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Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing: In this 7-minute unaired Pilot episode, Tommy is fascinated by a giant white thing, a toilet in the bathroom, that he says burped at him.

     Season 1 
  1. Tommy's First Birthday: The adults try to make a wonderful first birthday party for Tommy, but all he wants is some dog food, believing it will turn him into a dog.
  2. Barbecue Story / Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup: The Pickles are having a Fourth of July barbecue, and when Angelica throws Tommy's ball into the next yard, the babies try to retrieve it while avoiding the scary guard dog; Stu, Didi, and Tommy go to dinner with Stu's business client, but Tommy escapes and wreaks havoc in the restaurant.
  3. At the Movies / Slumber Party: When the adults take the babies to see Dummi Bears in The Land Without Smiles, the babies, wanting instead to see Reptar after Tommy told them about it, escape and wander around the theater; Angelica and Tommy have a slumber party, and when Tommy ends up getting sick, he has a very strange fever dream.
  4. Baby Commercial / Little Dude: Phil and Lil star in a diaper commercial, but they don't seem to care what the director wants them to do; Didi takes Tommy to the school where she teaches to use him as a demonstration, and he becomes friends with the coolest kid in school.
  5. Beauty Contest / Baseball: Wanting to win the Kingfisher 9000 boat, the top prize in the "Little Miss Lovely" beauty pageant, Stu and Lou dress Tommy up as a girl and enter him in the contest (which Angelica also entered); Stu, Lou, and Tommy go to a baseball game, and while Stu and Lou are focused on the game, Tommy is more interested in his balloon.
  6. Ruthless Tommy / Moose Country: Two crooks kidnap Tommy, mistaking him for a millionaire's son, but he ends up being too much trouble for them to handle; the babies search for a moose after Grandpa tells them a story about one.
  7. Grandpa's Teeth / Momma Trauma: Grandpa loses his teeth and Chuckie and Tommy must get them back before he plays his trumpet at the veterans' picnic; Didi decides to take Tommy to a child psychologist after catching him drawing on the wall.
  8. Real or Robots / Special Delivery: After watching a movie about robots, Tommy and Chuckie try to find out if Stu is a robot; Stu orders a doll from his competition in the toy-making industry, and Tommy thinks this means he's getting a new sibling, so when he and Stu go to the post office, he searches the whole place for her.
  9. Candy Bar Creep Show / Monster in the Garage: On the babies' first Halloween, they all try to get some Reptar bars; something is causing chaos in the garage, and while the adults think Spike did it, the babies discover that something else is causing the noise.
  10. Weaning Tommy / Incident in Aisle Seven: Didi and Stu try to get Tommy to start drinking from sippy cups after a dentist (who turns out to be a quack) tells them that drinking from bottles is bad for Tommy's teeth; Grandpa and Tommy go to the supermarket, where Tommy tries to get some Reptar cereal.
  11. Touchdown Tommy / The Trial: While the dads watch a football game, the babies have a similar competition over a bottle of chocolate milk; Tommy's clown lamp gets broken, and they hold a trial to determine who did it.
  12. Fluffy vs. Spike / Reptar's Revenge: When Angelica's cat Fluffy comes to visit Tommy and his parents, she breaks some items, and Spike is blamed; the families go on a trip to an amusement park.
  13. Graham Canyon / Stu-Maker's Elves: Tommy, his parents, and Angelica go on a trip to the Grand Canyon, but when the parents get lost due to Angelica coloring on their road map, they encounter two con-men disguised as mechanics, and Tommy and Angelica accidentally foil their plot; while going into the basement to retrieve Chuckie's glider, Tommy and Chuckie accidentally fix Stu's doll-making machine.

     Season 2 
  1. Toy Palace / Sand Ho!: Tommy and Chuckie are accidentally left inside a toy store after it closes; the babies pretend to be pirates.
  2. Chuckie vs. the Potty / Together at Last: Chuckie must learn to use the potty and get over his fear of it; Phil and Lil are separated from each other after a fight, and both find themselves missing the other.
  3. The Big House / The Shot: Didi leaves Tommy at a daycare which turns out to be maximum-security, and he and the other babies there try to find a way out; Tommy is afraid of getting his booster shot.
  4. Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch / Mirrorland: Tommy squares off against a bully at a playground; Tommy and Chuckie want to find out what lies on the other side of the mirror.
  5. Angelica's in Love / Ice Cream Mountain: Angelica develops feelings for Dean, a neighbor kid; The babies go to a golf course where the owner offers a prize for a hole-in-one on the last hole, which he's rigged so no one can win.
  6. Regarding Stuie / Garage Sale: Stu gets amnesia and thinks he's a baby; when Stu and Didi hold a garage sale to make room in the house for Stu's new stereo, the babies misunderstand the concept, thinking that they need to get everything out of the house.
  7. Let There Be Light / The Bank Trick: When the power goes out all around the neighborhood, the babies try to find where the light went; Tommy and Chuckie search for candy at a bank, and unwittingly foil the plan of two crooks masquerading as bankers.
  8. Family Reunion / Grandpa's Date: The Pickles have a family reunion, and Angelica tells Tommy that he'll be given to a new family; Grandpa's old girlfriend, Morgana, pays a surprise visit, much to the confusion of Tommy and Chuckie, who were supposed to have a fun night in with him.
  9. No Bones About It / Beach Blanket Babies: Tommy is sad that Spike didn't get to go with him and his friends to the museum, so he tries to get a dinosaur bone for Spike; Tommy and Chuckie try to free the latter's sea monkeys during a trip to the beach.
  10. Reptar on Ice / Family Feud: The babies and their parents go to a Reptar ice show, where Tommy tries to return Reptar's "son" (a lizard Tommy found in the backyard) to him; the Pickles and the DeVilles get into a feud with each other, and the babies' attempts to end the feud end up making things worse.
  11. Superhero Chuckie / The Dog Broomer: Chuckie watches a superhero show and tries to emulate the hero; the babies think a visiting dog groomer wants to hurt Spike.
  12. Aunt Miriam / The Inside Story: Grandpa Lou's cousin, Miriam, comes over for a visit; the babies have a "Fantastic Voyage" Plot as they go to retrieve a watermelon seed from Chuckie's stomach (Angelica having told them that a watermelon would grow from the seed and make Chuckie's stomach explode).
  13. A Visit from Lipschitz / What the Big People Do: Lipschitz the child psychologist visits Tommy's house and proves to be unable to take care of children; Tommy and Chuckie fantasize about adult life.
  14. The Santa Experience: In the show's first Christmas Episode, the families go to a log cabin to spend Christmas together. Angelica pulls a "Gift of the Magi" Plot on Phil and Lil, only to regret it after hearing that she might get coal for it, Tommy and Chuckie try to catch Santa, and the adults try to get a real Santa to appear for the kids' first Christmas.
  15. Visitors from Outer Space / Case of the Missing Rugrat: Tommy dreams he has been abducted by aliens; Lou calls on his old detective skills when Tommy goes missing.
  16. Chuckie Loses His Glasses / Chuckie Gets Skunked: Angelica steals Chuckie's glasses so she can try them on, making the world look weird for both of them; Chuckie gets sprayed by a skunk.
  17. Rebel Without a Teddy Bear / Angelica the Magnificent: Tommy decides to go bad after Didi takes his stuffed lion away to wash it; Angelica does magic tricks, and the babies think she turned Lil into a butterfly.
  18. Meet the Carmichaels / The Box: A new family moves across the street from the Pickles, and Tommy tries to help Susie, their youngest daughter, find her room; Stu tries to build a really complex toy for Tommy and his friends, but they're more interested in the box it came in.
  19. Down the Drain / Let Them Eat Cake: Tommy and Chuckie are afraid of getting sucked down the bathtub drain; Didi's younger brother, Ben, is getting married, but his bride, Elaine, has gone missing, and Tommy and Chuckie just want some wedding cake.
  20. The 7 Voyages of Cynthia / My Friend Barney: Angelica's doll Cynthia goes missing; Chuckie has an imaginary friend.
  21. Feeding Hubert / Spike the Wonder Dog: The kids think a garbage truck is a monster named Hubert, and that they need to feed him; Angelica tricks the babies into thinking that Spike can talk.
  22. The Slide / The Big Flush: Chuckie is afraid of going down the slide; the babies think the local swimming pool is a giant potty, and so they try to flush it.
  23. King Ten Pin / Runaway Angelica: Grandpa participates in a bowling championship; Angelica runs away to Tommy's house after Drew punishes her.
  24. Game Show Didi / Toys in the Attic: Didi is a contestant on a game show; Tommy and Angelica spend time at Boris and Minka's house.
  25. Driving Miss Angelica / Susie vs. Angelica: When Angelica saves Chuckie, she makes him become her servant; Angelica and Susie compete with each other in various activities.
  26. Tooth or Dare / Party Animals: Angelica, after learning about the Tooth Fairy, hopes to get money for Chuckie's teeth; while the adults have a costume party, the babies search for Aladdin's lamp.

     Season 3 
  1. Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster / Twins Pique: Susie's dad, Randy, has a Dummi Bear executive over for dinner, and Susie fears that if the dinner goes well, they'll have to move; sick of no one being able to tell them apart, Phil and Lil decide to imitate Chuckie and Angelica, respectively.
  2. Chuckie's First Haircut / Cool Hand Angelica: Chuckie is scared of getting a haircut; Angelica attends a day camp.
  3. Tricycle Thief / Rhinoceritis!: Susie's tricycle goes missing, and everyone thinks Angelica took it; Chuckie thinks he's going to turn into a rhinoceros.
  4. Grandpa Moves Out / The Legend of Satchmo: Lou has a quarrel with Stu and Didi and moves to a retirement home, causing Tommy and Angelica to try to get him back; the babies go camping in the backyard and become scared that a monster called Satchmo will get them.
  5. Circus Angelicus / The Stork: The babies stage a circus after they are forced to leave a real one due to Chuckie's fear of clowns; after being told the myth of storks delivering babies, the babies think the eggs their parents prepare to cook are potential babies and try to protect them.
  6. The Baby Vanishes / Farewell, My Friend: When the adults get annoyed with Angelica and ignore her, she thinks she has become invisible; Tommy and Chuckie decide to part ways due to their differing views.
  7. When Wishes Come True / Angelica Breaks a Leg: Furious that Angelica knocked over his blocks, Tommy wishes for something bad to happen to Angelica, but upon seeing a statue of her, thinks that his wish came true; Angelica pretends to break her leg so that Stu and Didi will dote on her, and she gets her wish due to a mix-up in the medical records.
  8. The Last Babysitter / Sour Pickles: Tommy stays over at the Carmichaels' house; Lou tells a story of when Stu and Drew were babies.
  9. Reptar 2010 / Stu Gets a Job: The babies imagine their own endings for a Reptar movie; Tommy feels lonely when Stu starts working at Consolidated Lard.
  10. Give and Take / The Gold Rush: Tommy gives Boppo, his clown toy, to Chuckie, but both feel uncertain about the situation; after finding a nickel in the sand, the babies hope to find more.
  11. Home Movies / The Mysterious Mr. Friend: While the adults watch some of Stu's home movies, the babies go off and draw some of their own; Stu comes up with a new toy which the babies find creepy instead of endearing.
  12. Cuffed / The Blizzard: Angelica plays with some toy handcuffs that she wasn't supposed to touch, and when she accidentally cuffs herself to Chuckie, she has to find a way out without telling the adults; the babies search for the North Pole, hoping that Santa could fix Chuckie's broken fire truck.
  13. Destination: Moon / Angelica's Birthday: The babies pretend Lou's new trailer is a spaceship that they use to go to the moon; on her birthday, Angelica starts acting like a baby, wanting to avoid the responsibilities of growing up.
  14. Princess Angelica / The Odd Couple: Angelica wants to be a princess; Tommy stays over at Chuckie's house, and both drive each other crazy.
  15. Naked Tommy / Tommy and the Secret Club: Tommy goes through a nudist phase, wanting to be more like Spike; Angelica starts a secret club, and Tommy is the only one of the babies allowed in, which he finds unfair.
  16. Under Chuckie's Bed / Chuckie is Rich: Chuckie starts sleeping in a bed, but he's afraid that there's a monster under it; Chas wins a sweepstakes for ten million dollars.
  17. Mommy's Little Assets / Chuckie's Wonderful Life: Angelica and Tommy nearly ruin Charlotte's business deal; an angel shows Chuckie what life would be like without him.
  18. In the Dreamtime / The Unfair Pair: Chuckie has weird dreams; Angelica convinces Phil and Lil that every family has a "favorite" child and a "reject" child, leading both to fear that they may be the reject.
  19. Chuckie's Red Hair / Spike Runs Away: Chuckie dyes his hair black after getting sick of adults calling him names, but he soon finds that no one notices him anymore; when Spike runs away, Stu and Didi try to find a new pet for Tommy.
  20. The Alien / Mr. Clean: Angelica convinces the babies that Chuckie is an alien; Chuckie becomes paranoid of germs.
  21. Angelica's Worst Nightmare / The Mega Diaper Babies: When a pregnancy test for Charlotte turns out positive, Angelica has to cope with the uncertainties of having a new sibling; the babies pretend to be the characters from The Mega Hyper Heroes.
  22. New Kid in Town / Pickles vs. Pickles: After Angelica bullies the babies one time too many, they start hanging out with a kid named Josh, only to find that he may be worse; Angelica sues her parents after they punish her for refusing to eat broccoli.
  23. Passover: While stuck in the attic on Passover, Grandpa Boris tells the babies the story of Moses, which Angelica imagines with the babies playing the roles.
  24. Kid TV / The Sky is Falling: The babies cut a hole in a box and pretend to have their own TV shows; Angelica convinces the babies that the world is ending, and that they have to do what she says in order to be safe.
  25. I Remember Melville / No More Cookies: Chuckie has a pet bug, Melville, but when Melville dies, the babies try to hide it from Chuckie; Angelica has to hold off on cookies for a little while after a bad stomachache, but she finds it hard to resist the urge to have some.
  26. Cradle Attraction / Moving Away: Chuckie falls for a girl named Megan after she picks on him; The babies are glad to hear Angelica is moving away, but start to miss her when they realize it was because of her that they all met.

     Season 4 
  1. Chanukah: The families attend a Chanukah play at the local synagogue, and Grandpa Boris re-encounters Shlomo, his old rival.
  2. Mother's Day: The babies try to find a mom for Chuckie, who is the only one without a mom on Mother's Day.
  3. Vacation: The families take a road trip to Las Vegas, and while Angelica hopes to become a star, the other babies hope to free the white tigers in an animal act.
  4. Spike's Babies / Chicken Pops: Spike cares for a litter of kittens; the babies catch the chicken pox and worry that they will literally turn into chickens.
  5. Radio Daze / Psycho Angelica: The babies imitate a radio drama as they try to keep Angelica from getting to a woodchuck figure filled with malted milk balls; Angelica pretends to be a psychic.
  6. America's Wackiest Home Movies / The 'Lympics: Stu tries to get Tommy to do funny stuff for a video contest; the babies have a competition against the McNultys.
  7. The Carwash / Heatwave: Stu takes the babies to a carwash, but Angelica takes over the car and things go out of control; the babies search for water during a heatwave while Lou supervises the workers repairing the pipes.
  8. Faire Play / The Smell of Success: At a medieval-themed fair, the babies hope to get a wish from a frog; Chuckie gets cured of his congestion (at least for a while).
  9. Dust Bunnies / Educating Angelica: The babies encounter dust bunnies as Didi cleans the house; Angelica visits a preschool and learns about sharing.
  10. Angelica's Last Stand / Clan of the Duck: Angelica runs a lemonade stand; Chuckie and Phil decide to try on dresses.
  11. Potty Training Spike / The Art Fair: Since Chuckie is getting further in his potty training, the babies decide to potty train Spike so he'll set a good example; Angelica gets entered into an art contest after accidentally redecorating a room.
  12. Send in the Clouds / In The Naval: When it becomes foggy, the babies think the house has risen into the sky; during a fishing trip, Tommy and Chuckie lose Cynthia, so they try to get her back while imitating Navy men.
  13. The Turkey Who Came to Dinner: The families get together to celebrate Thanksgiving, but it's one disaster after another, especially since a turkey one of the adults won in a contest is actually a live turkey, which the babies befriend.
  14. The Mattress / Looking for Jack: Lou is having trouble sleeping, so the others try to get him a new mattress; Charlotte's van breaks down en route to a Dummi Bears concert, and Angelica is mistaken for the daughter of an Italian restaurant owner when she goes to ask for help.
  15. Ransom of Cynthia / Turtle Recall: Angelica tells the babies that Cynthia's been kidnapped, but she may be hiding something; at a shopping mall, Chuckie wants to return a pet turtle to his "daddy" (a turtle figure on a fountain in the mall).
  16. Angelica Orders Out / Let it Snow: Angelica finds Stu's voice-changing invention, and imitates her mother's voice to get what she wants; when the Pickles decide to take their Christmas card photograph early, the babies try to make it snow so that Santa will know it's Christmas.
  17. Angelica Nose Best / The Pirate Light: Angelica gets bitten on the nose by a mosquito, causing her to become overly honest, thinking her nose is extending like Pinocchio; the babies think a gas fitter is a pirate and try to find Stu's "treasure" before he does.

     Season 5 
  1. Grandpa's Bad Bug / Lady Luck: Grandpa Lou lies about being sick (having a "bad bug", to be specific), but when the babies try to help him get better, their actions make him think karma has it out for him; Grandpa Lou takes the kids to a (rather dull) senior center for bingo night, and in the search for "Lady Luck", who the babies think is an actual person, they end up making things much more fun for the seniors.
  2. Hiccups / Autumn Leaves: When Tommy gets a bad case of hiccups, the other babies try to scare it out of him; the babies think the trees are sick when they shed their leaves, so they try to put the leaves back on the trees.
  3. Crime & Punishment / Baby Maybe: Chuckie accidentally breaks his dad's glasses, and since Chas is meeting a policewoman, Chuckie thinks he'll get in trouble; Elaine and Ben look after the children to see if being parents is right for them.
  4. The Word of the Day / Jonathan Babysits: Angelica tries to get on her favorite kids' show, and learns a naughty word from the host; Charlotte's assistant Jonathan looks after the babies, but when Charlotte tells him that she wants him to dig up dirt on the competition, the babies take that a little too literally.
  5. He Saw, She Saw / Piggy's Pizza Palace: At the park, Chuckie becomes fast friends with a girl named Emma, but her older brother tries to keep them apart; the mascot of a pizza place accidentally steals Angelica's prize tickets, so the babies try to get them back for her.
  6. Fugitive Tommy / Visiting Aunt Miriam: A one-toothed kid harasses the McNulty boys, who mistakenly blame Tommy; the babies visit Aunt Miriam while she and her friends play poker, and after they call Chuckie "cute enough to eat", he thinks they're going to eat him.
  7. The First Cut / Chuckie Grows: Tommy cuts his finger on a thorny bush, and is scared of getting hurt again; when Chuckie's clothes shrink in the wash, Angelica tricks him into thinking he's becoming a giant.
  8. Uneasy Rider / Where's Grandpa: Chuckie, who is learning how to ride a bike, meets up with other kids who ride bikes; Grandpa Lou is accidentally left behind at a gas station while everyone else ends up at a Canadian-themed tourist trap.
  9. The Wild Wild West / Angelica for a Day: Tommy, Chuckie, and Susie try to retrieve stolen ice cream coupons from Angelica; Chuckie and Angelica switch shoes and start acting like each other.
  10. Babysitting Fluffy / Sleep Trouble: The babies look after Fluffy at the Finsters' house; Tommy and Chuckie are afraid of the sandman.
  11. Journey to the Center of the Basement / A Very McNulty Birthday: The babies go to the basement to retrieve Chuckie's Reptar Junior toy from the "mole people"; when Timmy McNulty doesn't let the girls into his birthday party because he thinks they have cooties, the girls get their revenge.
  12. The Family Tree: When Stu and Didi go on a cruise to celebrate their anniversary, Tommy stays with Chuckie's family. Chuckie thinks his family loves Tommy more than him, when they just think he feels homesick (and he actually doesn't). Meanwhile, Didi keeps getting sick on the cruise, but she and Stu eventually find out that it isn't because of seasickness...

     Season 6 
  1. Chuckie's Duckling / A Dog's Life: Chuckie befriends a duckling (who he names Herbert) after it imprints on him; Spike's attempts to help Dil are misinterpreted as bad behavior.
  2. Chuckerfly / Angelica's Twin: Chuckie wants to be cute, so he tries to go through metamorphosis like a butterfly; Angelica makes up a twin sister to get twice as many toys, but the babies like the imaginary sister more than Angelica.
  3. Raising Dil / No Naps: While Stu and Didi try to fill out Dil's baby book, the other babies try to educate Dil; Angelica challenges the babies to stay up through nap time so they can play with a new toy, but even she may not be able to stay awake.
  4. Man of the House / A Whole New Stu: When Stu goes on a business trip, Tommy and Chuckie try to be the "men of the house" for him; the parents go to a health spa, and Tommy fears he's going to get a different dad.
  5. Submarine / Chuckie's a Lefty: Stu goes to find a new family car, and the babies have an underwater-themed adventure along the way; Chuckie thinks his left-handedness will make him a freak.
  6. Baking Dil / Hair!: Stu and Lou go to a bakery to get a birthday cake for Didi, and while there, the babies try to catch a frog to give to Didi as a present; both Grandpa Lou and Tommy are displeased with their baldness (Grandpa because his old friend is coming to visit, and Tommy because he thinks not having hair will keep him a baby forever).
  7. Zoo Story / I Do: At the zoo, the babies are scared of turning into animals; Angelica stages a wedding for Chuckie and Lil, since according to her, when someone says "I do" (as Chuckie and Lil did when asked who wants to play hide and seek), they have to get married.
  8. The Magic Baby / Dil We Meet Again: When Dil eats some cereal pieces that the babies think are magic beans, the babies make wishes on Dil; at a block party, the babies think Dil turned into a watermelon.
  9. Hand Me Downs / Angelica's Ballet: When Angelica tells Tommy that older siblings disappear when their parents give their old toys to younger siblings, Tommy tries to keep his old toys away from Dil; jealous of Susie participating in a ballet, Angelica starts her own ballet with the babies.
  10. Opposites Attract / The Art Museum: Tommy and Chuckie befriend a brave girl named Sam and a timid boy named Freddie, respectively, but Sam may be too reckless for Tommy, and Freddie may be too fearful for Chuckie; Chuckie tries to understand art during a trip to an art museum.
  11. The Jungle / The Old Country: The babies think a plant nursery is a jungle; Tommy, Chuckie, and their families stay with Boris and Minka in a cabin for the weekend.
  12. Ghost Story / Chuckie's Complaint: Angelica tries to tell a scary story, but the other babies don't seem to get the point of scary stories, and make non-scary additions; Chuckie sees Reptar stealing cereal in a commercial and writes a complaint, but when Angelica turns it into hate mail, Chuckie thinks Reptar is mad at him.
  13. Pedal Pusher / Music: Chuckie gets a new toy car, and other kids at the park befriend him just to play with it; the babies try to find out what Dil thinks of music.
  14. Chuckie's Bachelor Pad / Junior Prom: Chuckie makes a shed his second home as the dads repaint his room; the babies decide to have their own prom.
  15. Silent Angelica / Tie My Shoes: Angelica tries to stay quiet because her mom and dad (busy with an important phone call and a badminton game on TV, respectively) promised her toys; Angelica ties Chuckie's shoes for him, but Chas thinks Chuckie did it on his own.
  16. What's Your Line? / Two by Two: Chuckie tries to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up; the babies re-enact the story of Noah's Ark.
  17. All's Well That Pretends Well / Big Babies: Angelica is coming down with a cold, so to avoid missing out on the Cirque du Dummi Bear show, she tries to make the adults think the babies are the sick ones instead; the babies want to initiate Dil into being a "big baby" like them.
  18. Wrestling Grandpa / Chuckie Collects: Grandpa Lou competes against Conan McNulty in a wrestling match; Chuckie starts a rock collection.
  19. Runaway Reptar: The families go to a drive-in theater so the babies can watch the new Reptar movie. When the babies see Reptar being evil in the movie, they imagine themselves going into the movie to find out why.
  20. Share and Share a Spike / Tommy for Mayor: Tommy doesn't want to share Spike with Dil, so the babies try to find Dil a pet of his own; Tommy and Phil (backed by Susie and Angelica, respectively) compete to be the leader of their group of friends.
  21. Brothers are Monsters / Cooking With Susie: After snapping at Dil, Tommy fears he's turning into a monster; Susie makes Reptar cereal bars for her friends, who, after trying them, don't have the heart to tell her that they don't like them.
  22. Officer Chuckie / Auctioning Grandpa: Chuckie becomes paranoid about the others' safety; when Grandpa Lou falls asleep in a rocking chair set for auction, the babies think he's going to be auctioned off.
  23. Partners in Crime / Thumbs Up: Angelica gets Dil to help her steal sweets; the babies worry that thumb-sucking will give them "duck teeth" and turn them into ducks.
  24. Planting Dil / The Joke's on You: When Didi talks about planting dill in her herb garden, the babies think she's going to plant clones of Dil instead; Angelica plays tricks on the babies, and sets things up to make it look like Dil did it.
  25. The Big Showdown / Doctor Susie: Didi thinks Reptar is too scary for Tommy and Dil, so she replaces him with Goober the Gopher, a new toy that Tommy doesn't like; Susie fixes her friends' toys after Dil breaks them.
  26. Accidents Happen / Pee Wee Scouts: Chuckie moves on from diapers to training pants, but he has to find a way to stop having accidents; the babies have a scouting adventure.
  27. Chuckie's New Shirt / Cavebabies: Chuckie doesn't feel like himself when he has to wear a different shirt; the babies pretend to be cavepeople as they hunt for a cookie jar.
  28. The Incredible Shrinking Babies / Miss Manners: Chuckie has a nightmare where he and the other babies (except Dil) have shrunk to the size of their toys; Angelica tries to teach manners to the babies, since her mom is having an important client over for dinner.
  29. A Dose of Dil / Famous Babies: Tommy feels left out because his parents are fretting over Dil, so Angelica teaches him to fake being hurt; the babies start their own band.
  30. No Place Like Home: When Susie has to have her tonsils taken out, she has a strange dream that mirrors the plot of The Wizard Of Oz.
  31. Be My Valentine: In the first part of the episode, the babies try to get Fluffy and Spike to fall in love with each other. In the second part, the families go to a Valentine's Day party, where Chuckie tries to give a Valentine card to his dad, who is alone.
  32. Discover America: The babies pretend to travel across America and visit different landmarks as they try to find Dil's missing souvenir from Grandpa Lou and Aunt Miriam's vacation.

     Season 7 
  1. Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts: As fall comes, many changes are happening in the babies' lives: Grandpa Lou moves out of the Pickles house for good, Chuckie's dad starts dating again, and Phil and Lil have to start wearing puffier diapers. The babies get the idea that if they stop fall from coming, things will go back to normal, so they try to stop a fall parade from happening.
  2. Angelicon / Dil's Binkie / Big Brother Chuckie: Stu builds a treehouse for the babies, but Angelica wants it all to herself, leading to a King Kong parody; Dil's binkie travels around the neighborhood; Chuckie is protective of Kimi.
  3. Dil Saver / Cooking with Phil and Lil / Piece of Cake: The babies think Dil is trapped inside a computer; Phil and Lil show the other babies how to make "ant-wormies-mud pie"; Angelica becomes a superstar after eating cake.
  4. Sister Act / Spike's Nightscare / Cuddle Bunny: Angelica feels left out now that she's the only one without any siblings; Spike has a nightmare, and the babies help him feel safer; the babies like a pinata too much to allow it to be broken open.
  5. Finsterella: While the adults get ready for a party to celebrate Chas and Kira formally adopting Kimi and Chuckie, respectively, Chuckie fears that his life is going to become like Cinderella's life.
  6. Bad Shoes / The World According to Dil and Spike / Wash/Dry Story: Stu gets a pair of really uncomfortable shoes; we see the world through Dil and Spike's points of view; in a West Side Story parody, the babies encounter the McNulty siblings at a laundromat.
  7. Dayscare / The Great Unknown / Falling Star: Chuckie and Kimi go to daycare; the babies wonder why the stairway post wobbles and has stripes; when the kids see falling stars outside, they worry that all the stars will fall out of the sky, and they go on an adventure that parodies Star Wars.
  8. Changes for Chuckie / The Magic Show / A Lulu of a Time: Since Kira and Kimi have moved in, Chuckie has noticed that things have been very different; the babies see a magic show; Lulu takes the babies to the retirement home.
  9. Cat Got Your Tongue? / The War Room / Attention Please: The babies think Fluffy stole Howard's tongue; Grandpa Lou tells a war story, with Tommy's actions (as he goes to retrieve his bottle) matching his descriptions; Chuckie is sad because he thinks his parents love Kimi more than him since they keep paying lots of attention to her, but they really just think she misses Paris, and Kimi just wants to play with Chuckie.
  10. And the Winner is... / Dil's Bathtime / Bigger Than Life: Angelica and Susie participate in a talent show; Dil is scared of taking baths; Chuckie thinks the babies love Kimi's adventures more than his adventures.
  11. Day of the Potty / Tell-Tale Cell Phone / The Time of their Lives: Chas goes to buy a new toilet after Chuckie breaks the old one, and Chuckie thinks the other toilets want revenge; Angelica breaks Charlotte's cell phone and tries to keep quiet about it; Angelica uses her Cynthia watch as an excuse to tell the other babies what to do.
  12. My Fair Babies / The Way Things Work / Home Sweet Home: The babies try to learn etiquette; Tommy shows different things in the house to Dil; Chas and Kira want to send mementos of Kimi to her relatives in Japan, but the babies misunderstand and think they want to send Kimi herself to Japan.
  13. Adventure Squad / The Way More Things Work / Talk of the Town: Phil loves the show Adventure Squad so much that he wants to pretend that he and his friends are the characters; Tommy shows Dil around the backyard; Chuckie accidentally breaks Kimi's new toy, and Angelica stages her own talk show.
  14. Kwanzaa: Susie's Great-Aunt T comes over to celebrate Kwanzaa with the rest of the Carmichaels, and Susie learns what the holiday is all about.
  15. All Growed Up: The babies imagine what life will be like for them ten years in the future.

     Season 8 
  1. Preschool Daze: Angelica and Susie start attending preschool, and they compete with each other over who can be a better preschooler.
  2. Curse of the Werewuff: After being barred from trick-or-treating, Angelica tricks the babies into thinking that they're going to turn into their Halloween costumes unless they give her their candy.
  3. Bow Wow Wedding Vows: During Easter weekend, Tommy thinks Spike likes Fifi more than him, but it later turns out that Spike has a reason for spending so much time with Fifi...
  4. Quiet Please / Early Retirement: The babies get their first library cards; Angelica convinces the babies to "retire" so she can watch her TV show (for which there's a sweepstakes she entered) in peace.
  5. The Doctor Is In / The Big Sneeze: Angelica starts giving advice to the babies that will allegedly keep their friendship intact; Chuckie thinks he's allergic to Kimi because he keeps sneezing whenever she's around.
  6. The Fun Way Day / The Age of Aquarium: Chas and Kira's new coffee shop, the Java Lava, isn't bringing in many customers, so they hire a Feng Shui expert to help, and the babies think he wants to play; the babies think a boat-shaped aquarium is an actual boat that's sinking.
  7. Daddy's Little Helpers / Hello Dilly: The babies help their dads while the moms attend a festival; Angelica brings Dil to preschool, and the babies think he turned into a doll.
  8. Cynthia Comes Alive / Trading Phil: The babies think a moody teenager at the Java Lava is Angelica's doll come to life; Angelica tries to befriend a group of older girls by letting them play with Phil.
  9. Murmur on the Ornery Express: While on a train trip, everyone's prized possessions get stolen.
  10. Back to School / Sweet Dreams: When Didi decides to go back to college, the babies think things are going backwards; Chuckie can't remember his dreams, and the babies help him find them. Meanwhile, Chas and Kira decide to open a coffee shop, and Stu misplaces the tickets to a concert.
  11. A Step at a Time / Angelica's Assistant: Stu thinks Dil took his first step, and sets up many cameras so he won't miss it again; to get around not being allowed to insult the babies, Angelica asks Harold, her classmate in preschool, to do it instead.
  12. A Tale of Two Puppies / Okey-Dokey Jones and the Ring of the Sunbeams: The kids try to help Spiffy and Puppy, Spike and Fifi's last two puppies, find new homes; the babies have an Indiana Jones-style adventure inside an exotic pet store while trying to retrieve Lil's toy ring from a monkey cage.
  13. Happy Taffy / Imagine That: Lulu asks her grand-niece, Taffy, to watch the babies, but since she's trying to think of a new song, the babies think she's unhappy; Angelica leads the other babies in pretending to be the characters from The Cynthia Team.

     Season 9 
  1. Club Fred: The families go on a vacation to a Caribbean resort, but due to a mishap in the reservations, they all end up staying in a cramped hut. When the babies hear about a treasure hunt where whoever finds the treasure will receive an upgrade to a luxury suite, they go off to find the treasure themselves.
  2. The Perfect Twins: Betty's relatives come over from England for a visit, and among them are Smedley and Hedley, two twins around Phil and Lil's age. Lil finds herself wanting to be more like them, and Angelica tries to convince them that she's the queen of America.
  3. Babies in Toyland: The families visit Christmasland (located near Charlotte's company headquarters), a winter wonderland that Stu designed, to celebrate Christmas. When Angelica drives the Santa working there to quit, the babies go on an adventure through Christmasland to bring him back, as this is Dil's first Christmas, and they think that if he doesn't get any presents, he'll never get to celebrate Christmas again. Meanwhile, the adults accidentally get snowbound inside of a rustic cabin due to Stu's invention malfunctioning, and Angelica slowly starts having a change of heart.
  4. Clown Around / The Baby Rewards: At a circus, Angelica makes the babies think Chuckie is going to turn into a clown; the babies have their own awards show after being inspired by one the adults were watching on TV.
  5. Diapies and Dragons / Baby Power: When Taffy and the babies go to an arcade, the babies imagine themselves saving Taffy from the dragons in one of the games; the babies want Dil to become more powerful so he can beat Spiffy at tug-of-war, but when an earthquake strikes the city, they fear their plan worked too well.
  6. Bug Off / The Crawl Space: Taffy fills in for her injured friend as a cheerleader at a basketball game, and the babies think the opposing team's mascot is out to get her; Angelica banishes the babies to the crawl space, wanting the living room to herself.
  7. Starstruck / Who's Taffy?: Kimi gets to appear in a movie; when Angelica pretends to be Taffy and the real Taffy argues with her friends over the phone at the same time, the babies think the two switched places.
  8. They Came from the Backyard / Lil's Phil of Trash: The kids think aliens are invading the backyard; Phil becomes obsessed with picking up trash after Dusty, a guy Taffy met in the park, shows him how to do it, and Lil is annoyed with it.
  9. Mutt's in a Name / Hurricane Alice: When Puppy swallows a puzzle piece and becomes lethargic as a result, Chas thinks she's having an identity crisis due to not having a proper name, so the babies look for her name; Betty's friend Sheila visits the DeVilles while they're preparing for a storm called Hurricane Alice, and since Sheila brought her daughter Alice with her, the babies think the girl is the storm.
  10. Bestest of Show / Hold the Pickles: The different family pets compete in a pet show; when Taffy says she doesn't like dill pickles while ordering a burger at a fast-food restaurant, the babies think she's referring to Dil.
  11. Baby Sale / Steve: The parents take advantage of a sale on baby clothes, and the babies think they're the ones getting sold instead; the kids build a snowbaby and are afraid of him melting.
  12. The Bravliest Baby / Gimme an "A": Tommy loses his confidence after a mishap on the kids' latest adventure; after hearing Didi talk about how important it is for her to get an A on her assignment, the babies go around Didi's college to find an A for her.
  13. Fountain of Youth / Kimi Takes the Cake: The babies want to help their parents become young again during a trip to a lakeside cabin; it's Kimi's birthday, and the babies search for her cake after Stu accidentally brings them to the wrong place for her party.

     Tales from the Crib 
  1. Snow White
  2. Three Jacks and the Beanstalk

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