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     The Show 
  • Even though Dib is only in middle school, he has been shown to possess the ability to create complex machines to put a stop to Zim's plans.
    • And by extension to the above, over the course of several episodes, Gaz has been show to possess multiple abilities such as demonic powers, the ability to fly an irken ship despite no experience, and stopping an elevator in just ONE PUNCH. She is strong as hell for a kid.
  • Zim and Dib in "Bad, Bad, Rubber Piggy". The fact that Zim brings Dib to near-death or the fact that Dib was revived and put into a badass robot to get revenge.
    • Membrane building Dib's exoskeleton in the first place to help out his "accident prone son." The guy's rarely there for his kids, but when he is, you can really tell.
  • Zim reaches the peak of his awesome in the episode "The Wettening", where he flattens an entire city with a giant water balloon.
  • The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot: Dib sets out to expose a hoax...and succeeds.
  • Zim's very first appearance. The Tallest don't even have to see him to have the crap scared out of them.
    Red: That voice!
    Purple: It can't be!
    Red: Zim!
    • Zim nonchalantly telling the Tallest that he quit being banished when they asked why he was at the great assigning instead of Foodcourtia. That's right. He QUIT being BANISHED.
  • "Hobo 13" is an amazing Crowning Moment of Awesome for Zim, who not only sacrifices everyone and survives 'til the end, but even wins the last fight on his own.
    • Skoodge deserves props for successfully escaping the "Ferocious Meat-Thirsty Hogulus" and being the ONLY other member of Zim's squad to not be eliminated.
  • GIR gets a Moment in "GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff", delivering the following "Reason You Suck" Speech to Zim just before he almost kills him, showing the SIR programming lying behind his slipshod Cloud Cuckoo Lander programming and why Zim should be glad the Tallest gave him a unit literally built from garbage instead of a fully functional SIR:
    GIR: You are no commander. You are a threat to the mission! Your methods are stupid! Your progress has been stupid! Your intelligence is stupid! For the sake of the mission, you must be terminated!
  • Zim and Dib's battle in the episode "Battle of the Planets", which is completely literal, as they pilot Mars and Mercury respectively to fight, using the entire solar system as their battleground. Special mention also goes to Zim for catapulting moons at Dib.
  • Gaz effortlessly and brutally defeating Zim's mecha in "Nanozim", thinking it was a video game the entire time. And then Dib proceeds to poop Zim out.
  • One of the most climactic scenes in the show, how Gaz and GIR are able to sabotage Mimi by connecting GIR via SIR memory chip in "Tak, the Hideous New Girl".
    • By dancing!
    • From the same episode, Tak's entire plan to hollow out the earth and fill it with snacks for the Tallest. Ridiculously awesome, and it really establishes how much of a competent badass Tak is, especially compared to Zim.
    • Also, Zim has a pretty major CMOA by beating Tak in an outer-space spaceship brawl with the Earth's magma flying around. Not only is it a CMOA for the animators, but one for both Tak and Zim for being able to maneuver and battle in it. Worth mentioning twice that Zim wins.
      • A minor moment is when Zim has his voot cruiser so damaged that he has to shoot his "windshield" into space to replace it, making him completely vulnerable to the vacuum of space before the new one is up, and then goes right back into the battle like it's nothing. It's a very small moment but it's pretty awesome.
      • Also his casualness as he interrupts Tak's evil monologue to shoot her into deep space at the end of their duel. He can't even bother to do his evil laugh or listen to her in the first place because he's too busy enjoying a soda.
  • Dib using a Humongous Mecha to destroy Zim's equally massive rampaging nanomachine exoskeleton in "The Most Horrible Xmas Ever". This time, he won.
  • Another moment for Gaz would be the utter Mind Rape she put Iggins through after he cheated to get the last Gameslave 2. It's perhaps the one time we really see Gaz go all-out against someone, and it's both an awe-inspiring and frightening thing to witness.
    • Even after being tormented the entire night over a stupid game system, Iggins still has the guts to insult Gaz to her face:
      Iggins:"Go ahead! I'll ALWAYS be the superior gamer! ALWAYS!"
    • And then he survives a fall down an elevator shaft.
  • Sizz-Lorr. Even his job title is awesome.
    Zim: My apologies my FRYLORD!
    • His insanely awesome change into his "Frylord" suit (Complete with a multi-panel comic book screen moment), and then chasing after Zim mercilessly in one of the shows best chase scenes.
  • Zim's speech to Dib in Bolognius Maximus.
    "THERE IS NO CURE! And I'll never make it stop! You might as resign yourself to your meaty fate! I told you you would forever rue the day you messed with ZIM! NOW! BEGIN YOUR RUING! I'll just sit here, and watch." *Evil Laugh with "Meats of Evil" playing in the background*
  • Zim signaling for GIR to fire a sandwich out of his head at Dib's head. He fires it so hard that it sends Dib flying through the air and crashing through the wall of the nearest building. Zim then laughs and walks away with GIR.
  • In the unfinished episode script "The Trial", it shows tons of never-before-seen footage of Zim's past, such as him pointing out 5 "shmillion" errors in the entire collection of the Irken database 5 minutes after being born, escaping from an underground Irk, killing 2 former Tallest, and a montage of him blowing up planets. One of the planets blew up with him on it. And it was suggested that the planet exploded because he scratched his butt. The best though is the end though, when his faulty PAK is being drained of all data by the Control Brains. However, the filtered data is so completely horrible that the Control Brains malfunction and title Zim as the greatest Irken ever!
    • Rodger Bumpass voicing the Control Brains. It has to be heard to be believed. He manages to give a voice so deep and ominous that you'd think it was machine altered. He caused the audience to gasp in awe.
  • Dib's wonderful life of doom. He fights off a swarm of fighters in space, tears apart the Irken flagship with his bare hands, jumps off, gliding into the atmosphere all the way to the ground, riding a stream of lightning, lands perfectly, accepts the greatest person to ever live award before off-handedly blocking the debris of the flagship.
  • Keef in "Bestest friend." Not only does the kid survive all the torture Zim puts him through, from electrocution to having his freaking eyes ripped out...but he never once loses his cheerful, sunny demeanour, and continues trying to make friends with Zim in an unproduced episode!
  • Skoodge gets an offscreen Moment of Awesome when he conquers an entire planet of voracious alien rodents.
  • When GIR rescues Zim from the Saucer Morons. It's the only time he's been (semi) competent without being in duty mode.
  • Dib is sneaking into Zim's house with an invisibility suit. GIR somehow manages to detect him and splash him with a soda, shorting out his suit and exposing him.
  • Tallest Red gets his turn in "Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars," when Zim takes over the Massive and proceeds to drag the thing to Earth through several planets and a star. While Purple is panicking and wolfing down donuts, Red runs a manual check and discovers that Zim has remotely latched onto the power core. He then swaps cores with the Resisty ship that's been taking potshots at them the whole episode, thus regaining control. This, from one of the two figureheads who demand reports be given as puppet shows.
  • A meta one for the fans: getting the main four of the voice cast as well as various production people to come to the first InvaderCon, even more for the second convention and Jhonen Vasquez himself, who hates traveling far for conventions. Icing on the cake for Invadercon II was the letter writing campaign to get the show back and a sneak preview of a fan animation team's production of Mopiness of Doom.
    • And now, after so many years, the show is FINALLY being officially revived in the form of a comic series. The fans who worked so hard in keeping this series alive and demanding its return really deserve some credit here.
  • In "Plague of Babies", an army of evil alien babies invade Zim's home to take his ship. Zim proceeds to stay one step ahead of them, and quickly comes up with a plan to take them down at the last moment. It's awesome for showing that when Zim isn't given time to allow his ego to interfere with his decisions, he's actually a capable and dangerous opponent.
  • In the unproduced episode "The Trial", GIR conquers the earth on his own.
  • Zim's Big Damn Heroes moment in "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom" when he rescues Dib from the Halloweenies by bursting through the window in a giant mecha stolen from Nightmare!Membrane that is scary enough to make all the Halloweenies back off.
  • The oft-ignored fight in the first episode, is ridiculously awesome. From Dib revealing his anti-alien handcuffs to the actual fight, which goes across the city, and features the two jumping from car to car. Doubles as a ton of Funny Moments.
  • Zim escaping from Foodcourtia in the "The Fry Cook What Came From all that Space"

     The Comics 
  • Issues 1–2 show that Zim can be frighteningly clever when he needs, if only for petty needs. He turns Dib's Chronic Hero Syndrome against him, by going into hiding and counting on Dib doing nothing but obsessively waiting for him to come back. This leads to Dib being practically immobilized by obesity. Zim then tracks down the Gargantis Array and broadcasts footage both of Dib's disgusting form and his subsequent comeback workout, humiliating him across the universe. Bonus points for his Breaking Speech once his plan unfolds:
    Zim: Do you hear that, Dib? the sound of all sentient life in the universe laughing. Laughing at you! Muahahahahahahah! You may have followed me into space, human, but you won't find respect here, not now that everyone and everything has seen this.
    • Despite the above, Dib gets his moments during their confrontation as well. First, there's his epic comeback workout montage, burning off his obesity in a matter of days.
    • Following that, there's the dogfight between Tak's ship (which Dib's piloting) and Zim's Voot. Dib utterly owns Zim, blowing the Invader out of the stars and forcing him to crash-land the now-wrecked Voot Cruiser on the array.
    • Finally, Dib gets a point in the end by simply denying Zim a ride back to Earth. After the humiliation he inflicted on Dib, the sadistic Irken had that coming - he might have embarrassed Dib, but he ended up being trapped of the array for who knows how long .
  • Issue 3 has Zim pull off another plan surprisingly easily, taking over the art world and using it to enact his plan to summon the Star Donkey.
  • Issue 4: If nothing else, you have to admire everything Zim goes through for the sake of (he thinks) powering up a super weapon the Tallest have given him.
  • In Issue 7, Zim needs to recover the Voot from the mutant lady bug monsters that have stolen it, and this is how he does it.
  • In Issue 8, Dib scores a victory and nothing bad happens to him. Which may not sound like much, but given how things usually are for him and what has already happened to him in the comic...
    • The climatic fight between Dib (in the Overtrouser) and Zim (in a pair of mecha pants) just looks ridiculously awesome.
      • The fight apparently lasted 14 hours!
    • Likewise, the Imagine Spot Groyna has of a comic based on her and Dib having adventures as "pants hunters" looks amazing.
  • Issue 9 continues Dib's winning streak, as he goes through a huge Humiliation Conga while undercover as Zim's intern in order to get close enough to get video proof for the internet, and succeeds. Sure, no one who watches the video believes it, but Dib still pulls this plan off, and successfully sabotages Zim's latest plan in the process, citing it as payback for the events of Issue 2.
    • Speaking of Zim's newest plan, the Core Muncher looks amazing.
    • Can also count as Nightmare Fuel and What the Hell, Hero?, but Dib uses the situation to get revenge on a particularly nasty and hypocritical blogger by getting Zim to abduct him.
  • Issue 10 is a big one for the Voot Cruiser as it's revealed that it is in fact a Transforming Mecha complete with giant fists and laser cannons. It and Zim even manage to squeeze out a genuine joint win against the Sylvestran Snarl Beast, an incredibly rare and deadly alien monster that no one has been able to capture for 1000 years and has killed all those that have ever tried.
    • Some points also have to go to Dib seeing that not only did he thwart Zim's plan yet again (or at least it didn't go the way Zim wanted) but he also managed to not just avoid being killed by the legendary beast but for it to actually treat him quite positively...or at least until they got back to Earth (and even then that was more so towards the other kids).
  • Issue 11, Zim discover's Dib is allergic to cats (and most furry animals) and proceeds to build a machine that launches such animals at Dib. He spends most of the issue just torturing his nemesis, proving he is superior....
    • Or so it seems. Dib then manages to get himself some allergy meds and renders himself immune to Zim's attacks, proclaiming victory. Making this the fourth issue in a row where Dib comes out ontop. Literally in this case since the last we see of him in this issue is him triumphantly standing on a mountain of animals.
  • Issue 12 is one big moment for all the people in the Draco in Leather Pants and Rooting for the Empire camps of the fandom, as Zim is shown to conquer Earth in the future, creating an Egopolis of himself and enslaving everyone, all in preparation for turning the whole planet into a ship and flying it to the Tallest as a present (whom, it should be noted, are genuinely impressed by his actions). Oh, and he turned GIR into the Battle Butler GIRT.
    • Present Zim and Dib teaming up to escape and defeat Emperor Zim. Which includes the two Zims fighting and present Zim giving Emperor Zim a Disney Villain Death.
  • Issue 13 climaxes with Dib being mutated into a giant monster, and going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge (starting with a splash page) against the aliens who kidnapped him, and Zim, who just sat back and let him be tortured.
  • Crosses over with heartwarming, the end of Issue 14 sees Gaz threatening Agent Batflaps into giving Dib's latest video a positive review in order to keep Dib happy so he won't explode.
  • Issue 16 has Dib implanting himself with a "fear siphon" that keeps him from feeling fear, thus driving Zim crazy as he goes all out trying to scare him. Speaking of which, one also has to admire the sheer lengths Zim goes to just to win one over on Dib.
    • While all the above is going on, Gaz is on planet Arkadilon, and by issue's end has not only beaten all its games, but seems to have actually taken over the planet.
  • In Issue 17, there's the stories Dib tells Dolores to try and win his freedom. While unlikely to have happened (at least the way he presents them), they do make Dib look pretty impressive — first, going on an epic quest for pizza, along the way sliding along cables between buildings, helping birth a baby, and winning it a toy. In the second, he's a badass action hero, who beats the toxic stink out of Zim in order to save the world.
  • Issue 18 has Burrito Royale, as the "last beanbender", returning to reclaim his restaurant from Zim. He has his followers destroy Zim's robot suit, the Mecha-Rito, with a boobytrap he had lying around, and then sends Zim and GIR flying away on a sea of beans.
    • For a villainous example, the Mecha-Rito looks pretty awesome, as does the full spread panel where we first see Zim in his "Burrito King" outfit.
  • Issue 19 has another Dib victory, as he successfully exposes Zim Zoo as a fraud. Downplayed, somewhat, as to his disappointment, this just leads to the Robo-Parents being arrested.
  • Issue 20 has Zim unleash the Conquer-Blob to take over Earth... and it works. While it's all offscreen, the blob destroys human civilization, and prepares the planet for Zim to take control of. Unfortunately for him, he's too engrossed with Floopsy Bloops Shmoopsy to notice. This gives the blob time to think things over, and it has a Heel–Face Turn, singlehandedly restoring human civilization to what it was, before flying off into space to fight evil.
  • In Issue 21, a "Freaky Friday" Flip leaves Gaz in Zim's body. Within three days of having access to all his resources, she's set herself up as a Villain with Good Publicity whom the world invites to take over.
  • In Issue 22, a virus causes GIR to try and kill Zim. Zim ultimately stops his rampage by using GIR as a shield against one of his own thrown projectiles, which was bouncing off several walls.
  • In Issue 23, Zim's exploits inside GIR's mind have a few highlights, such as his arena fight with the other programs. Despite being at an initial disadvantage due to not understanding how the weapon of choice works, once he figures it out he easily wins.
    • There's also him destroying the Virooz virus, freeing GIR from its control.
  • At the end of Issue 24, Zim manages — entirely by accident and while trying to BS his way out of being shot by gangsters — to deduce Virooz's true identity.
  • Issue 25 has Zim's showdown with Virooz. Which is made even more impressive by the fact that Virooz had just pulled a Grand Theft Me on Zim, leaving Zim's mind stuck in Virooz's hover chair. To repeat, Zim wins their fight as a chair.
  • Issue 31 has Dib fighting the mutant Super Bear in the carnival. He doesn't do much damage, but keeps going until the grackle shoots him out of a cannon at the bear, knocking it out.
  • In Issue 32, Dib and Zim's sit-up competition gets so intense, with neither willing to back down, that they transcend out of The Multiverse. Somehow.
  • In Issue 35, as part of the escape from Moo-Ping 10, Zim kicks Zorphic across the length of the station, and upon realizing his aim was off, adjusts it to kick himself across.
  • In Issue 38, Gaz very easily acts as a Spanner in the Works for Zim's latest plan — when GIR starts impersonating Dib, causing the real one to be mistaken for a clone and driven into the woods by an angry mob, Gaz decides to indirectly help him by telling GIR that if he really wants to play the part, he has to try and expose Zim as an alien. This sends GIR on a rampage against Zim, ultimately ruining his plan.
    • And to GIR's credit, he ends up doing a better job of convincing people that Zim's an alien than Dib ever has.
  • In Issue 42, Dib manages to pull an Engineered Public Confession on Zim, getting him to admit that he doesn't care about the Plim and is just using them. Sadly, their short attention spans mean that Zim immediately gets their support back.
  • In Issue 43, Dib briefly retakes the lead among the Plim by determining all the things they like and incorporating them into his campaign. Then, he realizes he's acting no differently from Zim and stops lying to the Plim; this costs him his lead, but at least shows he's of good character.
  • Issue 44, Dib shows that he's truly his father's son (something he hardly ever showcases) by using REAL SCIENCE!!! Making up for his lack of skiing skills by building himself a super suit that allows him to pass the various obstacle courses of Meat Mountain.
    • Then at the end, with rather odd Be Yourself moment, Dib sheds his super suit and leans into his Butt-Monkey status to completely sabotage Zim's device- saving everyone and still having time to enjoy his family vacation (albeit, he'll likely be spending that time waiting in line due to saving the entire crowd).
  • In Issue 45, one has to give Zim credit for his sheer determination to protect Li'l Meat Man and everything he goes through for it, including a high-speed police chase.

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