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  • In the episode "The Devourer", Elena kicks Magnacat in the face after tricking him into thinking that she can't see him when in fact, she can.
  • Zick gets his powers back in "The Last Tamer" when his father is in danger by Magnacat.
  • Elena attempts to fight a mysterious shadow in "A Kingdom for Bombolo" with her Karate Kung-Fu Sudoku.
  • In "Back Home", Zick has freed himself in an illusion by Moog Magister.
  • In the first issue of the sequel, Bombo saves Zick from his rebellious and out-of-control Dom by eating it, also helping restore his powers for good. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker, as he turns in a Domulacrum by doing that. Still an awesome way to go.
    • And then, in the second issue, Bombo is back! Turns out, he could quickly reincarnate after such a death... And now, he can fly.

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