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Drinking Game / Rugrats

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Under the legal drinking age, need to be sober or just don't drink? Use milk, like he's doing.
  • Take a drink when Grandpa Lou mentions the number 15.
  • Take a drink when the adult(s) loses track of the babies.
  • In later seasons, take a drink when the babies act older than they are.
  • Take a drink when the babies use Baby Talk (if you don't want to get drunk, definitely don't use alcohol).
  • Take a drink whenever Angelica calls someone names or demands cookies.
  • Take a drink whenever Grandpa Lou falls asleep during the daytime.
  • Take a drink when Chuckie doesn't like one of Tommy's ideas.
  • Take a drink whenever more than one character laughs or cries at once.
  • Take a drink when one of Stu's inventions doesn't work. Two drinks if it does work.
  • Take a drink when Didi quotes Lipschitz.
  • Take a drink when Dil tries to speak or accidentally hurts someone.
  • Take a drink for every instance of The Diaper Change or Calling Your Bathroom Breaks.
  • Take a drink whenever Phil and Lil argue or eat non-food items.
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  • Take a drink when the babies have Filthy Fun.

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