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Awesome / Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms

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  • Liu Kang vs Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung places a curse on his left arm, which leaves it dead. Liu Kang says he doesn't need his arm to beat the sorcerer, slicing the air with his hand. Shang Tsung, feet away, gets a line cut into his face by the attack, shocked at Liu Kang's ability. Liu Kang then proceeds to beat him, blocking him and fighting him with only one hand, taking no injury in the process.
  • Liu Kang vs Shao Kahn. Despite only having one arm, the Shaolin monk still fights the Emperor. He even clashes his fist against Kahn's wrath hammer crashing down.
    • Once Liu Kang heals his arm from Shang Tsung's curse, he starts wrecking Shao with fire-enhanced punches before launching him up into the air doing the bicycle kick on him, and then kicking Shao back down to earth with an axe kick.
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  • Jax tearing off Kintaro's arms - which is a role reversal from the last movie where Goro rips off his arms.
  • After being infused with the essence of ALL the elder gods. Liu Kang contemplates why Raiden said he was the chosen one. Having fully embraced his status as the chosen one Liu Kang transformers into a gigantic kaiju sized dragon to do battle with One being Shinnok.