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Awesome / The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

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  • In "100 Percensus", Captain K'Nuckles is constantly bothered by Flapjack to take a census and be accounted for. K'Nuckles, being K'Nuckles, thinks Flapjack wants him to count to four, which he can't do. Eventually, he comes around and takes the census, only to find that Stormalong has been taken over by pirates. He gives the census to the pirate captain (long story), who then proceeds to mock it:
    Pirate Captain: Pbbbbbt! You don't know how to read or write! Or draw. Ha! You probably can't even count to four!
    Captain K'nuckles: You're right, I can't count to four., But I can count to three! One! Two! Three! (Cue a crew of 100 pirates getting pushed off the docks of Stormalong by a very frustrated adventurer, three at a time.)
    • Just watching K'NUCKLES, of all people, defeat an entire pirate crew single handedly proves that even he can be more of a badass and less of a Fake Ultimate Adventurer when it counts.
  • "I'm no gentleman... I'm an ADVENTURER!!!" "ADVENTURER!!"
  • K'nuckles standing up to the Bush Man, an odd creature seemingly made from vegetation that has spent the whole episode foiling his and Flapjack's quest of getting their hands on some fresh fruit, with K'nuckles fainting everytime he confronts it and it becomes hostile.
    Flapjack I'm so proud.
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  • The episode "Willy!", which is one big Moment of Awesome for Flapjack himself, since he captures 8-Armed Willy and makes him sing.
  • Meta: The fact that this show was responsible for so many other cartoons; how awesome is that!?

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