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  • Penny doesn't get quite as many opportunities to be badass in Gadget and the Gadgetinis as she does in Inspector Gadget, but she does get her moments every once in a while: particularly she can get very dangerous if you threaten the people she cares about. Two that stand out are her taking down a giant mutant carnivorous plant with a pesticide gun in "Get Gadget," and remote controlling the Gadgetinis to give a gang of marauding M.A.D Agents just what they desrve in "Nice Guys Are Finished" (while clearly enjoying herself much more than she should), both times complete with Pre Ass Kicking One Liner. "Lets show these goons what happens when you mess with my Uncle Gadget!" indeed.
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  • "Don't Call Me Gadget" has aliens place a chip in Gadget's head that will supposedly reverse his intelligence from smart to stupid. When the obvious happens, we truly see the full extent of what the cyborg can do when for the first time ever, a genuinely lucid Gadget decides to bring out the big guns! This may even lend some character development as Gadget had stated earlier that he despised violence, but operating at peak mental efficiency, the kid gloves are off.
  • Dr. Claw's moment comes in "Nozzaire's Day Off" when he easily steals Gadget's reboot disc from Nozzaire's safe and uses it to build a giant Gadget robot that actually gets to throw Gadget around a bit and would have squished him if it wasn't for Penny.
  • "Madster Game" had Gadget accidentally deflecting the lasers with a mirror while cluelessly trying to show Nozzaire his reflection, as well as the Gadgetinis Big Damn Heroes moment, attacking th spider mounters with a Gadget-flyswateer while also cutting Nozzaire free.
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  • "The World's Nicest Dictator" has some of this, especially in a Meta Sense. When Penny tells Fidget and Digit to warn Gadget that the dictator of the island is trying to kidnap the world leaders, Fidget asks why, since he never listens to them anyway. Then, when Fidget flies out to the world leaders yacht, with some photo evidence, they believe him right away, quickly avoid the trap and then hail Fidget as a hero while he happily gushes about someone finally listening to him.

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