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The Usual Reaction.
This long-running show is full of humorous moments. So we thought we'd organize it by folders.

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     Running Gags 

     Season One 

Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing

Tommy's First Birthday

  • Stu introduces the Hoverama, a hovercraft he made as a present for Tommy:
    Grandpa: Stu, are you off your nut? Tommy's not old enough for that gizmo! Heck, I'm not even old enough for it!
  • When Stu wants to stand in for the no-show puppeteers:
    Grandpa: Remember what happened the last time you boys put on a show?
    Stu: Oh, come on, Pop, my arm healed, and Drew sees almost perfectly out of that eye. Besides, we were 8 or 9 years old.
  • The scene where Stu and Drew argue about their childhoods during the puppet show, which descends into a family therapy session.
    Stu: That was my bike! I earned it with my paper route!
    Drew: It was still usable! I only bent the handlebars a little! And that was on account of what you did to my skateboard!
    Didi: Okay, let's agree to disagree. Stu, you shouldn't have wrecked Drew's skateboard. Drew, you shouldn't have bent Stu's handlebars.
    Boris: What's the matter with you, Didi? Let the boys argue.
    • In an earlier scene, Lou tries unsuccessfully to break up the argument with his own puppet of the Woodsman:
      Stu: Those were my baseball cards, mine, and you traded them to Whitey for that stupid hat!
      Drew: Yeah, I traded em', and I'd trade em' again! If you wanted em' so bad, you shouldn't have left em' in my room!
      Lou: (holding up the Woodsman puppet) That's enough out of both of you! Break it up or I'll tan both your hides! (hits Stu and Drew's puppets with his Woodsman puppet)
    • Towards the end, the argument shifts into Narmtastic territory with Stu and Drew crying over another anecdote:
      Didi: Now you, Stu. Don't hold back.
      Stu: (sniffles) Tony Bow-Wow was my favorite stuffed toy. (sniffles again) Wh-why'd you have to go and... (voice breaks) tear his ears off?
      Drew: It was wrong, Stu. I was only four. Can you ever forgive me? (he starts crying)
    • All this goes down as they're still working the puppets, kneeled down inside the prop theater and all! Didi even pets Stu's Little Red Riding Hood puppet as he cries.
    • Even better, this scene takes a backseat to Chuckie controlling the Hoverama. None of the adults see it rising while Stu and Drew argue or even notice it until it flies into the cake.
  • Howard saying Stu and Drew gave a "spirited performance" for the puppet show, only to take it back when Didi and Betty give him a Death Glare.

Barbecue Story

Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup

At the Movies

  • The parents take the kids to see The Dummi Bears Movie. Grandpa makes his thoughts on it quite clear:
    Dummi Bear: But without the list, this will become the land without smiles...
    • Later when Grandpa decides to leave the theater:
      Grandpa: I'm gonna get some candy. I'd rather rot my teeth than sit here and rot my brain.
  • The adults end up being the ones getting totally engrossed, so much so that Didi had to comfort a tearful Stu over whether or not little Shauna lives when the film ends up getting cut short.
  • The sound of The Land Without Smiles movie getting caught in the projector and burning...
    Squeaky Bear: I know you're all wondering if little Shauna is going to pull through... (the others look aghast) Oh well... (warps a bit) lookslikelittleShauna, uh... (makes bubbling noises)

Slumber Party

  • Angelica telling Tommy "only babies suck on bottles", when he is a baby.
  • Tommy puking on Angelica, causing her to run off screaming, while Grandpa just proudly says, "That's my boy."
  • Angelica tosses her dinner on the kitchen floor, and deadpans "and it was so yummy too!"

Baby Commercial

  • When Phil just stares as Jonathan tries to get him to act for the Tighties diapers commercial, Betty has a fat guy look after Lil. Lil leaves to play with her toy car, and somehow manages to crawl her way onto an overhead catwalk.
  • Despite all the odds against Jonathan, such as Phil taking control of the camera, Lil swinging on a rope, and Lil's toy car causing the diaper box pyramid to collapse, the studio executives are very impressed with the final product. At the end of the episode, Jonathan goes to Phil and Lil's house and begs Betty to let Phil and Lil star in more commercials. Unfortunately for him, Betty has had enough and refuses to let Phil and Lil star in any more commercials.

Little Dude

Beauty Contest

  • Angelica singing a mangled version of My Country Tis' of Thee.
    "My Country Tears of Thee,
    Sweet Land of Lizardy,
    A bee I sing,
    Land that my father buys,
    Land of my chillin' pies,
    From every mountain's eyes,
    Let freedom REEK!"


  • Tommy crawling onto the stadium's organ pedals, causing so much noise that he makes the speakers shake.
  • When Didi sees Tommy on the TV and does her big slow-motion faint on the floor.

Ruthless Tommy

  • Two kidnappers attempt to hold Tommy for ransom, thinking he's a millionaire's kid. They find him so difficult to handle, they return him.
  • A Hilarious in Hindsight moment: The kidnappers think Tommy is the infant son of millionaire Ronald Thump.

Moose Country

Grandpa's Teeth

  • The literal Wild Goose Chase (well, more like a Wild Duck Chase) that happens when Spike takes Grandpa Lou's fake teeth and the babies have to follow them to retrieve his teeth.

Momma Trauma

  • Didi insists on taking Tommy to see a child psychologist because Tommy keeps coloring on the walls. Stu is against the idea until they actually get there...whereupon he ends up telling his entire life story, including every traumatizing thing Drew ever did to him.

Real or Robots?

Special Delivery

Candy Bar Creep Show

  • The scene where the babies enter the Pickles' makeshift Haunted House and then proceed to (mostly) unintentionally horrify the kids who entered it (including Angelica) and even Grandpa Lou is definitely this; see for yourself. In addition, the babies aren't scared of the props (such as a fake skeleton), yet Angelica is, despite her being supposedly more mature than them, and Grandpa Lou also says a few hilarious reaction lines upon seeing the babies.

Monster in the Garage

Weaning Tommy

Incident in Aisle Seven

  • This exchange when Lou and Tommy leave to go to Grocery World:
    Didi: I hope they come back with something besides forty boxes of Fudgy Ding-a-ling bars.
    Stu: I hope they come back.

Touchdown Tommy

  • The babies play football with a bottle of chocolate milk, and in the background, an announcer is heard. It culminates in Angelica finally getting the bottle, only to find out that the milk got emptied out during the ordeal. Her overly hammy reaction sells it!
    Angelica: It's EMPTY! AAAAAAGH!
  • Overall, the announcer's commentary when juxtaposed with the babies' pursuit of the chocolate milk.
  • When Pop went to university, he was nicknamed the Galloping...Geezer?
    • To be fair, it was Stu who cracked that joke before Lou could finish his sentence.

The Trial

  • "Do you swear to tell Ruth, the whole Ruth, and nothing but Ruth, so help you Bob?"
  • "The jury?" "Not the jury, the JERKY!"
  • "I guess the persecutor's the poopetrator this time."

Fluffy vs Spike

Reptar's Revenge

  • Didi it turns out is terrified of clowns - to the point of screaming "get it away!" as if the clown was a fly buzzing around her head. Makes Chuckie's later fear of clowns look quite dignified.
  • Angelica gets exactly what she wished for going on the Nausea Whirl. When the ride finally stops, she totters off with Messy Hair, deranged eyes and thinking Didi is Stu.
  • Didi and Stu have a very melodramatic romantic moment in the Tunnel of Love that Angelica witnesses and responds with "bleh!" - only for the guy in the Reptar suit to scare her from behind.
    • What's more is that Stu and Didi are about to kiss when Reptar guy jumps out of the water and scares them like out of some 50s B-movie.
  • Towards the end of the episode, a guy dressed as Reptar who's down on his luck named Leo tells his boss about what happened. When his boss fires him for his incompetence, Leo goes rip-roaring mad!
    Boss: That's it, Leo! I've had it! You've been nothing but trouble since day one! You're fired!

Graham Canyon

  • Angelica accidentally leaves Cynthia in Stu's car while it's being "fixed" courtesy of a couple of crooked "mechanics." Tommy and Angelica go after Cynthia, knocking over and spilling things, crawling all over the car, and generally making the situation devolve into chaos, per the norm. The catch is, the mechanics have their backs turned and don't see any of this. They think the car is haunted, and beg Stu to leave—after giving him a free, legit repair job. Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome.

Stu-Maker's Elves

  • Chuckie bounces up and down on a mattress and has fun but then bounces so much that the mattress closes leaving his head sticking out. That visual and his scream of "TOMMY!!!!" are priceless.

     Season Two 

Toy Palace

  • The fact that the store has a functioning time machine, which near the end of the episode sends the Thorg toy back to the crossing of the Delaware in 1776. Should give you an idea of how much Denser and Wackier the show became from there on out.

Sand Ho!

  • This line:
  • While the babies are digging for treasure, they suddenly stop:
    Chuckie: Is this the treasure?
    Tommy: Nah, that's cat poop. Keep digging.
    • The goofy smile on Tommy's face after he says it makes it even funnier.

Chuckie vs. the Potty

  • When Chuckie has an accident after his first unsuccessful attempt to use his potty, Didi feels discouraged as she cleans up the mess. Stu tells her that many children weren't potty-trained at age 2, and reluctantly tells her that he was one of them, much to her shock. Lou overhears, and tells Didi that it took so long to potty-train Stu, that he almost didn't get into the boy scouts.
  • According to Angelica, people who aren't potty-trained can't "go to school, or drive a car, or join the Army!"

Together at Last

  • Betty reluctantly agrees to give Phil and Lil some time apart, but Phil quickly gets bored without his sister. He tries playing with his teddy bear Bill, but this devolves into a one-sided argument until Phil says, "Naw, you're the un-fun one, Bill! Can't even argue!"

The Big House

The Shot

  • When Tommy and his new friend try to sneak out of the doctor's office, Angelica suddenly shows up.
    Didi: Drew! Angelica!
    Tommy: Drat.

Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch


  • Didi of all people gets in a good line with Lou.
    Lou: In my day, we had no time for antiques.
    Didi: But pop, I thought back in your day there were no antiques.
  • Didi gets caught by Grandpa in the pink tutu. He cheekily asks her "where's the ballet?" - and she blushes.

Angelica's In Love

  • This exchange:
    Angelica: I'm playing the most dangerous game of all.
    Angelica: No, dummy, LOVE!!!

Ice Cream Mountain

Regarding Stuie

  • Stu hits his head and (apparently) thinks he's a baby.
  • The babies decide that "Stuie" needs a diaper since he's now a baby, and make one from a sheet hanging on a clothesline. Stu's still wearing it when he's back to normal, much to Didi's shock.
    Didi: Stu! What are you doing wearing that sheet?!

Garage Sale

Let There Be Light

  • This exchange when the blackout first happens, primarily because of Stu's tone:
    Didi: (completely calmly, like she's announcing something he must not know yet) Stu, honey, all the lights in the house are off!
    Stu: I'm aware of that, Deed.
  • This conversation between the twins and Chuckie:
    Phil: Why are you under your blanket?
    Chuckie: 'Cause it's dark out there!
    Lil: But it's dark under there, too.
    Chuckie: (beat) Gee, I never thought of that.
  • Chuckie's reaction when Tommy begins planning The Quest of the Week:
    Chuckie: (from under his blanket) No way, I'm not goin'! Not this time! This isn't just regular-plain-old scary, Tommy. This is THE DARK! There's no light at all, not even a night light! Forget it, Tommy. I'm. Stayin'. Right. Here.
    (the other three go off, leaving Chuckie sitting silently under the blanket for a minute)
    Chuckie: (panicking and running after them, still under the blanket) Hey, wait, you're not gonna leave me?! WAIT! I'm coming, too!!

The Bank Trick

  • Just the fact that Tommy and Chuckie's search for candy (they misheard ATM as M&M), resulted in the capture of two notorious bank robbers.

Family Reunion

  • One of the attending grandmas tries to lift Cousin Emmett from the playpen and gives up with a hilarious squawk.
  • The Running Gag of Emmett saying, "I'm hungry!", particularly during this exchange when Tommy and his cousins wonder whether or not they should save Angelica from an angry goat;
    Tommy: Hey, that's Angelica! It sounds like she's in trouble!
    Tammy: She was awfully mean. I don't think we should help her, Tommy!
    Tommy: No, we gotta help her! She's a Pickles, too!
    Emmett: Pickles? I'm hungry!

Grandpa's Date

  • Grandpa's bedtime story:
    "Once upon a time there was a very lonely bunny who needed to find some friends and he found some friends and everyone was happy. The End!"
  • When Grandpa says at the end of a list of movies, "...And my personal favorite: Lonely Space Vixens. "That's for after you go to bed."

No Bones About It

Beach Blanket Babies

  • This conversation:
    Chuckie: We look silly, we're sticky, and we smell like a coconut cream pie.
    Angelica: (Runs by) Look at me! Look at me!
    Tommy: (Deadpan) Well, at least we don't look like that.
  • Chuckie sees his dad buried in the sand, only his head is visible. Chuckie's reaction is priceless.
  • Lou and Boris arguing over how to play a card game, to the point where the other adults have to keep them from hitting each other. Boris then takes the entire deck.
    Boris: I've got a card game for you, Mr. Fifteen Years!
    Lou: Oh, yeah? What's that!?
    Boris: FIFTY-TWO PICKUP! (spreads cards across the beach)
    Lou: Aw, my cards!

Reptar on Ice

  • This line.
    "Hey! Look! It's some kids! On the ice!"
  • Followed by: "What's a dinosaur to do/when there's kids on the ice? Quick! Somebody call their MOOOOOMMMMMM!
  • This conversation between Stu and Lou.
    Lou: In my day, dinosaurs didn't skate around with a bunch of ninnys in tights!
    Stu: In his day, the dinosaurs were real.

Family Feud

Superhero Chuckie

  • Angelica suggesting that Captain Blasto try "flying" without the rope.
  • Didi asks Angelica if she liked Captain Blasto. "Oh yes, Aunt Didi, if you like old fat guys who wear their underwear on the outside."

The Dog Broomer

Aunt Miriam

  • Grandpa saying he'd rather go to the Motel Styx than deal with Aunt Miriam. Essentially he's saying he'd rather go to Hell.
  • Miriam's Running Gag of getting Didi's name wrong. The complete list of names is - Dolly, Sally, Callie, Ginny, Phoebe and Fifi. And at the very end...
    Stu: She sure is one great aunt, huh Fifi?

The Inside Story

A Visit From Lipschitz

What the Big People Do

  • The term "paper pusher" is taken literally.
  • Tommy gets Reptar On Ice tickets for speeding.
  • The ending, when Tommy and Chuckie are back in reality and breathe a sigh of relief:
    Angelica: Oh boys... time to play HOUSE!!! WHAHAHAHAHA!! (Tommy and Chuckie scream)

The Santa Experience

  • This line from Angelica:
    Angelica: It all started when the first present was given by the Pilgrims a long long time ago. After that, everybody started giving presents. Even the Easter Bunny started giving them until Santa slapped him with a lawsuit.
    • Doubling as an awesome moment for Angelica, the incident that leads to the above moment; Angelica is doing the usual "sitting on Santa's lap" thing, before suddenly realizing the Fridge Logic of why she has to tell Santa what she wants when he's supposed to already know.
  • The guy who was supposed to play Santa for the families at the cabin calls to cancel, saying his car broke down in the blizzard. In actuality, he's at home and just didn't feel like doing it.
    Guy: I hate Christmas. (lays in the recliner to watch TV)
  • Charlotte's rant on the phone to Jonathan, a funny juxtaposition of everyone putting up the Christmas decorations:
    Charlotte: What am I kidding? There's no problem here; I'm a problem solver. I just inherently know what to do. You call me up, I know the answer. I was born with the talent. Yeah, I know, I know. Well listen, I know more than any lawyer. You don't have to start with me. (laughs) I'm not afraid. What are you kidding? They call me; they consult with me. Oh, is that right? Well listen, I have a couple of things to tell them; I don't know why I should bother. I'm not gonna stoop so low. I have better things to do with my time, I can tell you that much. Are you kidding? Certainly not. I can't leave that office for one minute without something just... ah, for heaven's sakes. Well of course I know what to do. I inherently know what to do with everything. I pay you, and I pay you plenty!
    • Moments later:
    Charlotte: (on phone) Tell those personnel people to remove paragraph 3 and replace it with a Santa Claus, uh, I mean a sanity clause.

Visitors from Outer Space

  • Angelica blasting through the doors only for George the fish alien to tell her with an annoyed voice "You know, these doors do open automatically."

The Case of the Missing Rugrat

Chuckie Loses His Glasses

Chuckie Gets Skunked

Rebel Without a Teddy Bear

  • Tommy's failed attempt at being bad. He's told to spill some juice but drinks it, then knocks over the glass.
  • When Tommy refuses to throw away Didi's necklace (with some coercing from Chuckie), Angelica tries to convince Tommy that if he doesn't continue to be bad, like she is, his parents will keep taking away his favorite things.
    Angelica: They'll take away your lion and your dog and your bottle and all your toys till' you have nothing but your diapers! And then they'll take those, too!

Angelica the Magnificent

  • At the end, Tommy picks up Angelica's supposedly magic wand. He points it at the shed the dads spent all episode putting together and utters a "magic" wordnote . The shed promptly collapses (though due to shaky workmanship), but the look on Tommy's face and the way he slowly lowers his arms are priceless.
  • The fact that one of Angelica's "magic words" is "Ali-Ali Baba".

Meet the Carmichaels

  • Susie in general is a goldmine in this episode for fans used to her saintly mentor persona in future episodes. She's introduced as a wailing crybaby who immediately stops and goes cheerful as soon as she meets Tommy.

The Box

  • While the babies keep imagining a box as all sorts of fantasy backdrops, Angelica, who just sees a plain cardboard box, just doesn't see the fun in it at all. When the box is seemingly destroyed, the babies then pretend the leftover pieces are props such as swords and tribal masks, leading Angelica to snatch them all and stomp on them in frustration while the babies watch dumbfounded.
    Angelica: *jumping on the box pieces* YOU! DUMB! BABIES! STOP! HAVING! FUN! IT'S JUST! A STUPID! BOOOXXXX!!!

Down the Drain

  • The fact that Chuckie has a record with a whole song about how you can't get sucked down the drain, and describes it as "a voice".
  • Tommy's and Chuckie's attempts to plug the drain. They first stick clay into the drain, causing the tub to overflow. The second attempt involved them filling the tub with sand.
  • Chaz wearing the "bathtime puppets" when the first clogging happened. After the plumber fixes it, he tries thanking him as one of the puppets, squeaky voice included, before he quickly corrects himself.
  • Angelica's amazing scream after the plumber rescues Cynthia from the toilet.

Let Them Eat Cake

  • When Elaine doesn't show up for the ceremony and the event planners can't find her, Stu tells everyone not to worry and figures that Elaine probably just got cold feet—and when Stu claims that Didi disappeared for three days before their own wedding, this earns him an elbow from his wife.
  • The organist for the wedding ceremony playing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" before catching her mistake.
  • Stu accidentally catches a bouquet which Didi throws back.
    Didi: He's already married!

The Seven Voyages of Cynthia

  • Tommy and Chuckie lose Angelica's doll, but are afraid to tell her:
    Tommy: Hey, Angelica... uh... we got something to tell ya...
    Angelica: What is it?!
    Tommy: Uh... it's about Cynthia...
    Angelica: Oh, Tommy! Do you know where she is?!
    Tommy: Uh...
    Angelica: 'Cuz if I find out who took her, I'll mash 'em, and crash 'em, and smash 'em into a million zillion blobs of applesauce!!!
    Tommy and Chuckie: *gulp*
    • And then, after agreeing to help her look for Cynthia, Tommy and Chuckie pretend to search around Tommy's backyard:
      Chuckie: Tommy, what are we doin' in this bush? We know Cynthia's not in here...
      Tommy: Well... I guess we could tell Angelica what really happened...
      Chuckie: I don't know, Tommy. You wanna end up a blob of applesauce?!
    • Spike's flashback of Angelica forcing him to marry Cynthia.
    Angelica: (deep voice) Gobble-gibble-goo! Wiffle-waffle husband!
    Chuckie: I think this is it, Tommy. I think she's gone off her rocket.
    • As Angelica gives Cynthia's eulogy, it makes Tommy and Chuckie feel even more guilty than ever. Finally, they can't take it anymore and burst into tears and confess. Before the furious Angelica can pummel them however, Spike arrives with a filthy Cynthia in his mouth.
    Angelica: And then on my third birthday, I had lots and lots of presents. But there was one present that was extra special. It was all wrapped up in some kinda shiny stuff with ribbons. (Tommy's lip quivers. Chuckie wipes a tear.) Pink ribbons. (Tommy sniffles. Chuckie slumps.) That's when I first saw her. My Cynthia. I just knew my life would never be the same. (Tommy and Chuckie cling to each other, bawling loudly) NOT YET! I'M NOT FINISHED!
    Chuckie: WE DID IT! IT'S OUR FAULT!
    Angelica: Did what?
    Tommy: WE LOST HER!
    Chuckie: IN OUR BOAT!
    Tommy: We were playing in the river and needed a captain!
    Chuckie: And then Tommy said "Why not use Angelica's doll!"
    Tommy: 'Cause we only needed for a little bit!
    Chuckie: And then the water was really fast!
    Tommy: And it went way too far!
    Chuckie: At first, it was really neat!
    Tommy: But then it went out on the road!
    Chuckie: And down a hole and—
    Both: WE LOST CYNTHIA! WE'RE SORRY! (they grab Angelica's skirt and burst out sobbing. Angelica shoves them to the ground. She tosses her headband down and slowly and menacingly advances on the two.)
    Angelica: You rotten little babies! YOU LOST MY— (Spike emerges from the fence with a filthy, grimy Cynthia in his mouth) CYNTHIA! You're alive! (Tommy and Chuckie sigh with relief; Angelica embraces Spike) Oh, Spike! You wonderful, beautiful dog! (sniffs and looks at filthy Cynthia) Cynthia, where've you been?!
    (Tommy and Chuckie hug the filthy Spike.)
    Stu: Hold on there, big fella. (picks up Spike by the collar) What've you been rolling in? C'mon, Spike. Let's get you a bath.
    Angelica: Eww, yuck! Dog germs! (dunks Cynthia in her toy hot tub, then places the tattered doll back on the beauty salon set) Oh, Cynthia, now I won't be able to do a thing with your hair.

My Friend Barney

Feeding Hubert

Spike the Wonder Dog

  • The sheer level of Stylistic Suck in the Show Within a Show "Oodles the Talking Poodle" is absolutely hysterical. It's an over-the-top parody of Lassie and Rin Tin Tin, starring a pink poodle named "Oodles", who inexplicably wears a red cape everywhere and has an offscreen actor doing his best to lip-synch with him in every scene.
    Talulah: Look, Billy! It's Oodles!
    Billy: Yeah! And it looks like something's wrong!
    Oodles: Billy! Talulah! Come quick! Uncle Lyle's locked in the barn again and it's on fire!
    Billy and Talulah: OH NO!
    Billy: Wait a minute...we don't have an Uncle Lyle.
    Talulah: We don't have a barn either...
    • This exchange, after Oodles busts into action and pulls Uncle Lyle out of the barn.
      Uncle Lyle: Unh...what happened?
      Oodles: You were knocked unconscious by a falling beam after the electric cattle heater shorted out and sparked a fire in the hayloft! I performed an incredible act of bravery by putting out the fire and pulling you to safety!
      Uncle Lyle: Oh. Thanks. (beat) Hey, wait a minute! You can't're a dog!

The Slide

  • Angelica is taunting Chuckie by saying he'll always be afraid of the slide, but Susie is trying to reassure him that he won't.
    Susie: "You can do it, Chuckie! Remember, it's just a slide!"
    Angelica: "You can't do it, Chuckie. Remember, it's a slide."
  • Throughout the episode, Angelica calls Chuckie a "scaredy-cat", but Susie's phrase she gets Chuckie to memorise in order to be brave is, "I'm a big brave dog". When he's about to go down the slide, the two girls have an Argument of Contradictions over whether he's a "scaredy-cat" or a "big brave dog", which degenerates into them just shouting "Dog!" (Susie) and "Cat!" (Angelica). Chuckie gets bored of it and shouts out this.
    Chuckie: "I am not a aminal! I'm a human bean!"

The Big Flush

  • Tommy asks Chuckie if any of their adventures have gotten them into trouble. Cue an epic rant from Chuckie, made up of one Continuity Nod after another.

King Ten Pin

Runaway Angelica

  • When Angelica ruins Drew's home office and he says she's in very big trouble:
    Angelica: Oh daddy, you're silly. I can't be in trouble, I'm Angelica! Your only daughter, your princess, your cupcake! Your little tax shelter!
    (Smash Cut to Angelica's room)
    Drew: And you're gonna stay in your room!
    Angelica: But, daddy-
    Drew: You're gonna stay in your room and think about what you did! (slams the door... then gleefully walks downstairs musing) Well, I did it. I actually did it! I disciplined Angelica.
    Charlotte: I hope you weren't to hard on her.
    Drew: Oh, no. Our daughter's a fairly mature girl. I think she'll take it well.
    (Cut to Angelica's bedroom where she is destroying things in a fury)
    Angelica: IT'S NOT FAIR! IT'S NOT FAIR! IT'S! NOT FAAAAIIIIIR! (panting)
  • This conversation between Drew and Charlotte
    Drew: Snookums, I'm going over to Stu's for a few minutes.
    Charlotte: Okay. Is Angelica still upstairs?
    Drew: Uh-huh. I haven't heard a peep out of her.
    Charlotte: I'll go up and check on her. And Drew?
    Drew: Yeah?
    Charlotte: Don't call me snookums.
    Drew: (slightly defeated) Noted.
  • The babies giving Angelica the "cookies from the box with the dog on it". When Angelica angrily tells them that those are dog cookies, Tommy replies "But Spike likes them."

Game Show Didi

Toys in the Attic

Angelica: Why didn't you use a truck to drive through the fence, Mr. Grandpa Boris?
Boris: Well, you see darling, we didn't have... I DID NOT DRIVE THROUGH THE FENCE!

Driving Miss Angelica

Susie vs Angelica

Tooth or Dare

Party Animals

  • The "moose" Running Gag.
  • When Stu, dressed as a caveman, is locked outside and trying to get in, a stranger thinks that he's a lunatic who thinks he's Tarzan.
  • When Grandpa Lou reads Aladdin to the children, Angelica asks if she could use a magic lamp to turn Fluffy into a lion.
    Grandpa Lou: "Why, you could turn Fluffy into a Ferrari!"
    • Later, when Angelica is searching for a magic lamp.
      Lil: "Are you going to wish Fluffy was a Ferraro?"

     Season Three 

Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster

  • Angelica, a three year old, says this:
    Angelica: This is ridiculous! I'm practically a grown-up, and I'm stuck wasting my time with you stupid babies!

Twins Pique

  • Phil's failed attempt at trying to be like Chuckie: he shrugs off going into the shed and is scared of going to the other side of the playpen.
  • Lil deciding she wants to be like Angelica because the latter is "a natural leader".

Chuckie's First Haircut

  • Chaz's recap of Chuckie's first visit to the barber: "And after he smeared the industrial strength cologne and got into the barrel of hair, he knocked over a tub of lather, skidded into a shelf of shampoo, and snapped a cardboard cut-out of Crew Cut the Clown right in half. I've never been so humiliated in all my life."
    • Arguably, Chuckie's mangled retelling of the same tale to the other babies was even funnier.
  • Chaz claims he's never been so humiliated. Cue Stu and Didi naming instances where he has in fact been that humiliated, with Chaz looking back and forth between them as if at a tennis match, until he screams, "Okay, okay, I exaggerated!"

Cool Hand Angelica

  • During Angelica's montage, we see her trying to catch a chicken in a clearing. Susie gives a confused Aside Glance to the camera.

Tricycle Thief

  • When Susie discovers that her trike has been stolen.
    Susie: My trike! It's gone!
    Phil: Call the police!
    Lil: Call the army!
    Chuckie: Call me when it's over!


  • The line "Angelica! You're the one with rhinoplasty!"
  • Angelica claims that Chuckie will turn into a rhino because he's caught a rare disease. But after Angelica finally admits that she made it all up, Tommy and the twins point that Angelica herself is displaying some of the symptoms she mentioned. The end of the episode has Drew finding her crouched on all fours...
    Drew: Angelica, are you eating grass?
    Angelica: Careful, Daddy. The rhinoceros is known to charge at random.
  • In the B-plot of this episode, Drew is helping Stu get his finances in order for tax season. Stu is... less than helpful.
    Drew: I don't understand this, Stu. You've kept shopping lists, candy wrappers, and what appears to be a bag of moldy french fries...
    Stu: I always keep a record of everything I buy.

Grandpa Moves Out

  • After Grandpa leaves the house we're treated to a montage of time passing, with rain, the leaves turning orange and falling and a snowy street after which spring comes... and then we get to the caption that says "One Week Later...". When Drew enters the house he mentions that the weather last week was just crazy.
  • The ending: Grandpa agrees to move back in with Stu and Didi. On the drive home:
    Grandpa: Stu, I've got to go back.
    Stu: But pop, I thought you were coming home.
    Grandpa: I am, but I left my car and all my stuff back at the retirement center.
    (car turns around)

The Legend of Satchmo

  • This conversation between Stu and Angelica.
    Angelica: We ran away cause we were scared of Satchmo.
    Stu: Satchmo, the trumpet player?
    Angelica: No, the monster!
  • Grandpa and Stu's conversation about appropriate camp stories is hilarious, because of the reversal of expectations:
    Stu: Say, I hope you're not reading the kids anything too scary, Pop.
    Lou: Well, that all depends. It might be scary if you're 35 years old and you suddenly realize that you've never really lived!
    Stu: ...Look, Pop, are you sure about this whole camping experiment?
    Lou: Stu, just because you had one bad teensy-weensy experience in the woods, doesn't mean you have to wreck the great outdoors for everyone.
    Stu: Teensy weensy? I was lost for three days!
    Lou: Stu, that was over a year ago. Isn't it about time you put it behind ya?
    • And this follow-up conversation a bit later:
      Didi: Stu, this isn't Manitoba, it's our backyard. The kids'll be fine. Go to sleep, and soon it will be morning, and we can all go on with our lives!
      Stu: Yeah, I guess you're right. Good night.
      (light goes off, then comes back on)
      Stu: What if there's a flash flood?
      Didi: Stu, go to sleep.

Circus Angelicus

The Stork

  • Angelica's parents' reactions during this random exchange:
    Angelica: Mommy, I have a question.
    Charlotte: Yes, dear?
    Angelica: Where do babies come from?
  • After Angelica has told the babies that babies come from eggs, Tommy wishes his parents would get one so he could have a little brother.
    Chuckie: Too bad we're babies, otherwise we could just go get a stork's egg ourselves. (pause as everyone does nothing but look at him, until he sighs in resignation) I'll get the screwdriver.
  • Stu and Drew are making a giant omelette in the kitchen while the other adults are in the living room watching football.
    Drew: Sure you got enough eggs?
    Stu: Yeah. I wanted to be safe so I ordered a gross.
    Drew: A gross?! Stu, that's 144 eggs!
    • And later:
      Stu: (tosses a handful of objects into the bowl of cracked egg yolks)
      Drew: (picks up one of the objects) What are these?
      Drew: Stu, you can't put Greek olives in an omelette!
      Stu: Why not?

The Baby Vanishes

  • When Angelica thinks she's invisible due to the adults ignoring her as to not reinforce her behavior. The adults barely react as she dumps Spike's food on their heads or spills juice on them. Stu and Drew seem ready to simply scold her only for Didi to stop them. Didi however almost loses this charade when Angelica steals her glasses and runs off.
  • When Angelica first plays with Charlotte's makeup, Drew attempts to explain vanishing cream as something that grown-ups use to make things invisible.
    Angelica: What kind of things?
    Drew: Oh, unsightly liver spots, age marks, stuff like that.
    Angelica: Does it really work?
    Drew: your mother likes to pretend it does.

Farewell, My Friend

  • When Lil asks Phil if he'd save her from a snake? His response — "How big a snake?".

When Wishes Come True

  • The premise: Tommy wishes for something really bad (so bad, he can't even think of something specific) to happen to Angelica. When he sees a statue of her, he feels guilty because he thinks his wish came true and she turned to stone. They then try to turn her into a human again by "teaching" her how to be a human.
  • When Tommy's wishing something bad will happen to Angelica, Lil suggests he wish her hair to turn into worms and Phil suggests he wish her nose get bigger until she bumps into walls. Tommy thinks those aren't bad enough.
  • Phil and Lil thinking that the only worse things than turning into a rock are turning into mashed peas and/or bat drool.
  • The babies hear Didi coming outside, so they clothe the Angelica statue in laundry that was hanging out to dry.
  • Chuckie gets trapped by the statue when the babies push it onto a wagon in an attempt to hide it.
    Chuckie: Even when she’s a rock, she makes me miserable.
  • Tommy decides that he could try wishing that "Angelica" would turn back to real.
    Tommy: "I wish Angelica turns back to real...I really wish Angelica turns back to real...I really, really wish that Angelica turns back to real."
  • The twins think that they want Angelica to stay a "rock" because she can't pick on them. However, Tommy states that she's still their friend despite being mean, and they'd get in trouble if the parents find out that "they turned her into a rock".
  • The Rugrats brainstorming on how to "turn Angelica back".
    Lil: maybe we could squirt milk all over her so she gets real messy!
    Tommy: How would that make her real?
    Lil: I don't know. I'd just like to do it.
    Chuckie: Maybe we could give her a nice bubble bath.
    Tommy: How would that make her real?
    Chuckie: I don't know, but it'd wash off the milk.
    Phil: Maybe Angelica didn't turn into a real girl because we're not treating her like a real girl!
    Tommy: What you talkin' 'bout, Phil?
    Phil: It's like in that story Pinoklio. He had to learn how to be a real boy before he could be a real boy.
  • Angelica when she discovers the statue, that's now broken.
    Angelica: "Wait, those aren't rocks, they're...ME!!!"
  • Stu promises that he'll have the statue fixed faster than Drew can say "okey-dokey".
    Drew: (deadpan) Okey-dokey.
  • Drew calling Stu's attempt to fix the statue a "mess" in the same way Angelica called the babies' block tower a mess.

Angelica Breaks a Leg

  • Didi has been unable to contact Charlotte during her kayaking trip because her cell phone always sounds busy. We cut to the trip itself to see that everyone is in an inflatible raft, wearing lifesaver vests on top of their business outfits and they are all having heated conversations in their cell phones!
    Charlotte: "Call that a counter-offer? I call it... Hold on, Jonathan, we're coming to a rapid."
  • The Doogie Howser-esque teen doctor (voiced by Scott Menville) who diagnosed Angelica's broken leg. He insists that he's a professional, as we then see him sitting on a stack of books to see over his desk and then slurping the chocolate milk that he's given.
    • At the end of the episode, he admits to Stu and Didi that it was someone named "Peaches", not "Pickles", who truly broke their leg. He then apologizes to the football player named Peaches whose leg is bent forward.
  • The now-famous scene of poor Stu's "descent into madness" as he's forced to go out and buy chocolate pudding mix in the middle of the night for the "injured" Angelica.
    Didi: (quiet concern) Stu, what are you doing?
    Stu: (tired deadpan) Making chocolate pudding.
    Didi: (quiet concern) It's 4:00 in the morning. Why on earth are you making chocolate pudding?
  • At the end of the episode, we find out Charlotte has broken her leg in a kayaking accident. Then, Drew asks Angelica if she knows how to make chocolate pudding, and the camera zooms into her eyes as the buzzer gets louder and louder.

The Last Babysitter

  • Tommy and Susie are looking through a book of monsters and end up one a page about a diminutive, lanky creature that likes to dwell in dark places like caves, with Susie remarking that "no-one's seen him in a gajillion years, I think he fell into a volcano or something." Probably, this is a reference to Gollum.

Sour Pickles

Reptar 2010

Stu Gets a Job

  • Tommy is upset that his dad isn't around to play with him anymore, so he sets up traps around the house trying to prevent him from going to work. Stu thinks the traps are childish pranks set by Drew and tries some pranks of his own.
    Stu: (speaking into the phone and holding his nose to badly imitate his brother's voice) Yes, hello. I'd like to order 50 large pepperoni and mushroom pizzas. My name? Drew Pickles. (Hangs up and walks off chuckling, while Lou shakes his head.)
    • Later, when Stu finds all his clothes missing from his closet except his disco suit, he's forced to wear it to work. Lou looks up from reading the newspaper as Stu enters the kitchen in his Disco suit.
      Lou: (chuckling) Mornin', son. Lookin' sharp.
      Stu: (flatly) Thanks, Pop...
    • Still later:
      Stu: (again speaking into the phone and holding his nose over his nostrils to badly imitate his brother's voice) Hello, I'd like to report a car parked illegally on private property at 53 Briarcliff Place. The license plate reads 'DREW'.
    • Stu is coming home grumpy from work because his new job frankly sucks, and with him thinking that Drew is constantly pranking him, he is none too happy when he sees him in his house, and is now resorting to arguing over the littlest things, which leads to this humorous little exchange.
      Stu: What are you doing here?!
      Drew: Oh, just picking up a cook book. Thought I'd try a new Chinese recipe.
      Stu: Cook book, ha! Maybe you oughta think about returning the last book you borrowed from me!
      Drew: Gee, I hope you're not talking about that coloring book, Stu.
      Stu: You ate the cover!
      Drew: I was five!
    • And then, the final confrontation of both brothers.
      Didi: (hears the doorbell and goes to answer the door) Drew!
      Drew: (fuming) Where's Stu?! (enters the kitchen with Didi to find Stu calmly sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee) Stu, let's talk.
      Stu: (calmly gestures to an empty chair) Fine by me.
      Drew: (takes a seat) I couldn't get to the office yesterday because someone had my car towed!
      Stu: And I suppose I wore my disco suit to work today just for kicks, huh?!
      Drew: I don't know what you're talking about. But I bet you know something about the 50 pizzas I got the other day!

Give and Take

The Gold Rush

  • Angelica's attempt to explain to Phil and Lil why they shouldn't share the nickel with Tommy and Chuckie devolves into Sidetracked by the Analogy:
    Angelica: Let's pretend that nickel's a pie.
    Phil: What flavor?
    Angelica: It doesn't matter.
    Lil: What do you mean it doesn't matter?! There's a big difference between a chocolate pie and a apple pie!!
    Angelica: Okay, it's an apple pie.
    Phil: Ew, I hate apple pie.
    Angelica: Okay, it's a chocolate pie!
    Lil: Ew...
    Angelica: WILL YOU TWO PUT A LID ON IT?! beat Now, the more people eating the pie, the smaller their piece, but if it's just the three of us, we all get a bigger piece. Understand?
    Lil: Yeah...
    Phil: Sure...
    Angelica: Good. (leaves)
    Lil: What did she mean?
    Phil: I don't know, but it sure made me hungry.

Home Movies

The Mysterious Mr. Friend

  • As Stu is rapidly producing Mr. Friend dolls in the basement.
    Stu: Stu Pickles isn't selling out to any greedy toy company monolith! (to himself) Not yet, anyway.
  • The "it's alive" scene.
    Stu: "It's alive! It's alive!!"
    Didi: "What's alive, Stu?"
  • Lil's reaction to the approaching army of Mr. Friend dolls.
  • Tommy insisting that they can't spend their lives running from Mr. Friend.
    Tommy: 'Cause then we'll never have time to do anything else, like play or take naps or grow up and get jobs!
  • Some of the Mr. Friend-isms are golden, but special mention goes to this one, delivered as he's narrowly avoiding getting hit by traffic.
    Mr. Friend: Do your homework, study hard, and don't eat food that's cooked in lard.
    • Another one.
      Mr. Friend: "A word of caution, if you please: don't kiss the cat when the cat has fleas."
    • Didi has her own thoughts regarding Mr. Friend's words of wisdom; when Stu demonstrates the toy for her, she begs him to hire a proper writer.
  • Tommy's and Chuckie's demonstration of the development of the baby mind, when Chuckie frantically stops Tommy from turning the handle on his Jack-in-the-box:
    Chuckie: Come on, Tommy, you 'member what happened the last time you turned the handle on the jerk-in-the-box — the scary clown popped out.
    Tommy: I know.
    Chuckie: So why do you want to do it again?!
    Tommy: Maybe something different'll happen this time.


The Blizzard

Destination: Moon

Angelica's Birthday

  • Charlotte has spared no expense to make sure Angelica has the best birthday ever; She has a cake the size of a wedding cake, a karaoke machine, a petting zoo, a chocolate swan sculpture, Chinese acrobats, and Chas and Howard perform as clowns named Flubbo and Looney Boy. Unfortunately, the Russian circus she reserved has been cancelled because the performers were deported.
  • This exchange when the babies find out Angelica is going to start acting like a baby;
    Lil: If she's a baby, she'll be one of us!
    Phil: And if she's just one of us, maybe she can't push us around anymore!
    Lil: Or steal our toys anymore!
    Chuckie: Or make us wear those frilly panties!
    (Tommy, Phil, and Lil all stare in shock at Chuckie.)
    Chuckie: Um, I don't want to talk about it.

Princess Angelica

  • Angelica conducting tests to see if she's really a princess. When she explains one test to the babies, this is the covnersation:
    Angelica A princess's skin is so soft she can feel a pea through a whole lot of blankets
    Lil: I can feel it when Phil pees through a lot of blankets, does that make me a princess?
    Angelica: (In a voice of stoic disgust) No, that just makes you both disgusting.

The Odd Couple

  • When Tommy spends the weekend at Chuckie's house. After Tommy wakes him up over and over again to say something innocuous like "I'm glad I'm staying at your house," Chuckie finally has enough:
    Tommy: Hey, Chuckie...
    Chuckie: WHAT?! Tommy, what?! I'm trying to sleep!
    Tommy: Oh, I was just thinking about green Jell-o.
    Chuckie: Green Jell-o?
    Tommy: Yeah, how do they do it?
    Chuckie: Do what?
    Tommy: Make it green.
    Chuckie: I don't know, Tommy. Just go to sleep!
    (They do, but then Chuckie's eyes shoot open.)
    Chuckie: (whispering, frightened) How do they make it green?
  • When Tommy spends the weekend at Chuckie's house, Chuckie is very particular about how his toys are set up and played with, even showing Tommy how to properly play with his prized 'Bogo Block Village' play set, until...
    Chuckie: (upon entering his bedroom) No, Tommy, no!
    Tommy: (holding a Bogo Block person) What's wrong, Chuckie?
    Chuckie: What's wrong? What's wrong? Look what you did! It's all ruined!
    Tommy: What's all ruined, Chuckie?
    Chuckie: The Bogo Block Village! (shows a police car parked at a fire department) The police car's at the fire station... (shows a fire truck parked at the airport terminal)... the fire truck's at the airport.. (shows an airplane on the roof of a building) the airplane's on top of the restaurant! (shows a Bogo Block person on its side halfway out a door and another through a window) People are hanging out of windows...(shows two buildings askew on their foundations) buildings are moved... (Chuckie waves a Bogo Block building in each of his hands) and you've completely taken apart City Hall!
  • Three words: Space Trek Babies.

Naked Tommy

  • The babies getting naked.
  • This exchange between Betty and Didi when they find the babies naked.
    Betty: Great Yvonne Goolagon! What's going on here?! Philly, Lilly, you're nudists!
    Didi: Betty! I'm surprised at you, they're just babies, Lipschitz says...
    Betty: Don't start with that hippie Lipschitz, Deed! I don't know what kind of baby colony you're trying to run here, but it's time to face facts! The 60s are over and we lost, so just get with the program, alright?
  • Tommy trying to get Chuckie to strip.
    Tommy: "C'mon, Chuckie. Nakie is good! Nakie is free! Nakie is...nakie. I mean Spike's nakie, and Angelica's cat Fluffy is nakie. Even Reptar is nakie!"
    Chuckie: "I suppose, if Reptar is nakie."

Tommy and the Secret Club

  • As part of the initiation into Angelica's secret club, Angelica makes the babies recite humiliating poems...
    Chuckie: Look at me, I'm Chuckie Ducky\When I barf, it's really yucky\When forgotted the rest, Angelica.
    Lil: My name is Boogery Lil\I give all my boogers to Phil\They're yellow and green, if you know what I mean, so I...I...and Angelica's the best!
    Angelica: Nice save, Lillian! Phil?
    Phil: [still reeling from drinking too much milk] My name name name is...[faints]
    • Finally, Tommy's poem...
    Tommy: Silly me, my name is Tommy\My diaper smells like old salami\I have no hair, but I don't care\Wah! I want my mommy!

Under Chuckie's Bed

Chuckie is Rich

Mommy's Little Assets

  • This Getting Crap Past the Radar moment.
    Charlotte: (on the phone to Jonathan) What? Not you, Jonathan; you know I would never call one of my employees "sweetie." At least not since the Clarence Thomas hearings.
    • Which was part of Angelica setting off one hell of a car alarm in the parking garage with a voice saying "Stand back! You are too close to the vehicle!" to which Angelica responds, "Hey Mommy, neat! A talking car!" Then when the main (and loud) alarm starts up, all Angelica can say is "Cool!" while Tommy starts bawling.
    • While we're on Charlotte/Jonathan, there's this bit:
    Charlotte: (to the kids) Say bye-bye to mommy!
    Jonathan: (talking to Charlotte on the phone) Bye-bye, mommy!
    Charlotte: Not you.
  • When Jonathan has to take over Charlotte's sales pitch to an elderly couple, he references Dragnet:
    Jonathan: "Just the facts, ma'am."
    Ethel:...We think television is evil.
  • Drew comes home and asks where Charlotte is. Angelica, not knowing what she's saying, sweetly tells Drew that she's upstairs "washing off the stench of failure".
  • When Charlotte scolds Angelica, she asks what she'll do if she says Angelica can't have what she's demanding. Angelica's response is "Ask Daddy?"

Chuckie's Wonderful Life

In the Dreamtime

  • I'M NOT TOMMY! note 
    • Preceded by this.
      Dream!Spike: (posh English accent) "Hello, there! Just in time for a spot of tea, eh wot?"
      Chuckie: "Hey! Spike's not 'apposed' to talk!"
    • "I'm not Stu!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
    • What makes it Hilarious in Hindsight was the implication that the entire episode, including the babies trying to confront their bad dreams, was all Charles' nightmare, not Chuckie's.

The Unfair Pair

  • The fight between the toys named Reptar and The Other Reptar.
  • The cookie the twins get that's broken in half, one piece for each of them. They ask Angelica whose piece is bigger and get this.
    Angelica: (takes a bite out of Phil's piece) "Lil's."
    Phil: "Hey, that's not fair, Angelica!"
    Angelica: (takes a bite out of Lil's piece) "Okay, now Phil's piece is bigger."
    Lil: Hey, that's not fair either!
    Angelica: (tosses both pieces into her mouth) There, now you're even.
  • Phil and Lil try to go into the basement, each believing the other's the reject, until Phil believes that both he and Lil are the rejects and that Angelica is the favorite. This ends up backfiring in Angelica's face when the two are excited to go live in the basement and she ends up running into the basement after them, calling, "Wait for me, I wanna be a reject too!"
  • At the end, Angelica walks in on Charlotte and Betty talking about sweaters.
    Charlotte: My favorite's always going to be Angora.
    Angelica: (terrified) Who's Angora!?

Chuckie's Red Hair

Spike Runs Away

  • The first pet is Cuddles, a very aggressive poodle belonging to Mr. Fillihulster, one of their neighbors. Cuddles constantly barks and growls angrily at Tommy and Chuckie, breaks his toys, steals any time he might have had with Stu and Didi from him, and demands they give her what food they do have. According to Didi, when Mr. Fillihulster took her back, she bit him the minute she got inside the door. Tommy sums her up best;
    Tommy: Chuckie, I knew Spike! Spike was a friend of mine! And let me tell you something, that poople is no Spike!
    • Stu then buys a tarantula named Terry. The babies let him loose and the spider crawls into Grandpa's bedroom, where Grandpa's sleeping in his bed, and the spider crawls onto the bed. A view from Terry's eyes is shown as Lou awakens and stares at Terry in horror. Back in the kitchen, Didi and Stu are sitting at the table...
      Didi: $50 for a spider? Why, Stu, I can't believe it!
      Stu: Think of it as an investment, Deed.
      Grandpa: (off-screen from upstairs) GAAAAAH!!! (A big smack is heard, and then Grandpa Lou steps downstairs with the dead spider in a wadded handkerchief) Boy, there was a huge spider in my bed. Got him, though. (puts the hankie with the dead spider into the trash can) So, what's for dinner?
  • Stu buys two gerbils, Tanya and Rupert. Tommy decides to try to teach the gerbils to come to him and opens the cage, only for the gerbils to scurry off.
    Chuckie: What are they, Tommy?
    Tommy: I dunno. I wonder if we can teach 'em to come. (opens the cage) C'mere, ol' gerdil, ol' guy! (the gerbils scurry away) Hey, where ya going?
    Chuckie: Boy, we're not having good luck with all these aminals, are we?
    • Several weeks later, Didi is vacuuming, annoyed that the gerbils keep leaving their little "presents" all over the house. Tommy and Chuckie exclaim, "Presents?" Smash cut to a close-up of gerbil poop.
      Tommy: Hey! This isn't a present! It's gerdil poop!
      (The sound of squeaking is heard from behind the basement door.)
      Chuckie: What was that?
      Tommy: Maybe that's where the presents are.
      (Tommy opens the door, and he and Chuckie walk down the stairs. Chuckie gasps in amazement.)
      Chuckie: Look, Tommy! The floor's movin'! (As Tommy and Chuckie, stare at the "moving" floor, Stu enters the room.)
      Stu: Tommy, Chuckie, are you down here? (turns on the light) Oh, thank—what?! DIDI! COME QUICK! THE GERBILS HAVE REPRODUCED! (the basement is littered with thousands of gerbils)

The Alien

Mr. Clean

Angelica's Worst Nightmare

  • Angelica calls a TV psychiatrist to ask for advice about the impending new baby:
    Doctor: All right, what you need to understand is that there are other people in this world. Things don't revolve around you. You need to learn to share and let others take the spotlight once in a while. What do you say to that? Angelica? (TV is thrown in the trash) Angelica?
    Angelica: What a quack.

The Mega Diaper Babies

  • This piece of dialogue:
    Changeling: You'll never get away with this, Angelicatron!
    Angelica: (as Angelitron) Aw shut up, you dumb doll.
    • Three words: Dotted Line Girl.

New Kid In Town

Pickles vs Pickles

  • When Angelica's in court:
    Angelica: Your Highness, if it pleases the corpse, I'd like to act as my own lawyer.
  • The fact that the judge allows Angelica to elicit "testimonies" from dolls and stuffed animals.

Kid TV

  • Phil and Lil make fun of a soap opera. Angelica, not realizing what a soap opera is (she assumes that it's like a regular opera), comes on wearing a Viking outfit and singing about how if it's an opera, they have to sing.
    • During the soap opera, Lil claims a doctor is taking her brain out tomorrow.
  • Special mention goes to the climax, as Chuckie tries doing a news broadcast over the chaos of the rest of the kids chasing each other around.
  • Phil and Lil calling beauty juice "booty juice".

The Sky is Falling

I Remember Melville

  • From this otherwise quite sombre episode, there are a few funny bits, including this:
    Tommy: I know! We'll get Chuckie a new bug!
    Phil: Hey, if we find two bugs, can I eat the other one?
  • Phil and Lil are in fantastic form in this episode.
    Tommy: Why don't we teach Melville some new tricks and surprise Chuckie? (Pokes Melville, who's not moving and lying on his back.) Melville? You awake?
    Lil: Maybe he's tired!
    Phil: Or maybe his batteries ran out.
    Lil: Or maybe he's dead.
    Phil: (brightly) Well, this'll surprise Chuckie, alright!
  • When Chuckie says "Me and Melville are just fine here. We are not dead, okay?!"
  • Chuckie throwing the snail Tommy gave him to replace Melville.
    Chuckie: I don't want a new bug! And besides, that's not even a bug! It's a snail! GAH! (throws the snail out of the screen)
    Phil: ...told ya.

No More Cookies

  • Angelica's supposedly fake Flashback. In the first part, it seems like it's going to be a Heartwarming Moment, with Angelica's mom and dad telling her to say "mommy" or "daddy", respectively. Her first word?
    • It gets even funnier in a later scene, where we see her taking her first steps. Her parents go crazy trying to save the magical moment for posterity...then they realize that she's just trying to get at a plate of chocolate cookies on the table.

Cradle Attraction

Moving Away


  • The Epic win and fail of Chuckie building a pyramid upside down.
  • Don't close the- (SLAM!) ...door. (And the fact that each time, everyone joins in on the word "door".)
     Season Four 


  • "Hey, Tommy, these cradles don't taste like clay!"
  • When Schlomo is trying to calm a hysterical Angelica down, the babies think that the "Meanie of Chanukah" is attacking her, leading to this exchange:
    Chuckie: (covering his eyes) What's happening?
    Phil: I think the meanie's tryin' to squeeze her guts out!
    Lil: What do we do?
    Phil: I know! We can use Tommy's pillowcase and pretend we're a ghost!
    (Phil puts on the pillowcase and shambles forward, making a goofy "Oowoo-woo!" noise before immediately walking into a table leg with a comical BOINK sound effct)

Mother's Day

  • Despite being a tearjerker, this episode has Betty entering all the qualities it takes to be a mother into Stu's newest invention.
    Betty: A mother needs wisdom for dealing with a fever of 105 at 3 AM on a Sunday. And she's gotta have dignity for when she's covered with spit-up at the supermarket. Plus strength, especially if she's got twins. And optimism, for when she hasn't got any of the rest of that stuff. Yeah, I guess that's about everything it takes to be a mother. (Presses enter. The computer starts emitting sirens and smoking)
    Computer: WARNING, WARNING, SYSTEM OVERLOAD. (Betty pats it affectionately.)
    Betty: Now you now how I feel, cupcake.
  • Also, Stu Screams Like a Little Girl when his latest invention, a Mother's Day machine that's supposed to make breakfast in bed for Didi, is malfunctioning.

A Rugrats Vacation

  • They go to Las Vegas and Angelica gets up on "stage" in the snack bar and starts singing her own song "Angelica the Beautiful". Then when the mothers leave the Circus Giganticus hotel and see Angelica performing hew own rendition of "Vacation" on the big TV outside. Their reactions are priceless. This scene also counts as a Moment of Awesome.
  • While Angelica is singing, all of the adults are frantically trying to stop her or get the babies, except Grandpa! He actually joins Angelica in singing and throws things at the performers who were chasing after her.
  • Stu taking the kids to the buffet.
    Stu: Lil, you're supposed to eat the raisins!

Spike's Babies

Chicken Pops

Radio Daze

Psycho Angelica

  • Angelica's mispronouncing "psychic" as "psycho".
    Angelica: "I can predict the future. I'm a psycho!"

America's Wackiest Home Movies

The 'Lympics

The Carwash

  • Tommy impersonates his grandpa while foam fills up the car, by putting bubbles on his face. It later becomes a heartwarming moment when you realize that Tommy's impersonation helps Chuckie get over his fear of the car wash.
  • A moment at the beginning, where the camera cuts back and forth between Chuckie's interpretation of events at the car wash and Chaz's.
  • Chaz and Stu have gotten distracted at the car wash, forgetting to take the babies out of Chaz's van. When Chaz realizes this, he races to the next customer's car, exclaims, "Move over, this is an emergency! I'm a dad!" He proceeds to throw the other customer out of his car and drive it into the car wash. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.

Heat Wave

Faire Play

The Smell of Success

Dust Bunnies

Educating Angelica

Angelica's Last Stand

Clan of the Duck

Potty-Training Spike

  • Tommy stating that Spike's a "big-boy doggy" so he needs to use the "big-boy potty".
  • The babies trying to be Spike's "family".
    Tommy: "From now on, I'll be Spike's dad!"
    Chuckie: "And I'll be...Spike's other dad!"
    Phil: "And we could be his uncle Bill and aunt Harriet!"
  • Phil throws himself into the role, inviting Spike to, "Pull my finger, son!"

The Art Fair

Send in the Clouds

  • Lou and Stu arguing with each other:
    Lou: Why do you always lose your keys, dag-nabbit?!
    Stu: Why do you always talk like a prospector when you're aggravated, "con-flabbit?".
  • One of the best scenes is Grandpa naming off past experiences Stu's had with fixing things, all ending in some form of disaster. The best one is obvious.
    Grandpa: And this one! I still can't figure out. October 5th: change the light bulb in the fridge. Nine stitches, and a case of pink eye?
    Stu: Alright! Alright, I'll buy a first-aid kit!

In the Naval

The Turkey Who Came to Dinner

The Mattress

  • This exchange when Stu and Didi catch the babies trying to attack the monster in Lou's mattress:
    Didi: Stu, you've got to get rid of that old thing.
    Stu: You mean Pop?
    Didi: Very funny.

Looking For Jack

  • Jack, the (presumably) mafioso restauranteur (voiced by Joe Mantegna) telling Angelica she has spunk.
    Angelica: I got spunk? Is that good?
  • The restaurant owner calling her "Angie" instead of by her real name is kind of funny.
  • And how did they come to meet Jack? Angelica went looking for him when her mother's car broke down and she lamented that they'd "need the jack" to fix it.
  • The "Dummi Bears" theme song as an accordion ballad. You Cant Unhear It.
  • Jack turning to complete gleeful mush when Angelica mentions the Dummy Bears show they're on their way to. Admit it: you laughed... and then you cried.

Ransom of Cynthia

Turtle Recall

Angelica Orders Out

  • When Angelica is mad that Grandpa Lou won't order her any dessert from a home delivery deli (aside from baked apples, which she hates) she calls the place when Grandpa Lou is asleep to order some dessert. When the delivery person tells her that she's too young, she uses Stu's new voice-changing gadget that makes her sound exactly like her mother. She then orders every single dessert they have for delivery, including flan. When the delivery boy shows up, she grabs a picture of Didi, and speaks to the delivery boy through the mail slot.
    Angelica: Just leave the bags by the door and go away.
    Delivery Boy: Uh... what?
    (we see a picture of Didi peeking through the mail slot in the door)
    Angelica: Down here! Just leave the bags by the door.
    Delivery Boy: Uh... okay. Thank you for calling Zippy's Snappy Home Delivery.
    Angelica: Go away. (closes the slot)

Let it Snow

Angelica Nose Best

  • Phil gets a good one when Angelica refuses to believe her nose has grown.
    Angelica: My mommy says I have a pretty nose.
    Phil: Yeah. Pretty big.
  • Angelica chases the babies and ends up smashing a priceless vase Charlotte has in the hallway. So she blames it on the babies, but tells Charlotte not to hold it against them. Gilligan Cut to the babies in the playpen.
  • Angelica's attempts at telling the truth to Charlotte?
    "The sky is blue...and playgrounds are fun...and Grandpa Lou is old."
  • Grandpa Lou sadly makes things worse for Angelica when it turns out his grand prize for selling the chocolate bars is a fun house mirror - which of course makes her nose look even bigger.

Pirate Light

     Season Five 

Grandpa's Bad Bug

Lady Luck

  • The twins think the shuffleboard pucks are cookies. Phil and Lil try to bite into one...
    Lil: I think this cookie is older than we are.


  • To get rid of Tommy's hiccups, Angelica plans to scare him. But Tommy is too brave, so he asks Chuckie to teach him how to be afraid. Hilarity Ensues.
    • On the second attempt, Angelica tries to emulate the Boogey Man.
    Chuckie: AAAAH! The Booger Man!
    Angelica: That's Boogie Man, you dumb baby!

Autumn Leaves

  • The premise is that the babies think a tree is sick because its leaves are changing. When they wonder why it got sick, Tommy thinks it's because it's a maple tree but got apple juice spilled on it, which he thinks is like feeding a fish bird food, and decides that to make it "better", he must pour maple syrup on it.

Crime and Punishment

  • When the babies think that the female cop whom Chas is attached to will arrest Chuckie for breaking Chas' glasses, they decide to have Chuckie lick a bar of soap so he can pretend to be sick. Chas, who is Blind Without 'Em, only mistakes the soap-covered Chuckie for a mad dog.
    • And later, after Chuckie has had his mouth rinsed out...
    Chuckie: Blech! That tasted terrible!
    Phil: Oh, I dunno... (burp)
  • The babies deciding that Chuckie should be Covered in Mud in order for Chas to take him home.
    Phil: Man, now he gets his own mud puddle to jump in! Chuckie's havin' the best day of my life!
  • After the babies create a mud puddle in the middle of the lawn, Chas tries to bring the kids back inside, only to slip in the mud. Stu, Didi, and the cop follow after him and end up similarly Covered in Mud.
  • When it becomes clear to the babies that the cop's not mad at anyone after finding Chas' broken glasses, the babies decide to play in the mud, resulting in an Everybody Laughs Ending.

Baby Maybe

The Word of the Day

  • The sheer unbridled enthusiasm Angelica has for saying exactly "what Miss Carol thinks of her kids (whatever it is) while having no idea why it's making all the grownups upset. Hell, the funniest part is just how relatable it is: what kid wouldn't have done what she did in those circumstances?
  • This conversation:
    Chuckie: "How can a word be bad anyway?"
    Tommy: "I guess a bad word is a word that people don't wanna hear."
    Phil: "Then I know a really bad word: 'bath'"
  • The parents telling Angelica not to say bad words.
    Drew: "And since your Fun Phrase has a bad word in it, it would make Mommy and me happy if you just didn't say it anymore."
    Angelica: "Well, which word is the bad one, Daddy?"
    Drew: "Well, it's...I mean...It's the...look, maybe it would just be better if you didn't say any of those words anymore, Angelica."
    Angelica: "Is it 'we're'?"
    Drew: "Angelica!"
    Angelica: "Is it 'all'?"
    Charlotte: "Angelica, you are not to say that word again."
    Angelica: "Is it 'little'?"
    Drew: (angry, talking quickly) "Angelica! If you say that word one more time, we are not gonna take you to be on Miss Carol's show!"
    Angelica: "Oh, you mean it's—"
    (Cut to outside of the house where a construction worker is drilling with his noisy jackhammer, drowning out the word, followed by Charlotte's terrified scream)
  • At Ms. Carol's show, Ms. Carol asks Angelica the "fun-phrase" and Angelica becomes conflicted trying to prevent herself from saying the word. Losing her patience, Ms. Carol repeats herself and Angelica says the word. Miss Carol, who already clearly hates her job and is starting to crack while doing these auditions, tries to throw her out, as Angelica, who has yet to have a single adult believe her, insists that that is in fact what she said. Finally at the end of her rope, a manic Miss Carol turns to the camera and...
    Miss Carol: "You are all little-!
    (cut to color bars and two people in the control room exchanging shocked expressions)
    Angelica: (ecstatic) See?! See?! She did say it!
  • As they watch at home, Stu, Didi and Grandpa make the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" faces from the couch.

Jonathan Babysits

He Saw, She Saw

Piggy's Pizza Palace

  • Tommy giving commands to the dog suit in Yiddish.
    Tommy: (After everybody gives him a puzzled look) My Grandpa Boris always says that to Spike.

Fugitive Tommy

Visiting Aunt Miriam

The First Cut

Chuckie Grows

  • When Chuckie thinks he's gonna grow gigantic, Angelica tricks him into thinking he squashed her (by cutting out a photo of herself and crudely gluing it her Cynthia doll), and the babies try to convince him he must be mistaken.
    Phil: And even if you did...that's okay.

Babysitting Fluffy

  • Lil thinks that to "babysit" Fluffy, she must wear a diaper and drink from a bottle.
  • The ending reveal of a bald Fluffy after getting stuck in the asphalt that the adults were trying lay out, and Chuckie now telling Angelica how to look after her in her current state.

Sleep Trouble

The Wild Wild West

Angelica for a Day

Uneasy Rider

Where's Grandpa?

Journey to the Center of the Basement

A Very McNulty Birthday

The Family Tree

  • When Chuckie thinks he has to leave home because he believes his dad loves Tommy better than him, Phil and Lil offer to let him stay with them. Lil warps the offer hilariously:
    Phil: How 'bout you come live with us?
    Lil: Yeah! You can share my daddy, and Phil can go live in the forest! (Phil shoots Lil a Death Glare)
     Season Six 

Chuckie's Duckling

A Dog's Life

Angelica's Twin

Raising Dil

  • Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil thinking Dil is smarter than Angelica because he can put his toes in his mouth and she can't.

No Naps

Man of the House

A Whole New Stu


Chuckie's a Lefty

  • This moment:
    Didi: "Chuckie is very artistic, Chas? Hey, I've never noticed this before, but is he left-handed?"
    Chas: "I don't know. He's been switching over. I think it's perfectly normal."
    Charlotte: "Normal?! Don't you know what being left-handed means?!"
    Chas: "Um...using your left hand?"
  • Didi says that only about 10% of the population is left-handed—Angelica mispronounces it as "poopulation" and thinks it means there's only ten actual left-handers in the world.

Baking Dil


  • Lou and his army buddy are laughing over their baldness and fat tummies and how they tried to cover it up (only for Dil to basically "unfurl" the ruse) when Tommy walks in wearing his grandpa's toupee. Both Lou and the army buddy are still laughing, while Didi basically has a -__- look on her face.

Zoo Story

  • The babies believe that a Billy Goat is a goat named Bill and used to be a human baby instead of just a regular baby animal. Hilarity Ensues as they try to break out before they turn into animals too.
  • At the end, the adults talk about where to take the kids next.
    Chaz: Maybe next time we should take the kids minature golfing.
    Stu: Tried it.
    Howard: How about bowling?
    Stu: Tried it.
    Chaz: Swimming down at the rec center?
    Stu: Tried it.

I Do

  • The premise is that the babies think you must get married if you say, "I do" to someone, regardless of context.
  • In the little playhouse Chuckie and Lil have to pretend to live in after they get pretend married, the toy TV has a picture of Angelica taped onto the screen.
  • At the end, when the babies decide to all marry each other because Chuckie and Lil miss Tommy and Phil, Tommy asks an annoyed Angelica if she wants to join them. Cue Chuckie, Phil and Lil all panicking and begging her not to take the offer.
  • Angelica trying to marry Dil and Cynthia leads to this gem:
    Dil: (grabbing at Cynthia) MINE!
    Angelica: Not yet! You gotta get married first!

The Magic Baby

Dil We Meet Again

Hand Me Downs

  • Susie explains to Tommy and Chuckie that hand-me-downs have to go from someone who's older to someone who's younger, claiming that if they were the other way around, they've be called "hand-me-ups."
  • Angelica's elaborate story about how hand me downs caused a sister of Susie's that the babies never met to vanish. She tells the babies not to mention it to Susie so as not to upset her.
    "The last time they had to take a boat to the bathroom just so she could blow her nose."
  • Stu is pleading with Didi not to give the boys hand me downs either, claiming it affected his relationship with Drew. He chases her yelling "I wore the man's underwear for six years!" - and then immediately notices a (very uncomfortable!) Lucy sitting in the room.

Angelica's Ballet

Opposites Attract

The Art Museum

The Jungle

The Old Country

  • The ending, where after Tommy and Chuckie believe they've saved Boris and Minka's rustic cabin from the "elephants" (having misheard "elements" earlier on), Stu has been making shadow puppets, and then claims to the kids he's "saved the best for last." He makes a shadow puppet of a menacing-looking elephant head (complete with the sound of an angry elephant trumpeting), and then it cuts to outside as Tommy and Chuckie scream long and loud and the episode ends.

Ghost Story

  • Chuckie's attempt at telling the most un-scary "scary story" he can think of so he won't scare himself:
    Chuckie: So, um...the boy opened the door, and...he finded the most beautifulest room with lots of flowers and big fluffy pillows and bowls filled to the top with yummy candy! So the haunted house wasn't haunted after all, and the scaredy boy wasn't scared no more. The End!
    Angelica: WHAT?! You can't end it like that! That wasn't even scary! A scary story doesn't got flowers and pillows and candy! Now tell it right! Or I'll start telling the story again!
    Chuckie: So, then, um...the boy, uh, opened the door...and the room was kinda dark. And there was pillows, but they was hard and lumpy. And the candy was yucky.
    Angelica: (perplexed) That's, err...a little better. Er... Works good enough for me.
  • Ghost!Tommy tries convincing the monsters to not eat them because there is a heaping bowl of pudding in the kitchen instead. Indecisive, Ickis proceeds to lick Chuckie's face and decides that they should get the pudding instead.

Chuckie's Complaint

  • Chuckie's idea of an "angry letter". note 
    Dear Reptar. It was not very nice of you to take that boy's cereal. You should have asked him first, or, y'know, at least left him some. Although that was a pretty hole you left in the wall and you roared pretty good, but did you have to eat the bowl too?

Pedal Pusher


Chuckie's Bachelor Pad

Junior Prom

Silent Angelica

Tie My Shoes

  • The way Angelica learned to tie shoes was by watching a video that shows a woman singing a song while tying together shoelaces that look like snakes. Angelica can never get the song straight.
    • Real song:
      Take Hissy and Sissy and make 'em flail. Reach 'em back and bite their tails. Eat those tails; they're so yummy, so fold them up and tie their tummies.
    • First attempt.
      Angelica: "Let's see. First the snake eats itself, how dumb, now fold them up and...tie...their..tummies!"
    • Second attempt.
      Angelica: "Okay, so the two snakes is hungry, so they need tummies. No, that's not it. Uh, snakes is yummy so bite their tummies. No, that's not it either."

What's Your Line?

Two By Two

All's Well That Pretends Well

Big Babies

Wrestling Grandpa

Chuckie Collects

Runaway Reptar

Share and Share a Spike

Tommy for Mayor

Brothers are Monsters

  • The end of the episode, when Betty's brother stops by and says, "Big sisters are monsters". Tommy then says to Phil "Isn't Lil a teeny bit older than you?". Lil turns around with pretzel sticks for fangs and Phil runs away in terror, his screaming mouth engulfing the screen with black.

Cooking With Susie

Officer Chuckie

Auctioning Grandpa

Partners in Crime

Thumb's Up

Planting Dil

  • The whole plot is funny: when Didi says that she will plant some dill, the kids think she will be planting the baby.

The Joke's On You

  • When Drew calls Stu a sucker, we get this:
    Angelica: It's gonna be lots of fun staying at your house today, Uncle Sucker... I mean, Uncle Stu!

Big Showdown

Doctor Susie

Accidents Happen

  • Chuckie wets the bed and after a misunderstanding from his dad, starts to worry that he's relapsing from his potty training. When the others suggest that he'll end up like Dil, we get this exchange:
    Dil: Poopy!
    Chuckie: (gasps) You mean I'm gonna start doing that in my pants again and...(thoroughly uncomfortable) telling everyone when I do it!?
    Phil: It's okay to keep some secrets, Chuckie.

Pee-Wee Scouts

Chuckie's New Shirt

Cave Babies

The Incredible Shrinking Babies

Miss Manners

A Dose of Dil

  • Angelica claiming that pretending to be injured isn't "lying", it's "acting".

Famous Babies

No Place Like Home

  • Susie has to have her tonsils removed. Angelica attempts to provide well-wishes by bringing in a life-sized Cynthia doll.
    Angelica: (moves Cynthia's mouth to make it look like she's singing) I'm real sorry to hear about your toenails.
    Susie: It's my tonsils, not my toenails!

Be My Valentine

Discover America

     Season Seven 

Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts

  • Throughout the special, Phil and Lil get dressed in super-absorbent diapers that Betty got on sale. The new diapers are so bulky, that the twins can hardly move in them. At one point, the twins have had enough and decide to take them off. When they do so, they are so happy to have the new diapers off, that they run through their house, waving them in the air and shouting, "Freedom!". Howard is shocked when he sees this, and he chases after them to try to re-diaper them before they have an accident on the carpet he just cleaned.
  • This Getting Crap Past the Radar paraphrasing:


  • At the beginning, Chuckie is in his high chair, and he and the adults have a little fun with him being able to talk. It's even funnier because Chuckie has a big smile on his face the whole time:
    Kira: (hands Chuckie a muffin) Would you like something to eat, Chuckie?
    Chuckie: No. (takes a bite of the muffin)
    Chaz: (hands Chuckie a sippy cup) Are you thirsty, little fella?
    Chuckie: No. (takes a sip out of the cup)
    Marvin: You ever gonna amount to anything, Chuck?
    Chuckie: No.
    Chaz: Our Chuckie talks.
    Chuckie: No.

Dil Saver

  • The whole premise is that they think Dil is trapped in the computer because there's a screensaver of him and they can hear him through the baby monitor. Then, Dil makes a noise that sounds like "pee-pee".
    Phil: "Pee? Now? Okay."
    Lil: "No, Philip. I think he means "P" like in the alphabetty song."
  • The interactions between the babies and the computer voice.
    Computer: "Do you want help?"
    Tommy: "Dil can talk now? What's happened to his voice?!"
    Angelica: "That's not Dil, stupid. It's the compooper!"

    Computer: "Do you want to send?"
    Tommy: "Yes! Send Dil back to us!"

    Computer: "Delete?"
    Tommy: "Yeah! Dil eat! How do we make him eat?"
  • The kids misinterpreting computer terms, such as thinking Dil should eat because computers have menus, wondering if he's cold because they can freeze, or wondering why he can't just crawl out because they have windows.

Cooking with Phil and Lil

Piece of Cake

  • The episode begins with Angelica devouring an entire cake even though her mother Charlotte told her not to. Surprisingly, Angelica doesn't get in trouble for it and she continues getting her way, from the babies giving her their cookies to becoming head of a corporation that makes merchandise based on her. It eventually turns out that the whole thing was a daydream and that Angelica didn't even touch the cake. Charlotte then offers her daughter a piece of cake, only for Angelica to run screaming.


  • This beautiful bit of snark from Chuckie of all characters!
    Lil: Why's Angelica getting all yelly?
    Chuckie: (chuckles a bit) When's she ever need a reason?

Dil's Binkie

Big Brother Chuckie

Sister Act

Spike's Nightscare

Cuddle Bunny

Changes for Chuckie

The Magic Show

A Lulu of a Time


The Great Unknown

Falling Stars

Cat Got Your Tongue?

  • Howard's "Nighty Night Phil and Lil" song.

The War Room

Attention Please

  • Chuckie calling Frere Jacques "Fryer Jackets".
    • He tries to sing the song earlier, but just sings "no" over and over to an approximation of the tune.

And the Winner Is...

Dil's Bathtime

Bigger Than Life

My Fair Babies

The Way Things Work

Home Sweet Home

Day of the Potty

Tell-Tale Cell Phone

The Time of Their Lives

Bad Shoes

  • When Stu shouts "These shoes aren't meant for human feet!", Kimi thinks they're made for dog feet and puts them on Spike.

The World According to Dil and Spike

Wash-Dry Story

Adventure Squad

The Way More Things Work

Talk of the Town

All Growed Up

  • Tommy playing with Angelica's microphone.
    Tommy: Hello? La-la-la!
    • And when Angelica sees it, she squeezes a cookie with her fist so hard it breaks into crumbs.

A Rugrats Kwanzaa

  • A lot of the stuff Great Aunt T does, though it overlaps with awesome and heartwarming moments too.
    • Suzie frets over the clay present she tried to make for Aunt T being ruined, but the latter assures her that she loves her own snarky way:
    Great Aunt T: Well, it's not gorgeous...but it's got a lot of character! Just like me! (hearty laugh)
    • Shortly after, Suzie worries that she's not one of her family's "great people" because she doesn't have any awards, trophies or accomplishments to speak of. Aunt T consoles her by quipping that she doesn't have any trophies either...except the one her husband gave her for "Biggest Mouth in Town".
    • In one of her flashbacks, we have Great Aunt T's reaction to meeting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in person.
     Season Eight 

Bow Wow Wedding Vows

Quiet, Please

  • The babies mishearing "library" as "lie berry" and wondering if it's a berry that makes you tell lies or a berry to lie upon, the latter of which Chuckie doesn't like the sound of because you'd get covered in juice.

Early Retirement

  • Throughout the episode, Angelica tries to watch the Cynthia P.I. special at Tommy's house because Drew has to work and Charlotte has a power yoga class. To keep the babies from distracting her, she decides to make a retirement home for them. At one point, the babies try to dance like Lou and Lulu, but the only tape cassette they have is of farm animal noises, leading to this exchange when Angelica tries to watch the Cynthia P.I. special:
    Cynthia: The diamond thief left this very important note! It says...
    Farm Animals Tape: Moo!
    Angelica: What? The thief's a cow?
  • This exchange when the babies play golf:
    Tommy: Hole in five!
    Kimi: Two!
    Lil: A bazillion!
    Chuckie: Eleventy!
    Phil: Purple!
    Lil: You're opposed to say a number, Phillip!
    Phil: You guys said em' all already!
  • At the end of the episode, Angelica is about to find out who the diamond thief is, when Tommy accidentally steps on the remote while jumping on the couch, changing the channel as a result. This causes Angelica to emit a scream so loud, it can be heard across the galaxy.

The Doctor Is In

The Big Sneeze

The Fun Way Day

The Age of Aquarium

Daddy's Little Helpers

Hello Dilly

Cynthia Comes Alive

  • The episode begins with both the babies' Toby the Turtle toy and Angelica's Cool Teen Cynthia doll breaking, so Stu decides to fix them both at the same time. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that while Stu did succeed in fixing them both, he accidentally switched their voice boxes, much to the confusion of the babies and the ire of Angelica.

Trading Phil

A Tale of Two Puppies

Okey-Dokey Jones and the Ring of the Sunbeams

Curse of the Were-Wuff

Pre-School Daze

  • When the parents are saying goodbye to their children, the kid who thinks he's a superhero tells his dad to be strong, who responds by sobbing and whining that he doesn't want to leave, a hilarious reversal of the usual scenario of a parent dropping off their child at preschool for the first time.

Murmur on the Ornery Express

  • On their way to Little Biendeltown, Didi and Kira decide to play a game where they check off famous landmarks on their map as they pass by them. Unfortunately for them, something always happens that results in them missing the landmarks. When they get to Vegetable Rock, a natural stone formation in the shape of an asparagus, Dil spits up on their map, distracting them. When they get to Cough Drop Pass, a stone replica of a soothing losenge formed by years of natural erosion, a detective who has come to investigate the robbery of Minka's necklace asks Didi and Kira to follow him so he can ask them questions. When they get to the Love Geysers, twin water spouts that form the shape of a heart every 96 days (and this particular day is when they're going to erupt), they are determined not to miss them, but when Kimi presses some buttons on the engine's control panel, she makes the train go faster and the engine puff out black smoke, which covers up the love geysers as they erupt.
  • When the babies find Cynthia underneath one of the seats, they deduce that Angelica must have taken Wawa by mistake when they went through the tunnel. Before they can get out the door to find Angelica, Lou returns, telling them he's watching over them like a hawk so this time they won't get away from him... and falls asleep almost immediately afterwards.

Back to School

  • Didi's Imagine Spot of Tommy being an ungrateful brat at his sixth birthday. Even if it represents Didi's sound concern of not knowing how to be a good mother without Lipschitz' advice, it's just so hilariously out of character to see Tommy be extremely rude to his own mother.
    Tommy: This is chocolate-vanilla cake, I wanted vanilla-chocolate cake!
    • It also says a lot that Didi's vision of Tommy at age 6 essentially has him acting like Angelica.

Sweet Dreams

A Step At A Time

Angelica's Assistant

  • Harold's reaction when Angelica threatens to fire him as her "assistant".
    Harold: (downtrodden) Wow...if I lose my job I...won't have a job...

Happy Taffy

Imagine That

     Season Nine 

Club Fred

The Perfect Twins

  • Any and every time Lil affects a fake British accent. It's as funny as it is adorable.
  • Phil and Lil learn that they have twin cousins named Smedley and Hedley. When Tommy hears this, he butchers their names as "Smelly" and "Head-Leak".
  • The culture clash when the babies meet Hedley and Smedley, especially their misinterpretation of British colloquialisms.
    Smedley: Are you chums of Phil and Lil?
    Tommy: (confused) I don't think so. But we're their real good friends!
  • Hedley and Smedley become convinced that Angelica is the Queen of America. After they inadvertently get Lil in trouble, we get this gem from Chuckie:
    Smedley: I'm more worried about what will happen to us if we don't get this cake to the queen!
    Chuckie: And no one knows better than us how mean that queen can be!

Babies in Toyland

Clown Around

The Baby Rewards

Diapies and Dragons

Baby Power

  • The premise of the episode is that they think Dil is super-strong due to covering him in baby powder, which they think is called baby "power" and because a small earthquake happened. When Didi says something about "taking Dil away"...
    Tommy: "Take him away?! Where are they taking him?!"
    Phil: "Probably to the zoo. That's where they keep wild aminals."
    Lil: "Or maybe they'll send him to another planet!" (everyone else gasps) "Okay, okay, to the zoo." (everyone else but Tommy sighs)
    Tommy: (determined) "No! Not even the zoo! Not my brother!"
  • After the first earthquake, Stu gets inspired to invent safety products.
    Stu: "This is great, Deed. It's the moment I've been waiting for!"
    Didi: "An earthquake?"

Bug Off

The Crawl Space


  • The babies hear a stage director tell Kimi she'll be a "star". The babies think this means she'll be a literal star and Tommy says that to be a star, she must learn how to "tinkle".
    Kimi: "I know how to tinkle, Tommy. That's what diapies is for."
  • When Tommy sprinkles star-shaped sprinkles on Kimi to help her be a "star", Chuckie scolds him with, "we're not supposed to play with our food, Tommy."
  • When Mack says he likes Kimi's pigtails, Tommy and Chuckie take it literally and look at her backside for a pig's tail.

Who's Taffy?

They Came from the Backyard

Lil's Phil of Trash

Mutt's in a Name

  • When a vet/animal psychologist shows up to take a look at the Finster's puppy (who had been depressed for then-unknown reasons—the babies and Chaz believe it's because she doesn't have a name yet), he mistakenly looks at Fifi, which leads to this humorous exchange:
    Kira: (slightly exasperated) That's the patient's mother. Puppy is in the backyard.
    Vet: Her mother, huh? (aside, to Fifi) It'll all come back to you, no doubt...

Hurricane Alice

  • When Phil and Lil hear Howard say that "Hurricane Alice" is coming and might "turn their house upside down", and then a little girl named Alice visits, the babies think she's Hurricane Alice because she likes to turn everything upside-down.

Bestest of Show

Hold the Pickles

  • When the babies hear Taffy say she doesn't like dill pickles, they think she's talking about Dil, and then wonder why she's stopped liking Dil. Tommy suggests making him bigger because Taffy stopped liking her old shoes because they were too small.

Baby Sale


The Bravliest Baby

Gimme an "A"

Fountain of Youth

  • Tommy, Chuckie and Kimi try to drain the lake by pulling on a chain that's attached to a boat (though they don't know that). This leads to a scene that alternates between Drew and Stu swimming to the fountain and the babies struggling to move the chain.
  • Chaz being very recluctent to enter the lake, thinking that there's a sea monster living within. Near the end of the episode, a Nessie-like creature does swim up to the surface for about a second.

Kimi Takes the Cake

     Other Media 
  • Say what you will about the Tales from the Crib direct-to-video films, but they have their share of funny moments as well.
    • "Snow White"
      • The Running Gag where Taffy scolds the Evil Queen (portrayed by Angelica) for attempting to use violent methods in dealing with Snow White and the seven dwarf babies on the grounds that it is a family story.
      • The remarks the magic mirror makes under his breath when the Evil Queen asks him to tell her who the fairest of them all is.
      • Angelica makes up the dwarves' names and takes inspiration from the babies. She names them Baldy (Tommy), Scaredy (Chuckie was nervous about Angelica reading the story), Drooly (Dil was drooling), Icky (Phil was picking his nose), Sticky (Lil had a lollipop stuck in her hair), Spazzy (Kimi was cheerfully fidgeting in place), and Furball (Spike).
    • "Three Jacks and a Beanstalk"
      • Harold states that Geesey's joke about a three-legged canary was so funny he laughed until he wet his pants. Much to his misfortune, he ends up doing just that.
      • Jack Sprat (portrayed by Phil) ends up wearing a wig and a dress while hiding inside Angelica the Giant's toy hair salon. After the babies once again escape the giant, Phil is told that he can take off his disguise. Phil's response indicates that he had other reasons to wear a dress.
      • Aunt Moo loses an arm wrestle to Tom Thumb, who is depicted as a self-absorbed wrestler. To reiterate, Aunt Moo was beaten at arm wrestling by a tiny professional wrestler!


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