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Awesome / Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century

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  • Moriarty has adapted like a pro to the 22nd century by the time Holmes hits the scene.
    • And then Holmes proves himself to be even more awesome by adapting in less than a month to stop Moriarty on the Moon.
  • Watson gets something of a Big Damn Heroes moment in HOUN2 when he comes riding in on the "hound", just in-time for the thing to jump into Moriarty's getaway ship.
  • A little girl has New Scotland Yard running in circles and even "deceives the Master of Deceit," as Holmes so poetically puts it.
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  • In SUSS2, Lestrade kicks Moriarty's ionizer out of his hand, in something of a Call-Back to his pulling a similar move on her in HOUN2.
  • Moriarty and the Musgrave Sword. The man can alter matter with the thing!
  • Holmes crashes a criminal's car into New Scotland Yard... just by bad driving!
  • Moriarty and Holmes both use the Mazarin Chip to great effect, but Holmes's command for "Fireworks!" in the climax of the episode tops it all. Consider it a Crowning Episode of Awesome for them both.
    • A crowning moment for the writers as well, taking one of the most reviled Holmes's stories and making it awesome and hilarious.
  • When it gets right down to hand-to-hand combat, Holmes mops the floor with the larger Moriarty. So much for that muscular build!
  • Holmes is an 80s-something soul in a 25-year-old body. Clearly, a recipe for pure win.
  • The entire premise of the show in the first place!

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