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Headscratchers / Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge

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    Quan Chi murder bragging to Scorpion 
  • Upon Quan Chi insulting his wife and son, did he genuinely realize the true identity of their murderer? Or did Quan Chi misidentify a moment of rage, that was merely in response to having his family's memory spat upon? Leading him to exposition about it.
    • Quan Chi flat out states that he was the one who killed them, so it's the former.
      • Not before calling them weak after calling Scorpion such, hence my questions above.

    Where was Sub-Zero during the raid on Scorpion's clan? 
  • Going by what we know from the games, Quan Chi manages to get Scorpion to serve him by framing the Lin Kuei for his death and the death of his family (probably using his magic to make his Netherrealm warriors look like Lin Kuei). However in this movie, he literally disguises himself as the real Sub-Zero in order to lead the Lin Kuei against the Shirai Ryu. So where was Sub-Zero or his younger brother during this attack if not there? Surely he must have found out about the attack at some point considering the number of people that died during the raid. Yet when at the Mortal Kombat tournament, Sub-Zero seems to have no knowledge of the attack or of someone impersonating him.
    • My guess is that Bi-Han and Kuai Liang were occupied with other matters at the time. As for Sub-Zero not recognizing that Scorpion is/was a member of the Shirai Ryu, the random Lin Kuei that Scorpion killed stated that "[Scorpion] moves like the Shirai Ryu" and not that he "looks" like a Shirai Ryu. It's likely that the Shirai Ryu wore different uniforms before the massacre, hence why Sub-Zero didn't recognize Hanzo.

    Scorpion broke the rules of Mortal Kombat 
  • During the tournament, it is brought up that once Mortal Kombat is declared, the two fighters must compete until one is dead (or at the very least resigns). However during the Liu Kang vs Goro fight, Scorpion sneaks in a cheap shot on Goro and kills him while he is already engaged in Mortal Kombat. Yet everyone is just like "Scorpion has defeated the champion; congrats on becoming the new champion." While it could be argued that Shang Tsung didn't care who won as long as Earthrealm lost (him and Quan Chi were working together, so as long as one of them won Earthrealm lost), it is also said that the rules of Mortal Kombat are overseen by the Elder Gods and are taken very seriously.
    • In this film, Mortal Kombat does not need to end in the loser's death. For example, Kitana willingly forfeited the tournament. As for Liu Kang, he was clearly beaten and wasn't going to make a comeback. Goro was just torturing Liu Kang at that point. As for the "cheap shot", Sonya was ambushed by Reptile who was invisible; I really don't think it matters how one initiates the fight, so long as it happens.
    • That rule could have been one Shang Tsung made up to ensure the Earthrealm warriors were killed off, not a rule that's inherent to the tournament.

    Hanzo, not Scorpion 
  • The rules of Mortal Kombat state that you will fight for the realm that you originate from, no exceptions, barring being soul-bound to someone. So given that Hanzo keeps his memories of his family and clan in this continuity, technically wouldn't that make him the same person even if he's undead? Unlike in the main continuity where he had to give up those memories to be able to return, he doesn't need to here. So...given that he hails from Earth upon killing Goro, we won. He didn't need to concede. Outworld lost regardless. What gives?
  • It’s never stated in this film that you can only Represent in the realm you were born in. The games give Numerous examples of people born in another realm fighting for a different one. Kano for example fights for outworld. Also Scorpion was introduced as the champion of the neither realm

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