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  • In one of the Gromble's Badass Teacher moments (This is from internal affairs, by the way), he punishes a parasite that invaded Oblina's stomach by sticking him inside a glass music box, perpetually twirling around. The parasite may not have been one of his students, but it had been toying with one of his students. So he felt he deserved something special.
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  • Ickis's growing abilities naturally provide him quite impressive feats (say, scaring other monsters or bears). In an episode where he befriends an old blind bluesman who lives in a building just about to be demolished, he saves the old man by growing so freaking HUGE that he utterly towers over the building and is able to catch a wrecking ball like a grape. Scaring off the entire deconstruction team was merely a little side effect this time.
  • The Gromble telling off the students for treating Ickis like a pariah because of his spontaneous combustibility. Even though he explained to them Ickis wasn't dangerous they still decided to listen to rumors. When Zimbo tries to justify the actions, The Gromble takes absolutely none of it.
    Gromble: You've all been misinformed! I told you [Ickis] wasn't a danger to any of you! But you listened to rumors and were afraid. Do you know what we call someone who is scared of something he doesn't understand?!
    Oblina: Humans.
    Gromble: So is that what you want to act like? A bunch of humans?!
  • After being terrified by a G-Rated movie featuring cute bunnies, Ickis starts having nightmares of the giant cuddly teddy bear and Zimbo finds out about this and begins to continually mock him by dressing up as the giant bear that's been haunting Ickis. When Ickis finds out about it, he chases after Zimbo and scares the living crap out of him by transforming into his One-Winged Angel mode. The next scene? Zimbo is being subjected to The Gromble's punishments for tormenting Ickis (administered by the Snorch of course), best of all, its Cuddle's the bears own cutesy theme music. Never before had karma struck Zimbo so divinely.
  • Oblina calling out her mother Sublima for trying to control her, followed by Oblina's dad telling his wife to sit down, shut up, and accept that Oblina is happy scaring people because she's doing what she loves.

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