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Recap / Rugrats S 2 E 19 Down The Drain Let Them Eat Cake

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The nineteenth episode of the second season of Rugrats.

Down The Drain: After Tommy loses a toy down the bathtub drain and Angelica tells he and Chuckie a horror story about drains, Tommy and Chuckie become afraid of getting sucked down the bathtub drain.

Let Them Eat Cake: It's the wedding of Didi's brother Ben and his fiancée Elaine. Tommy and Chuckie are excited because it means they can eat cake, and leave the wedding in search of it. At the same time, Elaine disappears right before she is due to walk down the aisle, and Ben goes off in search of her.


"Down The Drain" provides examples of:

  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: While the record that Chucky plays for Tommy isn't it, Mister Rogers did release a song called "You Can Never Go Down The Drain."
  • Baths Are Fun: Once Tommy and Chuckie realize they are in no danger of being sucked down the bathtub drain, they have a great time in the tub.
  • Bland-Name Product: "Clay Doh", a stand in for Play Doh.
  • Fridge Logic: How did Chuckie and Tommy get all that sand through the house and into the bathroom without Chaz noticing?
  • Fun with Flushing: Angelica pretends that Chuckie's toilet is a jacuzzi and that she can turn on the bubbles by flushing it. She accidentally flushes Cynthia down it when she falls in.
  • Hand Puppet: Chaz has two that he uses to try to encourage Tommy and Chuckie to bathe: Mr. Dirt and Mr. Water. (What they are based on should be obvious.)
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  • Laser-Guided Karma: Angelica ridiculing the babies for the fear of getting sucked down the drain that she helped give them comes back to bite her when she accidentally flushes her doll down the toilet, resulting in her believing her own tall tale that she spun for the babies.
  • One Episode Fear: Tommy develops a fear of being sucked down the drain in this episode, and Chuckie used to be afraid of being sucked down the drain but isn't. However, Chuckie's fear comes back when Angelica tells both boys you can get sucked down the drain. It goes away at the end of the episode.
  • Rule of Three: The plumber has to be called three times, first when Tommy and Chuckie plug the drain full of clay dough and flood the bathroom in an attempt to get out of taking a bath, second when the two stuff sand down the drain, and lastly when Cynthia has to be rescued after Angelica inadvertently flushes her down the toilet.
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  • Say My Name: "CYNTHIAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!", so screams Angelica into the toilet after absentmindedly flushing Cynthia down it.
  • Scare 'Em Straight: In-universe; just as Tommy is getting over his fear of being sucked down the drain with help from Chuckie, Angelica barges in and tells the two boys a tale about a nice little boy who always ate his veggies and was nice to be around...and then one night while taking a bath, the bathtub unplugged itself and swallowed the boy up, never to be seen again. Not only does this make Tommy even more frightened of being sucked down the drain, but it causes Chuckie to become afraid of the drain again, too.

"Let Them Eat Cake" provides examples of:

  • Lohengrin and Mendelssohn: Used for what should have been the bride's walk down the aisle.
  • Noodle Incident:
    • This exchange between Chas and Stu:
    Chas: I can't believe Didi's little brother is getting married. It seems like only yesterday, he was running around in short pants, screaming.
    Stu: That was yesterday, Chas. Remember the bachelor party?
    • And at the wedding itself, two of the guests comment that Angelica, who is the flower girl, tore up their petunias last summer.
  • Runaway Bride: Extremely nervous about the wedding, Elaine disappears in the middle of it, resulting in her panic-stricken husband-to-be searching the large venue in search of her. Tommy and Chuckie eventually find her in the courtyard, and that's where Ben finds all three of them. Additionally, Stu recounts that Didi also disappeared before their own wedding, and it apparently took three days to find her.
  • Shout-Out: The newlyweds are named Ben and Elaine.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: An in-universe example. The organist begins playing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" before stopping at the sight of everyone's dumbfounded expressions. Realizing her mistake, she begins to play "Here Comes The Bride".
  • Tears of Joy: Didi, Charlotte, and Chas all cry at Ben and Elaine's wedding.note 
  • Wedding Episode: In this episode, Tommy and Chuckie go to the wedding for Didi's younger brother, Ben. During the wedding, Ben's fiance, Elaine disappears right before she is due to walk down the aisle, resulting in her panic-stricken husband-to-be searching the large venue for her. Throughout the episode, Tommy and Chuckie pursue the cake that's being served at the wedding, and in their pursuit, they eventually find Elaine in the courtyard, where Ben finds all three of them.

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