • After Jax has his arms ripped off, Raiden teleports in and cauterizes his wounds to prevent him from bleeding to death.
    Raiden: [to Shang Tsung] We are here for Mortal Kombat. Not your barbarism.
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  • Sonya crying over Jax losing his arms. It really captures how much the two value each other.
    Sonya: Jax! Hold on! I'm coming for you! You hear me?! No matter what! I'm coming for you!
  • At the climax of the film when Scorpion demands Shang Tsung give him Quan Chi so he can have his revenge, Shang Tsung says that he will only do so if Scorpion takes Goro's place in the final battle (who Scorpion just killed) and kill Liu Kang. Though Scorpion could easily accomplish this, since Liu Kang was already beaten and barely standing by Goro, he instead takes Shang Tsung hostage and forces him to give him Quan Chi instead. Then, once he has what he wants, Scorpion tells Liu Kang "I yield", officially forfeiting the "match" and giving Earthrealm the victory in the tournament. Scorpion didn't need to do any of this, but he still did.
    Shang Tsung: What are you doing?!
    Scorpion: Living for the future.
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  • Sonya letting Johnny give her a victory hug at the climax.

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