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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You have been warned.

Let's see how Bratt likes being blown away by his own Keytar gun!
  • Gru and Lucy going off to arrest Balthazar Bratt. Both the good guys and bad guy get their fair share of awesome moments.
    • Gru and Lucy on their water motorcycles.
    • Lucy launching Gru from his water motorcycle so that he can go after Bratt. Needless to say, Gru lands perfectly.
    • Balthazar Bratt using a variety of '80 themed merch to pull off his heist.
    • Gru knocking out Bratt with a single punch in the face.
    • Balthazar moonwalking on water while approaching the boat.
    • Most of the heist scene is set to “Bad.” Surprisingly, it works!
  • When Gru and Lucy are in the Grumobile, a jerk next to then starts sizing them up with his car. Gru promptly lifts up his own car and smashes the guy into a nearby building. Lucy even takes a picture of it. Also a Funny Moment.
  • Lucy standing up for Gru when Valerie fires him.
    • This moment is awesome in a more personal way because the reason Lucy joined the AVL was to find the villain who murdered her parents. While it's still unknown if she has or hasn't accomplished that, the very fact she was willing to throw away her meaningful job for her husband.
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  • A small one that may go unnoticed — when Gru and Lucy return home after getting fired, they notice the door is unlocked. They cautiously proceed inside to get the drop on the unknown assailant(s). However, they are dropped on by Edith and Margo.
  • Agnes gets one for willingly selling her precious unicorn, just to help Gru and Lucy with their unemployment issue.
  • Dru's butler, Fritz, managing to survive the vacuum-rocket weapon that Gru tricked him into grabbing. He is also apparently unfazed by Kyle biting him on the leg, just simply trying to get him off with his cane.
  • The Minions showing a slideshow of Gru's former villainy: Gru in an armored tank, Gru getting past roughly a dozen lasers, and Gru about to break into a vault by activating a dynamite switch.
  • Anytime Lucy goes Mama Bear for any or all of her daughters.
    • Her reaction when she thinks Agnes is in danger is to go One-Woman Army on the "bad guys".
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    • The way she lays into Nico's mother for cursing her daughter. Keep in mind that Lucy is technically cursed too, but she was only concerned with Margo.
    • Everything Lucy does to rescue the girls in the climax — Jumping off of Dru's flying car, running across expanding bubble gum rooftops, swinging on a crane, and scaling a collapsing building.
  • In a way, how the Minions end up in prison: They snuck into a talent show...And got a roar of applause due to their incredible singing performance
    • And while in prison, they become one of the (if not the) most feared gangs in said prison. Which makes sense, given how many of them there are.
    • How they get out of prison — they MacGyver a fully functioning airship out of random parts they assemble from around the prison.
    • When they arrive at Hollywood during the climatic battle, they all jump out on top of Bratt's giant gum bubbles, and work together to destroy them, saving the city.
  • Lucy showing up in Dru's helicopters to save him and Gru from nearly being killed. And dodging Bratt's missiles at the same time.
    • Following that, she places one of her hands on Gru's shoulders and proceeds to squeeze it hard enough for the incredibly strong Gru to visibly grimace under pain. And while doing so, she makes him promise never to go behind her back again.
  • Dru Gru gets one during the climax. When Bratt's giant robot is about to kill his brother, he singlehandedly destroys it from the inside.
    • What's more awesome, you ask? Dru was The Millstone during his and Gru's heist to recover the diamond from Bratt's lair, therefore almost getting them captured, but in the climax, he Took a Level in Badass and became one of the factors in stopping Bratt's evil plan.
  • When confronting Bratt at the robot's wreckage, Gru is held at gunpoint by Bratt, leading to their climactic duel.
    Bratt: You've ruined everything! And now, it's time to die! Any last words, Gru?
    Gru: You know what? I got two words for you: Dance fight.
    • Cue them having an epic battle to "Into the Groove" while doing 80s break-dancing.
    • The fight ends with Gru blasting Bratt with his own Keytar laser, playing the guitar riff of "Money for Nothing."
    Bratt: Game over! (laughs evilly as he reaches for his Keytar, but feels nothing) Huh? What the—?
    Gru: (holding the Keytar) Is this what you're lookin' for?
    Bratt: No!
    (Gru plays a powerful riff of "Money for Nothing," blasting Bratt away, blowing away his clothes, leaving him naked and floating in his own gum as AVL Choppers arrive to arrest him)
    Bratt: CURSE YOU, GRU!
  • The ending itself — Dru and the Minions steal Gru's ship to commit villainous acts. Lucy is all ready to go after them but Gru stops give them a five minute headstart. He then does his Signature Laugh (with Dru doing it as well) as Lucy is getting pumped up for the chase in a way that would make Rocky proud.


  • In most franchises dealing with stepparents, the said stepparent either becomes more of a good parent than their spouse who was a parent longer and if the stepparent is a woman, she will most likely get pregnant in the sequel with little development in the relationship(s) with their stepchild(ren). This is subverted in the movie — Not only does Lucy not become pregnant, but she faces some pretty realistic challenges of being a parent for the first time.
  • This is the movie that made the franchise the most money at the box office, second only to Minions.


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