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This is the list of episodes for the Canadian animated series Ruby Gloom. The show ran from 2006 to 2008 for two seasons with 40 episodes. It is also worth noting that all episodes have an ending and an opening skit unrelated to the episode's plot note .

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    Season 1 

  1. Gloomer Rumour: Ruby plans a surprise party, but a series of misunderstandings creates rumours that she's leaving.
  2. Grounded in Gloomsville: Ruby and her pals decide to give Scaredy Bat flying lessons.
  3. Doom with a View: Doom Kitty is the only one able to see a mischievous little ghost named Boo-Boo, who needs to successfully scare somebody to become a full-fledged phantom.
  4. Missing Buns: A game of hide-and-seek takes a more concerning turn when Mr. Buns vanishes.
  5. Iris Springs Eternal: Iris' love of spring jumping causes her to crash through the floorboards and into the tunnels below the mansion, so a search party is organized.
  6. Science Fair or Foul: Skull Boy creates a robot father for the science fair, but his new dad takes the competition too seriously.
  7. Poe-ranoia: In this "Rear Window" Homage, Poe has sprained his leg and his constant demands force Ruby and her pals to put him in a small chamber with only a window, a telescope, and a communication bell. There, Poe sees new neighbours moving in and believes they are torturers.
  8. Unsung Heroes: Frank and Len need a singer to enter the Gloomapalooza and find out Misery is the only one who can sing well. The problem is that it's only when she's asleep! Meanwhile, Skull Boy learns that Poe was once a rock musician.
  9. Quadra Gloomia: Frank and Len are having trouble writing a song about their friends. Then, they mysteriously end up inside the minds of their friends.
  10. Skull Boys Don't Cry: Skull Boy is the only one without a club to be a part of until he encounters a group of Jazz-playing skeletons. However his new friends won't reveal themselves to others.
  11. Bad Hare Day: Doom Kitty is the only one who can see the sinister intentions behind the cute appearance and persona of a rabbit that Ruby and her pals have adopted.
  12. Happy Yam Ween: In the Xmas Episode, Ruby wants to make this Yam Ween the best one ever, but her friends' mishaps might end up making it the worst.
  13. Ruby Cubed: Skull Boy finds a hat that makes Iris and Misery fall in love with him when the cast are practicing Poe's version of Romeo and Juliet (Skull Boy being Romeo and Ruby as Juliet). Things escalate when Misery and Iris decide to act like Ruby to draw his attention.
  14. Shaken, Not Scared: Ruby teaches Scaredy Bat how to be braver, so that Boo-Boo will constantly prank him. Meanwhile, Boo-Boo's scaring superiors are displeased with his preference for pranks over real frights.
  15. Once In A Blue Luna: A blue moon comes to Gloomsville, which according to legend, heralds the appearance of the ferocious monster called the Luna. Naturally, Ruby and her pals set out to search for the legendary terror.
  16. Time Flies: Skull Boy and Poe travel through time to search for the former's ancestors, but instead find Paco, the budgie of Edgar Allan Poe and Poe's ancestor (well, according to Poe). The two accidentally bring Paco to their own time, so while Skull Boy fixes the busted time machine, Poe tries to bond with Paco.
  17. Lucky Me: Skull Boy loses his lucky charm, which he needs if Ruby and her pals are going to win the Gloomsville Big Brain Challenge. So, Ruby and the rest help him out.
  18. Misery Loves Company: Misery's cousins come to visit, but their presence starts to freeze up the mansion.
  19. Sunny Daze: Gloomsville's usual bad weather is replaced with a burning sun when Misery goes on a trip. So, realizing that Misery's bad luck must be the source of Gloomsville's bad weather, Ruby and her pals set out to bring her back home.
  20. Broken Records: Iris wants to enter the Gloomsville Book of Records, but no matter how hard she tries, she's beaten by everyone else. It soon leads to a fallout between her and Ruby, whom Iris believes is giving her bad luck as she was there at every record attempt.

    Season 2 

  1. Gloomates
  2. Tooth or Dare
  3. Venus de Gloomsville
  4. Seeing to Eye to Eyes
  5. Name That Toon
  6. Skull In The Family
  7. Writing on the Wall
  8. Deja Vu - Again
  9. Ubergloom
  10. Pet Poepulation
  11. Hair(Less): The Musical - Part 1
  12. Hair(Less): The Musical - Part 2
  13. Beat Goes On
  14. Out Of This World
  15. Forget Me Not
  16. Frank and Len: Unplugged
  17. I'll Be Home For Misery
  18. Disaster Becomes You
  19. Last Train To Gloomsville: Part 1
  20. Last Train To Gloomsville: Part 2


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