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Recap / Rugrats S 2 E 11 Superhero Chuckie The Dog Broomer

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The eleventh episode of the second season of Rugrats.

Superhero Chuckie

Chuckie watches Captain Blasto, a superhero show, and tries to emulate the titular superhero.

The Dog Broomer

The babies think a visiting dog groomer wants to hurt Spike.

"Superhero Chuckie" provides examples of:

  • Bland-Name Product: One of the pieces of Chuckie's superhero outfit is a towel from Motel Styx, which he uses as a superhero cape.
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  • Borrowed Catchphrase: When Tommy, Phil, and Lil see that Chuckie's superhero cape has come undone, they believe Chuckie to have lost all of his super powers. Phil then says, "He's doomed!".
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: This exchange from the babies;
    Lil: Was he great?
    Phil: Was he amazing?
    Tommy: Did he fly?
    Chuckie: He was great and amazing and he flied! He's the most greatest, amazingest stuperhero ever!
  • Bullying a Dragon: Near the end of the episode, Angelica, who had earlier stolen Chuckie's globe beach ball continues to taunt Chuckie when he tells her that he's a real superhero. An angry Chuckie pushes her, causing her to stumble back into a toy fire engine.
  • Cape Snag: After Chuckie lifts an inflatable chair that Stu invented, his cape snags on the plug, unplugging it and causing the chair to deflate. Because Chuckie is standing right next to the chair, Tommy, Phil and Lil believe he is melting the chair with heat vision.
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  • Creative Closing Credits: Superhero music plays during the closing credits.
  • Long Runner: Show Within a Show example; Captain Blasto is said to have run on Channel 43 for 35 years.
  • Magic Feather: Chuckie is outfitted with a superhero "costume" by the other babies, including a towel-for-a-cape, saying that it would give him super powers and be a real hero. However, when he loses the cape and still defeats Angelica, who had stolen away his globe beach ball, the babies realize it was all in him.
  • Malaproper: Chuckie pronounces superhero as "stuporhero".
  • Not Quite Flight: Chuckie stands on Didi's exercise machine and accidentally turns it on. The exercise machine launches him into the air, and he lands on Stu's deflated inflatable chair. Upon seeing it, the babies believe that Chuckie can fly.
  • Pig Latin: After Angelica sees the actor playing Captain Blasto "fly" on a rope, she asks him if he can do it again without the rope, and the actor whispers to her, "Ix-nay on the ope-ray, kid."
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  • Rule of Three: The babies try three tests to prove Chuckie is a superhero; the ability to see through walls, the ability to lift heavy objects, and the ability to fly. Thanks to a series of contrived coincidences, the babies believe that Chuckie has all these superpowers.
  • Shout-Out: When Didi's exercise machine is set to "HIGH", she shouts, "Stu! Stop this crazy thing!"
  • Show Within a Show: Captain Blasto.
  • Superhero Episode: After seeing Captain Blasto, Chuckie decides that he wants to be a superhero.
  • Superheroes Wear Capes: Part of Chuckie's costume includes a towel he uses as a cape. Chuckie even believes that superheroes get their super powers from their capes.
  • Visual Pun: Chuckie gets a globe beach ball as a prize from watching the Captain Blasto show, and Angelica takes it from him. As a superhero, Chuckie tries to save the world.

"The Dog Broomer" provides examples of:

  • Dog Walks You: As Spike tries to run away from Ilsa, Ilsa holds onto his leash for her life, and he drags her along.
  • Dramatic Thunder: A thunderstorm happens outside as Tommy explains to Chuckie, Phil, and Lil that a "dog broomer" is a kind of dog-destroying villain.
  • Eureka Moment: When Lil says that she wishes some dog other than Spike were getting broomed, this gives Tommy the idea to replace Spike with a stuffed dog.
  • Hockey Mask and Chainsaw: A man wearing a gas mask and chainsaw comes to the Pickles' house, and Tommy believes him to be the "dog broomer". It turns out the man is Bernie, a lumberjack who has come to remove an old tree stump in Tommy's backyard.
  • Malaproper: The babies mispronouce groomer as "broomer", believing a dog broomer to be a villain who destroys dogs and sweeps them up with their broom.
  • Rule of Three: Three people come to the front door of the Pickles' house, in the respective forms of Bernie the lumberjack, Murphy the insurance salesman, and Ilsa the dog groomer.
  • Shout-Out: The movie that Stu, Didi, and Lou watch at the beginning of the episode is called The Mermanator. While watching it, Stu notes that he heard "The bald guy" game it a thumbs up, to which Lou bets that "The fat guy" hated it.
  • Third-Person Person: Ilsa constanly refers to herself by her name.

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