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"A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do!"
  • "Looks like I'm going to Chicago! Have fun at the reunion!" Grandpa Lou manages to dodge a family reunion he didn't want to attend by accidentally-on-purpose wasting time getting off the train.
    • Made even better when the other adults realize he had that planned the whole time.
  • This moment. Also a moment of funny.
    • Chaz Finster, of all people, gets one in the same episode, 'Family Feud'. The Pickles and the DeVilles spend the entire episode hating and insulting each other with poor Chaz stuck in the middle and unable to make them calm down and reconcile. Near the end, the babies wander off (as usual) and when the families do nothing about it but start fighting more, Chaz finally snaps and calls them on their childish behavior, bringing them all to shame and ending the feud.
      Chaz: (absolutely furious) LOOK AT YOU! DON'T YOU SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE?! While you were insulting each other and bringing up every petty difference from your past, you've forgotten about your children, the most important thing in your insignificant lives! You ought to be ashamed!
      Howard: Charles is right. Our behavior's been absolutely disgusting. I'm a failure and I've let everybody down while I should be—
      Betty: Yeah, yeah. Whine later, ya' little man. We gotta find the kids!
      • It should be mentioned that Chuckie Finster takes after his dad, and when he loses his docile nature, watch out!
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  • The time the kids fight back against the army of Mr. Fiends: Lil doing Doll-Fu, Chuckie's triumphant pose, and Phil doing doll bowling.
  • Though Angelica's Karma Houdini Warranty was instated thankfully early, she was still bestowed a few Team Rocket Wins moments:
    • Angelica saving the babies from the abusive Josh in "New Kid On The Block".
      Angelica: (after catapulting a water balloon at Josh) The next one won't miss!
      • And later, when he tries to get in her face, she shoves him down and causes him to scrape his elbow. She yells at him not to mess with the babies again as he runs off crying.
      "They may be a bunch of dumb babies, but they're my dumb babies!"
    • She pulls an impressive Indy Ploy against Timmy in "A Very Mc Nulty Birthday". When he throws her and the other girls out of his party for having "cooties", they don monster make-up to scare them. When this and the babies' oblivious antics lead Timmy to think cooties infect kids into monsters and throw Chuckie out after he gains cooties (in fact paint), Angelica then capitalises and convinces Chuckie and the other girls to infect everyone else, leaving only Timmy left, who has to beg Angelica to join the relocated party.
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  • Spike has many crowning moments under his collar. Busting Angelica when she uses the babies to steal the cookies, scaring off a very scary bulldog, but THE Moment of Awesome has to be when he takes on the giant wolf at the end of the first movie. He survives, even though he fell through the bridge and into the water! Without a scratch!
  • Chuckie summoning the courage to stop the wedding in the second movie. And he successfully (if a bit haphazardly) pilots Robo-Reptar with the help of the other babies. What follows is a great and crazy climax which culminates in his final fight with Jean-Claude (who is piloting Robo-Snail), and he beats him. Meek little Chuckie, who was still suffering from his mother's death, beats a fully grown man in a giant robotic snail, and makes it in time to halt the wedding.
    • "Now, let's go find my Daddy!
    • Not to mention saying his first word. A Big "NO!", specifically, and a pretty good one at that.
  • In "Weaning Tommy," Stu and Didi make a serious attempt to get Tommy to drink out of a cup instead of his bottle. He resists completely and becomes increasingly miserable. One night, the incredibly guilty Stu, Didi and Lou each intend to give him a bottle of milk - only to run into each other. They decide to give Tommy his bottle back in the morning, but as they leave his room, Lou notices the bottle he brought is suddenly missing. He shrugs it off before closing the door - leading to the reveal that Tommy was awake the whole time and slyly stole the bottle away from him.
  • The Chanukah special explains the holiday very nicely.
  • Drew punishing Angelica in "Angelica Runs Away."
    • Similarly the usually distracted Charlotte disciplining Angelica in "Mommy's Little Assets". Her potential clients are so impressed by this they give her a contract.
  • The adults are willing to go with the flow when it comes to their children's antics, but not to the extent that things get completely out of hand.
  • Tommy giving Chuckie the encouragement to face the monster under his bed.
  • Angelica performing her own rendition of "Vacation", in the Vacation to Las Vegas episode. She's actually damn good. Also counts as a CMOF.
    • From the same episode, Didi sees Tommy about to pick the lock on a tiger cage, and channels Tarzan to pull him out of danger.
  • When Didi once had to take Tommy with her to the high school where she teaches, a chain of events led to Tommy instigating a food fight by accident. Amid the chaos, a Jerk with a Heart of Gold tough guy gets everyone to stop fighting momentarily so he can get Tommy out of the crossfire. When he safely has Tommy out of the cafeteria? "Okay."
    • Even better when you consider that he had a stare down with a Jerk Jock minutes beforehand, yet the minute said jock acts unfriendly toward Tommy, the other guy intimidates him into giving Tommy to him, talk about Papa Wolf!
    • An earlier awesome moment from the same episode (titled "Little Dude"); the whole reason Tommy was at Didi's school was so she could teach her home ec students to diaper babies. Yet none of her students want to try. Rocko, the said Jerk with a Heart of Gold, walks in late and changes the diaper without flinching (Note: Tommy was carrying a full load). When Didi thanks Rocko, he casually explains he's used to this kind of thing because his little brother is Tommy's age. Cool Big Bro indeed.
  • Tommy and Chuckie taking down the Junk Food Kid in "Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch."
  • The scene in "Ghost Story" where the babies in Angelica's ghost story encounter Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina (complete with their original voices) in Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.
  • One Toystore episode, openly admits at the end that they have an actual working time machine for sale. (Demonstrated as a large robotic gorilla ends up in Colonial Times) HOW COOL IS THAT!?
  • Rugrats being the first cartoon to ever do a Passover special.
  • In "Rebel Without a Bear", Tommy gets upset when Didi takes away a soiled stuffed lion, so he gets led by Angelica to become a Bratty Half-Pint like herself, under the guise that he'd get the lion back. Throughout the episode, Tommy trashes the Pickles home, with Chuckie trying to stop Tommy, only to be shut up by Angelica. Until towards the end, when she tries to make Tommy throw away one of Didi's necklaces away, when Chuck finally stands up, telling Angelica to back off and urging Tommy to stop his bad ways.
  • Chuckie working up the courage to go down The Slide in the eponymous episode, thanks to Susie.
  • In "Farewell My Friend", after being collateral damage to another of Tommy's adventures, he is almost volunteered again. When he attempts to decline, Tommy starts peer pressuring him a very bored tone. Realising how easy he thinks he is, Chuckie snaps, calling out Tommy for all he puts him through by dragging him into his schemes.
    Chuckie: I'M NOT GOING!!!
  • Reptar destroying Viacom's headquarters.
  • In "Faire Play", the guy in the Reptar suit tackling Stu's robotic dragon and ripping its head off to save him and Lou. For 10 bucks!
  • The fact that the show has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, so far being the only Nickelodeon production to have such an honor.
  • Bratty Half-Pint though she may be, Angelica has some pretty awesome moments. One of these occurs in "Rhinoceritis" where she explains she wants to be a doctor. She's been watching Binks McGill, Pre-Teen Brain Surgeon, and tells the babies that, "Binks McGill's a doctor and he's ten years old!" When Tommy points out Angelica is only three, she says, "So Binks is a little slow."
  • At the end of "The Santa Experience," Angelica reverses her twisted "Gift of the Magi" Plot trick she played on Phil and Lil. Extra points because she tried so hard to make things right before Christmas.
  • Although she is a somewhat minor character, Susie has several:
    • Coaching Chuckie through his fear of the slide in the eponymous episode, including giving him his Survival Mantra of "I'm a big brave dog." Extra points when she wins the bet that Chuckie will conquer his fear, and thus gets two pudding pops off Angelica.
    • In "And the Winner Is...", Angelica tries to sabotage Susie's talent show act by hiding her tap shoes. Susie expertly turns the routine into a comedy show, sliding around the stage in sock feet and being laughably clumsy. She also wins the talent show.
    • Susie's dedication to fixing toys, including Cynthia, in "Doctor Susie," even though Angelica had tried to sabotage her.
    • Susie breaking off Angelica as she harasses the babies in "Susie vs Angelica". Also in their contest, she wins in all but two feats.
  • Stu turns out to have a fear of the diving board (especially high ones) in "The Big Flush", he is paralyzed with fear when he gets on one but then he sees Tommy and the other babies hopping on a much lower diving board (under the impression that it's the toilet handle) and Papa Wolf takes over with Stu jumping off the super high board, landing in the water, and catching Tommy just as he was about to hit the water.
  • "Baseball": Bucky Majors has two in his featured episode. First, he hits a home run baseball so hard that he tears the cover off it. Later on, Tommy falls from the stands where Bucky happens to be standing. Bucky immediately springs into action and saves Tommy by catching him in his mitt.
  • The entire episode "A Very McNulty Birthday." Angelica, Susie, and Lil, along with the rest of the gang, have been invited to Timmy McNulty's birthday party, but Timmy decrees they can't play with the other kids because they're girls and have cooties. The girls' response? Use paint and party accessories to dress and act like monsters, thereby making the boys think they really do have a dangerous malady.
  • The entire "Mega Diaper Babies" episode, where the babies pretend to be superheroes and save the Mega Hyper Heroes from the evil Angelitron. When she manages to defeat them, Chuckie, as Stinky, uses his power to smell really bad to save the day.
  • The "Carwash" episode, where Chaz notices that his son Chuckie is in his car with the other babies. He goes Papa Wolf by rushing to the car right behind his and hurling its muscular driver out of it! Keep in mind that this is Chaz we're talking about, Chaz who has asthma and numerous allergies.
    • To make it doubly awesome he went through the WHOLE WASH to save them, even taking on the hot wax treatment!
  • "Candy Bar Creep Show": The babies sneaking into the Pickles' haunted house and scaring a group of trick-or-treaters, Angelica among them. At the end of the episode, the babies eat some of the Reptar bars they left behind.
  • In "Grandpa Moves Out", Lou saving Tommy and Angelica by snagging the runaway scooter they're on with a fishing pole.


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