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Funny / Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge

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  • Two meta examples:
  • There's something about Raiden's deadpan stare at Liu Kang after he pins him to the ground that's prone to elicit a few chuckles.
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  • Everything that comes out of Johnny Cage's mouth. Raiden admits to keeping him in the dark about the presence of the supernatural because he finds it funny.
  • During the banquet scene, Johnny asks a nearby Nitara if any of the food there is organic. Her response?
    Nitara: (shrieks at Johnny)
    Johnny: Just askin', jeez!
  • When Johnny delivers a Groin Attack to a demon, it stops its snarling attitude and gives out a clear whine.
  • Sonya and Jax meeting with each other on the Tournament.
    Jax (deadpan): Princess...
    Sonya (also deadpan): Asshole...
  • Johnny is not the brightest bulb, and yet he's the one to recognize that since neither he, Sonya, Liu Kang, or Scorpion declared "Mortal Kombat", they don't have to kill each other. The look on Sonya and Liu Kang's faces where it's like "Wow, he's actually right." helps sell this.
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  • Scorpion's dramatic introduction against Sub-Zero is undermined by the fact they've never actually met before.
    Sub-Zero: (Raises an eyebrow in confusion)
  • After the final battle and the heroes leave the island by ship, Johnny hugs two people, Raiden(who does not move from his "hands behind the back"pose and looks utterly uncomfortable)and Sonya. We get this stellar scene.
    Johnny: that it? Did we win?'
    Raiden: For now....
    Johnny: ALRIGHT!!!(Hugs Raiden)YEAH!(begins to reach out for a hug with Sonya, then holds back)Uhhh...may I?(Spreads arms)'
    Sonya: (Stands arms crossed, then rolls her eyes and opens her arms for the hug)
    Johnny: (Hugs her)Alrrriiiiggggghhhttttt, yeah, mmmmmmmm! Mmmmm, cinnamon.'
    Sonya: (Looking bored, pats him on the back)
    Johnny:: Yeah, pat me there. Doesn't mean I'm gonna break the hug.'
    Sonya: (Pushes Johnny away)Thats enough.
    Johnny: Okay.....'
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  • Liu Kang tells Johnny that his destiny (Sonya) has been made clear, and that he should go after her.
    Johnny: Y'know...I guess I don't mind having my balls crushed.
    Liu Kang: ...
    Johnny: By her, I mean.
    Liu Kang: Doesn't make it any better.


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