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Awesome / The Return of the King

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The Rankin-Bass adaptation:

  • Frodo using the Ring to throw Gollum off of him while on the slopes of Mount Doom.
  • This narration by Gandalf was not written by Tolkien but by Romeo Muller for the TV movie. It's hard to tell that it wasn't Tolkien and it matches his style perfectly. It more than makes up for some of the other lines that seemed out of place.
    Gandalf: "Who causes the minutes to fall dead, adding up to no passing hour, bringing no change from day to night, as the unseen sun fails to filter into the ever-present shadows? Who is this Dark Lord who turns starless nights into sunless days? How does His piercing eye see through the ever-present darkness, seeing all—and nothing? The restless eye, in His Dark Tower, wearing a veil of protective shadows He has woven from fear. And yet He fears too. In the security of His protective realm He fear the winds of the world are turning against Him, tearing aside His veils and troubling Him, with tidings of bold spies that have passed through His fences."
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  • "Where there's a whip," *CRACK* "There's a way."

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