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Recap / Rugrats S 5 E 10 Babysitting Fluffy Sleep Trouble

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The tenth episode of the fifth season of Rugrats.

Babysitting Fluffy

The babies look after Fluffy at the Finsters' house.

Sleep Trouble

Tommy and Chuckie are afraid of the sandman.

"Babysitting Fluffy" provides examples of:

"Sleep Trouble" provides examples of:

  • Big Storm Episode: This episode takes place on a very windy day, and in the later half of the episode, a thunderstorm happens.
  • Getting the Baby to Sleep: Stu and Didi try many different methods of getting Tommy and Chuckie to sleep, courtesy of Dr. Lipschitz, including lullabies, bedtime stories, and even sock puppets. None of these attempts work, as Stu and Didi are asleep before Tommy and Chuckie are.
  • Toilet Humor: Early in the episode, Tommy and Chuckie try to build a sandcastle, but the sand won't stick together because it isn't wet. Chuckie then tells Tommy that he doesn't have to go potty right now.

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