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  • After a first act brimming with Epic Fail, Stu gets one in designing a Rube-Goldbergesque system to raise the Comvee, leading to the rescue of Nigel and the babies.
    • How about the fact that he Macguyvered a functional radio out of a coconut, a razor, gum and a bent up pen?
  • Spike should get special mention for brazenly humiliating a clouded leopard, risking drowning to retrieve the raft for the pontoon repair, and being voiced by Bruce Willis.
  • Betty spends the film overcompensating for Howard's breakdown. She dives back into the wreck to save a life raft (and Dil's pacifier,) breaks up the group's roundtable shouting match, and takes an active role in the Comvee salvage alongside experienced explorer Marianne Thornberry.
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  • The three most self-interested characters in the movie each get a moment of their own. Charlotte spearheads the escape of the capsizing boat (complete with informed Fanservice Action Dress Rip.) Angelica manages to pilot the bathysphere well enough to rescue the babies, Suzie and Nigel from the cave, even if they smack into an even bigger mess. Debbie's is minor, but she does provide a crucial element to the Comvee raising- the gum to hold the patch in place for the pontoon. She even dives in herself to secure it.
  • The kids and Nigel encountering a giant squid in the bathysphere shortly after they're rescued. A prime example of how The World Is Just Awesome.

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