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This is the list of episodes for the Canadian animated series Ruby Gloom, which ran on YTV from 2006 to 2008 for two seasons with 40 episodes. It follows the life and times of the inhabitants of a creepy old mansion: a cheerful young girl named Ruby Gloom, her black cat Doom Kitty, and her circle of creepy but friendly pals, who are Iris the cyclops, Misery the banshee, Skull Boy the skeleton, the two-headed Frank and Len, Poe the raven, Scaredy Bat, and Boo Boo the ghost.


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    Season 1 

  1. Gloomer Rumour: Ruby plans a surprise party, but a series of misunderstandings creates rumours that she's moving away.
  2. Grounded in Gloomsville: Ruby and her pals give Scaredy Bat flying lessons to help him overcome his fear of flying.
  3. Doom with a View: Doom Kitty is the only one able to see a mischievous little ghost named Boo Boo, who needs to successfully scare somebody to become a full-fledged phantom.
  4. Missing Buns: A game of hide-and-seek between Ruby and her pals suddenly takes a more concerning turn when Mr. Buns vanishes.
  5. Iris Springs Eternal: Iris' love of spring jumping causes her to crash through the floorboards and into the tunnels below the mansion, so a search party is organized.
  6. Science Fair or Foul: Skull Boy creates a robot father for the science fair, but his new dad takes the competition too seriously.
  7. Poe-ranoia: In this "Rear Window" Homage, Poe has sprained his leg and his constant demands force Ruby and her pals to put him in a small chamber with only a window, a telescope, and a communication bell. There, Poe sees a new neighbour named Mr. Mummbles moving in and believes they are torturers.
  8. Unsung Heroes: Frank and Len need a singer to enter the Gloomapalooza and find out Misery is the only one who can sing well. The problem is that it's only when she's asleep! Meanwhile, Skull Boy learns that Poe was once a rock musician.
  9. Quadra Gloomia: Frank and Len are having trouble writing a song about their friends when they mysteriously end up inside the minds of the others.
  10. Skull Boys Don't Cry: Skull Boy is the only one without a club to be a part of until he encounters a group of Jazz-playing skeletons. However his new friends won't reveal themselves to his friends.
  11. Bad Hare Day: Doom Kitty is the only one who can see the sinister intentions behind the cute appearance and persona of a rabbit that Ruby and her pals have adopted.
  12. Happy Yam Ween: In the series' Xmas Episode, Ruby wants to make this Yam Ween the best one ever, but her friends' mishaps might end up making it the worst.
  13. Ruby Cubed: Skull Boy finds a cursed hat that makes Iris and Misery fall in love with him when the cast are practicing Poe's version of Romeo and Juliet (with Skull Boy as Romeo and Ruby as Juliet). Things escalate when Misery and Iris decide to act like Ruby to draw his attention.
  14. Shaken, Not Scared: Ruby teaches Scaredy Bat how to be braver, so that Boo Boo will not constantly prank him. Meanwhile, Boo Boo's scaring superiors, Mr. White and Mr. White, are displeased with his preference for pranks over real frights.
  15. Once In A Blue Luna: A blue moon comes to Gloomsville, which according to legend, heralds the appearance of a ferocious monster called the Luna. Naturally, Ruby and her pals set out to search for the legendary terror.
  16. Time Flies: Skull Boy and Poe travel through time to search for the former's ancestors, but instead find Paco, the budgie of Edgar Allan Poe whom Poe claims is his ancestor. The two accidentally bring Paco to their own time, so while Skull Boy fixes the busted time machine, Poe tries to bond with Paco.
  17. Lucky Me: Skull Boy loses his lucky charm, which he needs if Ruby and her pals are going to win the Gloomsville Big Brain Challenge, so Ruby and the rest help him out.
  18. Misery Loves Company: Misery's equally unlucky cousins Malaise and Malady come to visit, but their presence causes the mansion to freeze over.
  19. Sunny Daze: Gloomsville's usual bad weather is replaced with a burning sun when Misery goes on a trip. Realizing that Misery's bad luck must be the source of Gloomsville's bad weather, Ruby and her pals set out to bring her back home.
  20. Broken Records: Iris wants to enter the Gloomsville Book of Records, but no matter how hard she tries, she's beaten by everyone else. It soon leads to a fallout between her and Ruby, whom Iris believes is giving her bad luck as she was there at every record attempt.

    Season 1 Shorts 
These are the shorts that appear at the start and the end of every episode for Season 1. Note that the first episode "Gloomer Rumour" only has an ending short.

  1. The Magnificent Miss Misery: Misery plays with shadow puppets of Ruby and Iris.
  2. Fun with Socks / How I Met Squig: A True Story: Ruby creates a stuffed rabbit named Mr. Buns. / Iris tells the story about how she first encountered her pet worm Squig.
  3. Whilst / Ruby's Blooper Reel: Poe sings a song in front of a jazz club. / Animated Outtakes of Frank and Len and Iris are shown.
  4. My Family Tree / Iris' Animal Adventures!: Misery shows Scaredy Bat a slideshow of her different ancestors and the misfortunes they faced. / Ruby reads a letter from Iris about her encounters with dangerous creatures.
  5. Gloomsville Cooks with Frank and Len / My Movie Hero!: Frank and Len host a cooking show. / Doom Kitty watches a silent movie and tries to rescue its damsel in distress.
  6. It's the Scaredy Bat Nursery Rhyme Review / How to Avoid Bad Luck by Misery: Scaredy Bat does a review of Old Mother Hubbard. / Misery explains how to deal with the bad luck that black cats (like Doom Kitty) carry with them.
  7. Charades with Doom Kitty / Lessons in Being a Ghost Part 1: Scare Tactics: Ruby, Iris, and Frank and Len try to guess what Doom Kitty is acting out in their game of charades. / Boo Boo tries to scare the others but has little success.
  8. Ruby's Mail Bag / Counting Sheep: Ruby reads fan mail with Scaredy Bat. / Iris, Misery, and Poe count sheep in their own unique ways.
  9. Travels with Mr. Buns / Superhero Auditions: Ruby shows a slideshow of Mr. Buns' trip to France. / Poe auditions for the role of a superhero in a movie.
  10. Chores Can be Fun! with Ruby / Misery and Miserable: Ruby does her laundry. / Misery gets the hiccups when playing with her ventriloquist doll Miserable.
  11. Building Stuff with Skull Boy and Scaredy Bat / Pet Care with Iris: Skull Boy and Scaredy Bat renovate a birdhouse. / Iris explains how to take care of dust bunnies.
  12. The Legend of Yam Ween / Fun with Paper: Skull Boy does a puppet show explaining the legendary origins of Yam Ween. / Ruby shows different ways to have fun with paper.
  13. The Magic of Doom / The Magnificent Queen Misery: Doom Kitty hosts a magic show. / Misery plays with a pair of shadow puppets and pretends to be their queen.
  14. The Mr. Mummbles How-To Show / Ruby's Puppet Playhouse: Mr. Mummbles tests his new roller coaster. / Ruby, Misery, and Skull Boy do a puppet show of Rapunzel.
  15. Pulling Pranks with Boo Boo / Suspense Writing with...?: Boo Boo teaches Mr. Buns a class on how to scare people. / Scaredy Bat finds himself in a mysterious narrative in a blank white space.
  16. Scaredy Bat Nursery Rhyme Review / My Movie Hero!: The Sequel: Scaredy Bat does a review of Jack and Jill. / Doom Kitty watches another silent movie, this time featuring sheep at risk.
  17. How to be an International Spy / Band Rehearsal: Scaredy Bat and Mr. Buns show the qualifications needed to become a globetrotting super-spy. / Frank and Len do a rehearsal with their new bandmate Jack (in-a-box).
  18. Funnyman Scaredy Bat / Career Day with Frank and Len: Scaredy Bat has to do standup comedy in front of a crowd. / Frank and Len show off various career options and their associated guitar riffs.
  19. Dinner with Mr. White and Mr. White / The Sunlight Sphere: Mr. White and Mr. White make dinner for Scaredy Bat. / Poe hosts a parody of The Twilight Zone.
  20. Safety Tips with Iris / Music Appreciation with Skull Boy: Iris stars in a PSA about the importance of being safe while having fun. / Skull Boy creates a beat from everyday sounds in the mansion.

    Season 2 

  1. Gloomates: After his room is accidentally destroyed by Iris, Skull Boy moves in with Poe for the time being. However, Skull Boy is trying out the slacker lifestyle, which ends up driving Poe crazy.
  2. Tooth or Dare: Scaredy Bat loses a wisdom tooth and encounters the Tooth Fairy as a result. However, this Tooth Fairy dislikes her job, so Scaredy Bat convinces her to quit and make herself at home in the mansion instead until she can find a new career.
  3. Venus de Gloomsville: Iris' plant, Venus the flytrap, is having a writer's block with her romance screenplay, so Ruby and her pals give her some ideas on how to make the story more interesting.
  4. Seeing to Eye to Eyes: Iris helps Mr. Mummbles test and build rides for his upcoming amusement park and funhouse.
  5. Name That Toon: Skull Boy decides to make a cartoon about his friends, and he gives Ruby the job of composing music. While Skull Boy faces the challenges of animation, Ruby is having trouble coming up with a good song.
  6. Skull In The Family: A pair of skeletons claiming to be Skull Boy's long lost family visit the mansion after he puts up an ad calling for family members.
  7. Writing on the Wall: Ruby and her pals discover strange Egyptian hierogylphs in the mansion's basement that lead each of them to believe an important visitor is going to come and meet them.
  8. Deja Vu - Again: Ruby finds herself caught in a "Groundhog Day" Loop when she is put in charge of hosting the Gloomsville World's Fair.
  9. Ubergloom: A pair of Hansel and Gretel-like twins named Gunter and Uta come to visit the mansion, but the eccentricity and creepiness of Ruby and her pals does not settle well with them, and the twins come to believe their ghoulish hosts plan to eat them.
  10. Pet Poepulation: When Gloomsville holds a pet show, everyone gets to work training their pets. However, Poe and Frank and Len, having no pets of their own, must find their own pets to enter in the show.
  11. Hair(Less): The Musical - Part 1: In this Musical Episode, Skull Boy is feeling down due to his quest to learn his identity going nowhere. So, Ruby decides to help him cheer up by taking him around to hear others' advice about knowing oneself.
  12. Hair(Less): The Musical - Part 2: Skull Boy decides to leave Gloomsville and join Skele-T and the Skele-Tunes, believing that his destiny lies with them. While the rest of the gang try to cope with their friend's absence, Skull Boy finds that his new musical career might not be for him.
  13. Beat Goes On: When he loses confidence in his drumming skills, Scaredy Bat quits Frank and Len's band, so it's up to Ruby to convince him to rejoin and find his drumming passion again.
  14. Out Of This World: Skull Boy's latest experiment causes the mansion to launch off like a rocket and enter space, trapping Ruby, Iris, Misery, Skull Boy, Scaredy Bat, and Doom Kitty in zero gravity. Meanwhile, Frank and Len and Poe (the only ones still on the ground) try to get their friends back down to Earth.
  15. Forget Me Not: After a botched magic trick, Skull Boy gets amnesia while Iris is left cut in half. Thus, Ruby and her pals try to help Skull Boy remember who he is so that he can restore Iris.
  16. Frank and Len: Unplugged: Misery directs a Rockumentary about Frank and Len, but a fallout occurs between the brothers.
  17. I'll Be Home For Misery: Misery's entire family comes over to the mansion for her family reunion, and their collective presence can only spell trouble for Ruby and her pals.
  18. Disaster Becomes You: Friday the 13th comes to Gloomsville, causing everybody to have bad luck except Misery, who instead starts having good luck. As everyone tries to adapt to what Misery experiences every day all while trying to set up a party, Misery finds that she doesn't enjoy her new turn of luck.
  19. Last Train To Gloomsville: Part 1: Ruby and her pals take a train ride to pick up Doom Kitty from her vacation at the cat spa, but their railroad relaxation is quickly interrupted when the train starts speeding out of control and the groups begins to encounter all sorts of problems all while having encounters with a mysterious man.
  20. Last Train To Gloomsville: Part 2: Poe has mysteriously vanished! Fearing for the safety of the old crow, Ruby and the rest of her pals conduct an investigation into his disappearance, and they strongly believe that the mystery man on the train with them has kidnapped him.

    Season 2 Shorts 
These are the shorts that appear at the start and the end of every episode for Season 2. Note that both parts of "Hair(Less): The Musical" have no shorts, while both parts of "Last Train to Gloomsville" only have one short (a beginning short for Part 1 and an ending short for Part 2).

  1. Learn to Play Golf / A Day in the Life of the Doom Kitty: Frank and Len demonstrate how to play golf. / Misery narrates a documentary about Doom Kitty.
  2. Detective Doom Kitty in The Case of the Missing Muffin / How to Brighten Someone's Day: Doom Kitty plays the role of a sherlock in pursuit of a runaway muffin. / Misery follows advice from a self-help record.
  3. The Skull Boy Show / Flying Tips with Squig and Iris: Skull Boy interviews Doom Kitty. / Iris explains some important safety rules for riding Squig.
  4. The Comic Stylings of Mr. Boo and Mr. Bat / Behind the Scenes with Frank and Len: Boo Boo and Scaredy Bat do a standup comedy performance. / Frank and Len's stunt doubles demonstrate the thrills and trials of their jobs.
  5. Ruby's Mailbag / An Animated Minute with Skull Boy and Scaredy Bat: Ruby answers some fan mail regarding skeletons in her closet. / Skull Boy invents a mobile theatre hat which he tests on Scaredy Bat.
  6. Train Wreck by Misery / Gloomsville Daily: A short music video starring Misery and Frank and Len is shown. / A newspaper reports on the annual Yam Ween New Cheese Release Day.
  7. Dating Tips with Misery and Dr. Love / Yo-Yo Tips with Poe: Misery gives some suggestions on how to get a date. / Poe talks about his yo-yo but gets sidetracked by other stories.
  8. Hide and Seek with Doom and Friend / Paint by Mustard with Skull Boy: Doom Kitty plays hide and seek with a mysterious shadowy figure. / Skull Boy is having trouble painting a masterpiece, but a visit to the fridge might provide some inspiration.
  9. Secret Shutterbug / Cooking with Ruby and Scaredy Bat: Boo Boo hosts a prank show, but Misery's bad luck ruins the pranks he sets up. / Ruby and Scaredy Bat bake a gingerbread house with weird results.
  10. You are What You Eat / Brain Washed: Skull Boy plays psychologist, using a piece of pumpernickel as an Inkblot Test on Ruby, Misery, and Frank and Len. / Skull Boy invents machines to make his time in the bathroom quicker and easier.
  11. N/A: (no shorts)
  12. N/A: (no shorts)
  13. Misery and Miserable: Act II / Film Night with Skull Boy: Misery plays with Miserable some more, but Miserable isn't feeling very well. / Skull Boy shows off a movie he made of Scaredy Bat playing the drums.
  14. Ace Flyer with Iris / Ruby's Mailbag with Ruby and Misery: Misery narrates Iris' latest endeavour with Squig. / Ruby answers a fan letter asking how she always sees the glass half full.
  15. Telling Tales with Misery / Acting Lessons with Frank and Len: Misery explains how to be a good storyteller. / Frank and Len commentate on their friends' acting.
  16. Poepular Poet with Poe / Alone Time with Iris: Poe recites a poem about a purchase he made at the flea market. / Iris tries to have some fun on her alone time.
  17. Pulling Strings with Iris / Scaredy's Family Tree with Scaredy Bat: Iris attaches strings to Ruby, Skull Boy, and Scaredy Bat to play with them like puppets. / Scaredy Bat shows a slideshow of his family tree.
  18. The Adventures of Skull Boy and Doom! / Party Tips with Doom and Ruby: A short film in the style of The Silent Age of Animation in which Doom Kitty drags Skull Boy around by airplane. / Ruby and Doom Kitty explain how to invite people to a party.
  19. Scaredy's Magic Hammock Ride: Scaredy Bat has a strange experience while lying on his hammock.
  20. Being Sheepish: Ruby and Misery observe some sheep during their train ride.


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