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We would put something here... But the caption already said it for us.
  • One absolutely beautiful moment in "Music" is when Didi rocks Dil to sleep, singing "Beautiful Dreamer" all the while. This is after an entire episode of the babies trying and failing to get Dil into music and imagine stories along with it. As Didi continues singing, Dil starts dreaming of swirling lights and colors. In the last seconds of the episode, the shape resolves into an image of Tommy's face.
    • Before that, Tommy's song for Dil—framed as a cheesy but nonetheless sweet lounge act, it's a nice little brotherly love song.
      Tommy: I guess you make me love you! (hugs Dil)
  • Tommy deciding not to abandon Dil with the monkeys in the movie. While on paper that doesn't seem like much, since abandoning your brother with the monkeys is obviously wrong, the way it's played out makes it genuinely heartwarming. He's been finding Dil annoying due to his crying and inability to do much, so he covers him with bananas and decides to abandon him with the monkeys... but then, he decides that he doesn't have the heart to because they're brothers.
    "My Tommy"
    "My Dil"
  • "Moving Away", the one where Angelica and her parents are moving. Angelica and the babies are all happy about it... except for Tommy, who says it's terrible and goes on to tell the story of how Angelica brought them together and it's because of her that they're friends. Angelica hears the whole story and is in tears afterwards and doesn't want to move. It's especially sweet because it shows Angelica's "heart of gold" side.
  • In the season 2 episode "The Big Flush," a major plot point is that Stu is deathly afraid of jumping off the high dive. However, when Tommy and the babies jump on the low board and Tommy almost falls in, Stu doesn't hesitate for a second to jump off the high dive and save his son.
    • Also counts as a Moment of Awesome, because not only does he save his son, but he executes a perfect swan dive in the process, drawing a genuine "WOW!" from both Chaz and Howard.
  • Chaz, Kira, Chuckie, and Kimi being a happy family.
    • Specifically, the first episode after the second movie, where Kira formally adopts Chuckie as her son and Chaz formally adopts Kimi as his daughter.
    • Then there's this one line in the second movie from Kira:
      "Chuckie, would you like to dance with your new mommy?"
  • Kira's speech to Chuckie in the episode "Changes For Chuckie"
    "Hi, Chuckie. Well I guess washing Wawa wasn't the best idea. You know there is still a lot about you I don't know yet. Like your favorite sandwiches or your favorite games or the songs or stories you like. Those things may take a while. What I do know is I love you very much. I hope that will do till I get the other things sorted out."
  • The song sung between Tommy and Angelica during the All Growed Up TV special, as it shows clips of all the adventures they had as infants. Considering this was going to be the grande finale of the series, it was pretty poignant.
    • What really sells it is that the montage shows Kira bonding with Chuckie after a clip of Tommy promising Chuckie to get him a new mother and some clips of Dil after the clip of Didi announcing her pregnancy at the end of "The Family Tree".
  • On the topic of "The Family Tree", even though Chuckie kept trying to get Tommy in trouble while he was staying at his housenote , Tommy didn't hold it against him, because he was under the impression that Chuckie was just struggling with now being a brothernote  and that he didn't mean it. Even after Angelica outright told him Chuckie was doing this on purpose, Tommy refused to believe her.
    • Doubling as a CMOA, when Tommy, Phil and Lil become convinced that Chuckie climbed a tree towards the end of the episodenote , Tommy demands that Angelica go up the tree to get him down, as it's her fault this happened.
  • Angelica saving the babies from Josh, also doubles as a Moment of Awesome. "They may be just a buncha dumb babies, but they're my DUMB BABIES!"
    • Hell, Angelica protecting the babies generally; if you fuck with the babies without her permission it will not end well.
  • At the end of "Angelica's Last Stand," Chuckie accidentally spills lemonade on Angelica's head. All the babies brace themselves for what's coming, but Angelica laughs it off and playfully chases Chuckie around with her own cup of lemonade, both of them laughing the whole time.
  • At the end of the first Christmas special, a man who appears to be Santa Claus walks through the door to wish everyone a merry Christmas. He gives each of the children a gift and notably asks Chuckie, who had been afraid of him, if he (Santa) was still scary, to which Chuckie smiled. He even gave Angelica a present who, though she had been bad, was trying to do good to make up for it. Santa told her "sometimes trying your hardest to be good is as important as already doing good". He gives her the toy she wanted but also leaves her a small lump of coal inside so she knows that she still needs to be good.
  • The Rugrats second Christmas special "Babies In Toyland": The babies find themselves in a Nativity scene and think the baby Jesus is real. They feel sorry for him since they believe Santa isn't coming and he's lying alone in a pile of hay with no gifts, so one by one, they each give him their own gift just because they want his Christmas to be special. When they found him, the figure's expression was neutral. When they're done, it's smiling. Awwww to the power of 10,000.
    • In the same episode, Angelica has one Imagine Spot where she visits Santa's workshop, and the elves lecture her on how mean she had been. The girl admits that she calls many people 'dumb' but never really means it; as this happens only in her imagination, it's a good view of Angelica's subconscious mind and how she actually resents her own mean ways more than once. Later, she gives gifts to all the babies, even giving Dil his very first Christmas present (a toy reindeer that Angelica was already very fond off), and a small camera for Tommy, that later becomes a very clever Foreshadowing of his film-making dreams in All Grown Up!. So yeah, Tommy discovered what he wanted to do in life thanks to Angelica.
    • Angelica's fondness of the little reindeer the fake Santa gives her is pretty heartwarming in itself, especially since she started out resenting it.
  • "I'm a big brave dog." Whenever Chuckie comes out (inevitably nervously, and to himself) with this carefully-deployed catchphrase/mantra, a Heartwarming Moment generally won't be far away.
  • Phil and Lil reuniting in "Together At Last".
  • The episode "Lady Luck." Grandpa goes to bingo night at a senior home, and due to his ramblings, the babies think he's going to meet a friend called "Lady Luck." They search all over the home looking for Lady Luck, in the process, turning the soporific home upside-down and helping all the elderly visitors to have a lot of fun. In the end, the previously-tough operator of the center, seeing how much fun the seniors are having, both becomes nicer and goes out with Grandpa for ice cream.
  • The entire "Mother's Day" episode is guaranteed to wring every last tear out of any mother and/or person who loves their mother. Special mention goes to the scene where Tommy, Phil and Lil all share their earliest memories of their mothers.
    • Phil and Lil recall the first time they laughed was when they were being fed "the old way" (breastfed) and how it made their mother laugh too. The best part is that Betty is clearly exhausted from having just given birth to and now taking care of newborn twins. Her hearty laughter and great big smile prove that to her, it's all worth it. The twins say it's their favorite memory.
    • The Reveal during Tommy's flashback that he was born premature and his earliest memory was being in "giant fishtank" (an incubator), with Didi holding his hand. "Touching" doesn't even begin to describe it.
      "I don't even think I knowd she was my mom then. But when she held my hand, I didn't feel a'scared any more. As long as I was there, she'd never let go."
    • The b-plot of Didi treating Minka to a day at the spa for a Mother's Day gift. Minka is unimpressed and Didi bemoans how she just wanted to find something for her mother that she would like. Minka responds, "You want to know what I like?" She then hugs Didi and says "This, I like."
    • Didi finally convincing Chas to talk to Chuckie about his mother, telling him that it's better that Chuckie be sad and miss her than forget her.
      Didi: Chaz, I think it's time you shared these things with Chuckie.
      Didi: Then you can miss her together.
    • The poem Chuckie's mom wrote for him. Keep tissues handy.
      My Sweet Little Chuckie
      Though I must leave you behind me,
      this poem will tell you where you always can find me.
      When a gentle wind blows, that's my hand on your face.
      And when the tree gives you shade, that's my sheltering embrace.
      When the sun gives you freckles, that's me tickling my boy.
      When the rain wets your hair, those are my tears of joy.
      When the long grass enfolds you, that's me holding you tight.
      When the whippoorwill sings, that's me whispering, "Night night."
    • Just Chas' relationship with Chuckie in general. He acts as a protective dad, but also a nurturing one, and he does considerably well. Episodes like "Toy Palace" and "The Carwash" show his protective side, while episodes like "In the Dreamtime" and "The Smell of Success" show his caring side. No wonder Chuckie thinks of his dad as a mom in his own right come Mother's Day.
  • The episode where Susie's tricycle goes missing. She accuses Angelica of stealing it because Angelica had been mean to her earlier (which makes the assumption somewhat rational). As the episode goes on, it looks like Angelica did steal it and Susie ties her Cynthia doll to a balloon for Chuckie to let go as revenge...only for it to be revealed later that Angelica didn't steal it after all. Susie's father had moved the trike so he could paint the shed. After this, Angelica reveals she was making (well, trying to anyway) an apology card for Susie for being mean to her earlier. So we have an episode where Angelica, of all people, is apologetic. And to top it off, she does get her doll back.
  • Spike sheltering a litter of stray kittens in "Spike's Babies" and the babies trying to help him.
  • The ending of "Spike Runs Away." A man returns Spike, who's been missing for what appears to be weeks, late at night. Stu says they need to wake Tommy up, but Didi says it can wait til tomorrow. However, as soon as Spike hears Tommy's name, he rushes to his room and jumps on him in the crib. Tommy happily squeals, "SPIKE!" as his dog licks him over and over again. Sweetest reunion between a boy and his dog ever!
  • In "A Step at a Time", when the babies are recounting the time they first walked, Tommy tells them that when Chuckie had come over to his house with his dad (this was after Chuckie started walking), and Tommy wanted to play with Chuckie, so he pulled himself up using the back of the couch in the living room and starts walking. Chuckie's the whole reason why Tommy started walking in the first place.
    • The episode in general counts, because Tommy wanted Dil to play with them and their walking "Follow Me Reptar". But he was also protective of Dil; while the babies were coming up with ways to motivate him (a cookie, arguing, fear of clowns) and the adults were excited of the prospect, Tommy wanted his brother to learn at his own pace. In a Generation Xerox moment, Dil sees Tommy walking by like as mentioned in Tommy's flashback, and tried climbing up to walk and play with him. He failsnote , but Tommy, knowing this, assures him again he doesn't have to walk and that he'll be close-by whenever he does want to play. True brotherly love.
      • Just look at how far Tommy and Dil have come since the movie. There, Dil takes utter delight in steal from and hitting Tommy while Tommy takes care of Dil mostly because he feels he has to and not truly out of love. Here Tommy wants to ensure Dil is included and stands up to his friends when they try to scare Dil. In return, the moment Tommy does this Dil coos, "Tommy" in a loving way and the already mentioned wanting to walk to play with Tommy. For two brothers that started off as enemies they are truly loving brothers.
  • In "Angelica's Worst Nightmare" (where it seems like Charlotte's pregnant again): Angelica wakes up from a nightmare of her newborn sibling—in this case, a baby brother—terrorizing her and her parents totally ignoring. When her dad goes to see her, she starts breaking down and confesses to her dad that she doesn't want a new sibling and to be ignored like she was in her nightmare. Drew reassures her that he and Charlotte will always love and care for Angelica since she's their first child and she'll never ever be replaced.
    • The fact that, prior to this moment, the episode has been filled with people saying precisely the wrong thing to Angelica. Didi gushes about how Charlotte and Drew won't have time for anything but the new baby, while the TV therapist she confesses to rather jerkass-ishley tells her that the world doesn't revolve around her. This simple reassurance was all she ever needed.
    • A smaller one earlier in the episode: Tommy's worried because Angelica's being quiet, so he turns down playing outside with his friends and tries to get her to talk to him. Even though she's constantly awful to him and has made him mad on occasion, he still cares about his cousin.
  • A comic strip (Whether or not it's canon to the show is debatable) showed Chuckie standing on a crack in the sidewalk. Angelica asks him what he's doing, and Chuckie says "Step on a crack, bring your mother back". Angelica is about to call him a fool because it's break your mother's back, before she realizes what he said, and then stands next to Chuckie looking up at the sky saying, "See anything yet?"
    • In general, Angelica will abstain from tormenting Chuckie when the subject of his dead mother comes up, as shown by the "Mother's Day" episode as well.
  • Stu saying how proud he is of Tommy in "Real or Robots?"
  • Meta example: After Chuckie's first voice actress Christine Cavanaugh died in 2014, The '90s Are All That aired a marathon of episodes that centered on Chuckie in her memory.
  • "Chuckie's Complaint" has a man having to wear a Reptar costume for his job. He finds it degrading until the babies come over and give him a hug, which makes him decide that his job is worth it if his presence makes children happy.
  • In "The Shot," Tommy and his new friend Hector spend most of the episode terrified of getting a shot at the doctor's office; Tommy having heard horror stories from Chuckie and Angelica doesn't help. It ends up being an immense relief when Dr. Schachter turns out to be a perfectly Nice Guy. He even gives Tommy a lollipop and lets him pick his own bandage!
  • The ending to the "Family Tree" episode; Stu and Didi were on a romantic cruise but Didi kept getting sick. It's not until the end that we find out why...
    Stu: You feelin' alright, Deed?
    Didi: I feel wonderful! Stu...We're going to have a baby!
    Stu: Really? Deed that's wonderful! (they hug, then Didi pukes again offscreen) Well, I guess I'll have to get used to this again...
  • In "Let Them Eat Cake", the Pickles and Finster families attend Didi's half-brother Ben's wedding, with Tommy and Chuckie excited about eating wedding cake. But when the bride, Elaine, can't be found, Tommy and Chuckie try to find the cake themselves. Eventually, they become discouraged, sitting down on a cart which has a cake, unaware of it until it starts moving. They get out, upset losing the cake, but discover Elaine, who was nervous about a "permanent" aspect of marriage. Ben finds them, teasing asking if Tommy and Chuckie had been looking for her, and admits to Elaine that he'd been feeling nervous too. Reassured, the wedding goes on, with Tommy and Chuckie enjoying some cake.
  • In "Little Dude", Tommy becomes friends with the local 'tough guy', Ramon, and it's because he happens to be a Cool Big Bro with his own little brother who's around Tommy's age. This becomes more apparent when "Number 12" was about to do something to Tommy, but he just halts everything, calmly takes the child away and leaves the cafeteria to get the kid out of harm's way. That is rather sweet for the apparent tough guy of the school. He even calls Tommy "Little Dude".
  • Everything Susie's Great Aunt T does in the Kwanzaa special is either this, funny, awesome or all three. A couple of moments that stand out however are:
    • When Susie cries because her intended present for Aunt T (a clay bust of herself) was ruined, Aunt T consoles her and tells her she loves the present anyway. She even uses it as a cup of unity to toast at the Kwanzaa dinner.
      Aunt T: Well, it's not gorgeous but it has a lot of character, just like me! (hearty laugh)
    • In one flashback, she helped out Susie's mom by loaning her some money after her financial aid for Harvard fell through. She then tells her that she knows she'll make a great doctor someday and after a timeskip is there at her graduation.
  • Chuckie spends most of the episode "What's Your Line?" trying to decide what he wants to be when he grows up. After failing at being an ice cream man, florist, and librarian, he manages to cheer up an upset Dil at the end of the episode. He tells his friends that he finally knows what he wants to be when he grows up: a daddy.
    (pan over to Chaz, who is resting with the other dads after painting a fence)
    Chuckie: (narrating) And you know what? I think that's the bestest job of all.
    • It's especially noteworthy that the first two jobs Chuckie tried at, Chaz was right there to help him, whether it's cleaning the ice cream off his face or kissing his finger when he got hurt touching a rose. It was like foreshadowing for Chuckie in that he instinctively knew what to do for Dil like his dad did for him.
  • In 'A Dog's Life', Spike has been scolded multiple times by Didi and Stu for causing events he actually tried to prevent and thus is very dejected towards the end of the episode. However, seeing Dil almost tip a tall pile of manure onto himself (by bouncing repeatedly into it with his bouncy toy) reminds Spike that even if he does get in trouble for their shenanigans, he has to look after the kids. So what does he do? He rushes straight over and pushes Dil out of harm's way, right as the pile falls over! He's rewarded then with lots of well-deserved praise from the adults and the babies.
  • A brief one, but a later episode wherein the babies try to find a pet for Dil reveals that Chuckie still remembers his bug Melville.
  • In "Dil's Bathtime" it is shown that Dil is scared of water, seeing it as a massive ocean. In his imagination Tommy is in a little lifeboat and Dil is desperate to save him. Later, when he imagines a rubber ducky is a giant whale he isn't scared for himself... he is scared for his brother, screaming for Tommy and trying to get to him. Considering how much of a brat he is at times, hitting Tommy and his friends, it is nice to see that he does love his brother.
  • "Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts":
    • The second part, "Fall Stinks", sees Dil once again waking up Tommy up in the middle of the night. But instead of him just crying and screaming, Tommy hears Dil calling out, "Tommy! Tommy!". Turns out Dil is having a nightmare now that Tommy and him have separate rooms due to Lou moving out. Tommy and Chuckie go to check on him and the absolute delight in his voice when he wakes to find Tommy and 'Chubbie' there is just perfect. Dil then crawls over and begins to hug Tommy's head, cooing in bliss. Tommy then tells Dil that he feeling lonely now that Lou has left, but now they can feel lonely together.
    • A double-sided one: Stu winds up blaming himself for Lou having to go to the hospital at one point (since it was because of his inventions that led to Lou moving into a retirement home, which led to him getting injured during an elders' dance), resolving to give up his job at the Reptar Corporation and get a "dead-end" job like Drew's, just so that he can have Lou come home. Lou, when he is told this, tells Stu... not to do that, since if it wasn't for that sequence of events, he wouldn't have met Lulu (as she was his nurse in the hospital).
      Stu: Pop, I'm so sorry! Can you ever forgive me? We'll get you packed and take you home in no time!
      Lou: What are you talkin' about?! I'm not goin' home!
      Drew: Stu's getting rid of his inventions, Dad! You won't have to worry about them anymore!"
      Lou: Who's worried about em'? I love those crazy toys of his! Why, if it hadn't had been for him blowin' up the house, I'd have never met my Lulu!
    • Throughout Chuckie's sub-plot of the special, Chuckie wants him and Chaz to paint faces on acorns they found in their backyard, but Betty continually sets Chaz up on dates with her many single friends. They leave both Chuckie and Chaz miserable, the former from not getting to spend time with the latter, and the latter from being roped into activities they like but he doesn't. In the second part, "Fall Stinks", after Chaz returns from a hazardous date with a motorcyclist, he and Chuckie are happy to see each other again, and at the end of the third part, "Don't Poop on My Parade", when Betty tells Chaz that Argenta wants to cook him dinner that night, Chaz declines and chooses to spend some long-overdue quality time with Chuckie, prompting Chuckie to hug him.
    • At the very end, after Lou and Lulu fall asleep while reading a bedtime story to Tommy and Dil, Tommy tells Dil that some changes might not be so bad.
      Tommy: Grandpa has a Lulu to love and we have a new place to play in...(dozing off) and maybe now, we'll get to hear the end of the story...(falls asleep next to Dil on Lou's lap)
  • The episodes "The Way Things Work" and "The Way More Things Work", which both have Tommy trying to teach his brother Dil how things work. The first one even has the brothers hugging.
  • Chuckie actually appears to be on the verge of overcoming his fear of clowns during the show's final seasons. After he spends the episode "Clown Around" believing that he's turned into a clown, he briefly considers that clowns aren't so scary after all. It is also revealed in "The Crawl Space" that he was frightened by a clown-like jack-in-the-box when he was younger, but he surprises himself with it on purpose, clearly taking some delight in the shock of seeing the clown face pop out.
  • In "All's Well That Pretends Well", Angelica gets sick and tries to make the adults think that the other kids are sick instead so she doesn't have to miss a live Dummy Bears show. In the end, however, she's found out and as the rest of the family leaves, Tommy notices that Angelica is crying because she's going to miss the whole thing. So what does he do? He and the other kids pretend to be sick too, so that they have to go back home and can keep her company. Angelica is genuinely touched by this, to the point that she actually instigates a Group Hug (right before pushing them away and pointing out that they'd get sick if they hugged her too much anyway)! Made even better when Stu reveals that he managed to find a souvenir consisting of a full recording of the show, meaning that Angelica and the other kids don't have to miss it after all!
  • In "Dust Bunnies" Angelica convinces Tommy and Chuckie that the adults' talk of "dust bunnies" concerns monstrous rabbits that capture and eat them in their lair in the closet. When Tommy supposedly is "attacked" by one, Chuckie runs away afraid. Horrified at abandoning his friend, he immediately makes a beeline for the closet to attack the bunnies hand to hand. Of course there are none, but it was a sweet gesture all the same.
    Chuckie: *tussling some old clothes* Ah-ha! I've got you by the ears! Give. Me. Back. My. Friend!
    • Tommy, who was actually just being given a bath and new clothes by his mom, decides to help him out while this is happening. When he succeeds, it segues into a funny moment (though still heartwarming) when Tommy tries to tell Chuckie what really happened, but then decides to let Chuckie believe that he's a hero instead.
  • There was one short episode wherein the babies try to help out Spike when he's having a bad dream. The heartwarming part is the fact that Angelica decides to help too, without any real hesitation. She even compliments Tommy when it appears to work.
    Angelica: Gotta hand it to you, Pickles. You sure do know your dog!
    • One of Spike's dreams is about Fifi.
  • In "Runaway Angelica," Angelica runs away from home after being disciplined, thinking her parents will worry about her and rescind the discipline. She ends up at Tommy's house and unbeknownst to her, Drew comes over for coffee with Stu and Didi. Watching from the window, Angelica hears Drew say it's nice to get away from the responsibilities of parenthood. She immediately thinks her father is happy she left, bursts into tears, and begs Drew to "take her back." Drew hugs her and assures her that's not what he meant; she'll always be loved no matter what she does. This may be the only time an adult says that to Angelica.
  • In the Chanukah special, the babies misinterpret "meaning of Chanukah" as "meanie of Chanukah." They assume that Schlomo, a guy Grandpa Boris' age from synagogue, is being mean to Boris. They intend to put him down for a nap, as Chuckie said this was what happened when a meanie tormented him at day care. But when the babies try, Schlomo ends up reading them a children's version of the Chanukah story. Schlomo and Boris eventually pitch in to tell the story together, leading to an unexpected and supremely heartwarming ending to their synagogue's play. What really sells it is right at the end, when the entire backstage wall falls to reveal the grandfathers and babies cuddled up together, with Schlomo snoring in the background and the menorah fully lit.
    • Boris also says "your Uncle Schlomo" to the babies, encouraging them to treat him as an Honorary Uncle.
    • And Chuckie's line: "Look, Tommy! The meanie and your Grandpa Boris are playin' nice!"
    • After Schlomo gives Boris the role of the King in the play, Boris immediately give the role to an actor who mistakenly thought he had been given the role of king.
  • In "Starstruck" when Chuckie doesn't want Kimi to be lonely when he thinks she is going to be an actual star, and then Kimi says that if Chuckie didn't want her to go, she doesn't want to either.
  • In “Give me an ‘A’” Tommy is trying to get Didi an A (She’s trying to get an A for a project in a class she’s taking for her doctorate), he finally finds a cheerleader’s paper A for signs, and gives it to her and she tells him, he makes her so happy.
  • In "Angelica's Birthday", we get a return appearance from Dean, Angelica's first crush, as one of the guests—and he not only has a speaking role, but mentions that Angelica had previously gone to his birthday party (where she played pinata and hoarded all the chocolates). Given the fact that he ended his first appearance more or less "breaking up" with Angelica, it's nice to see that the two of them ultimately patched things up enough to stay friends.
    • Belinda and Prudence from "Showdown at Teeter Totter Gulch" also cameo at the party, with their hair fully grown back.
  • In "The Odd Couple", Tommy spends the weekend at Chuckie's house, and the two drive each other crazy. Near the end of the episode, Tommy snaps and kicks Chuckie's block tower after having previously put up with Chuckie's rules, and almost immediately regrets doing so when he realizes that he upset Chuckie. That night, Tommy tells Chuckie that he didn't mean to make him mad, he just misses being at this own house and doing things his own way. Chuckie then realizes that sometimes people just need to be in their own house and do things their own way. Also, having hogged most of Chuckie's blanket for himself previous nights, Tommy shows concern for Chuckie shivering from the cold and shares some of the blanket. When Tommy returns home, it appears some of Chuckie had rubbed off on him when he get's out of his crib and stacks up his blocks the way Chuckie taught him before returning to bed.
  • "The Rugrats Movie" when Dil is born. Despite the fact Stu was surprised when the baby turned out to be a boy instead of a girl like they all thought, Didi doesn't care and instantly falls in love with the baby.
  • In "Tommy and the Secret Club" Tommy is inducted into Angelica's supposedly exclusive club, only to eventually wise up that he's tacitly been made into her slave. When the babies form their own club, a meek Angelica asks if she can join. The babies encourage Tommy to give her a taste of her own medicine, but Tommy very sweetly tells Angelica, now in tears, that it's fine and she can join, since in his club everyone's allowed in.
  • "Princess Angelica" has a surprisingly moving climax for Angelica when she thinks the Home Office King is her father and is preparing to stow away in his van. The babies ask to say one more thing - that they'll miss her. Angelica is so moved that she knights all of them.
    • And when she's in the van, she realises how much her parents have done for her and that she'd miss them too much to leave them.
  • In the season 1 episode "Barbecue Story", Spike shows just how loyal he is to Tommy. He's so close to trying to eat a burger, but the minute he hears the baby screaming, he abandons the grill and jumps into action to save him from the scary bulldog, doubling as an awesome moment. When Spike returns with Tommy and Chuckie, Didi is happy that her baby is safe, and Stu is pleased with the dog for bringing Tommy back. As a reward for his heroism, Stu gives Spike the burgers he'd burned while everyone watches fireworks.
  • In "Baby Power", even when Tommy thinks Dil is causing the earthquakes, he's still determined to get him back to normal and opposed to the idea of Dil being sent to the zoo.
  • In "The Alien", Angelica tries to get the babies to ostracise Chuckie under the pretence he is in fact an alien who wants to abduct them in his spaceship (in fact his playhouse that only Angelica can't fit into). Tommy's Undying Loyalty to Chuckie ends up a Spanner in the Works however, and when Angelica and the twins try to "disintegrate" Chuckie, Tommy follows him into the playhouse to protect him. When warned he will be abducted, he gives one of his most awesomely hammy but endearing declarations:
    Tommy: Then goodbye, planet Earth!


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