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Awesome / Guardians of the Galaxy (2015)

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  • In episode 5 "Can't Fight This Seedling", Drax manages to redirect the anti-matter missile towards the meteorite that is responsible for the fungus outbreak.
  • In episode 6 "Undercover Angle", Quill managed to fool Titus into a Engineered Public Confession as he not only recorded the confession, he also broadcasted it to the Nova Corps to expose how corrupt of a Knight Templar Titus really is.
  • Black Bolt destroying Ronan's ship, shredding it to tiny bits with a single word.
    • Ronan not only survives the attack, but his ship begins to rebuild (whether this is his power or the ship's is unknown).
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  • When Asgard declares war on Spartax, Spartax promptly scrambles its entire armada to meet the Asgardians over Spartax. Asgard's attack force consists of (as Victoria puts it ) "one open ship and a handful of warriors". Those warriors are Hogun, Fandral, Heimdall, Angela, Thor, and the Destroyer; Victoria is incredulous, and even tries to take Thor on one-on-one. Three guesses who wins.
  • Drax has been separated from the group. Gamora is in danger, and he was left behind to distract the guards for a bit by talking (very eloquently) about the history of wrestling and how it differs from today. He is also holding onto an anti grav device. Trying to find either Peter and Gamora or Rocket and Groot, he finds Ronan. Instead of facing Ronan one on one, he charges, activates the device, and then leaves. As he does, he comments that he has learned trickery and needs to find his friends. Not an awesome fight, but an awesome show of character development.
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  • "Drive My Carnage". Spider-man rebonds with Venom to fight a Carnage-bonded Thanos!

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