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Awesome / Batman: Bad Blood

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  • Batwoman and Batwing don't disappoint in their first animated appearance, as they kick a lot of ass and have solid characterization to boot.
  • Batwoman goes toe-to-toe with Talia al Ghul in a dead-even fight that only ends when Batwoman gets blown out a window. Batwoman later breaks the stalemate by slugging Talia in the face hard enough to give her a bloody lip.
  • Luke takes out some of the Heretic's goons before he becomes Batwing.
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  • Bruce withstands weeks of nonstop torture at the hands of the Mad Hatter, who implies that not even the Heretic himself could've withstood such treatment.
  • Talia's plan to mind-control a huge amount of world leaders to both rule them and use them to rebuild the League of Assassins is impressive for its audacity and scope. Even Batwoman is impressed.
  • Alfred takes it upon himself to take down the Mad Hatter and the Calculator in order to save most of the world's leaders.
  • Onyx sneaks on Talia's airship and possibly kills her, though it's likely she's escaped.
  • The ending showing Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Batwoman, and Batwing teaming up together to stop Penguin's robbery. They are the epitome of Badass Family.
    • Barbara Gordon shows up in the last few seconds, decked out in her fan-favorite jacket-based Batgirl costume from the New 52.
  • A subtle one, but Batman was keeping tabs on Kate and her actions as Batwoman and at the end stated he wanted to get her to be on his team. To impress the Batman is an amazing feat of it, itself.
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  • Nightwing vs Blockbuster. The former was even about to win against the much heavier and stronger latter (if he wasn't distracted by his girlfriend's call). Even so, he manages to defeat Blockbuster by cutting the cord from a wrecking ball.
  • A meta example: The fact that the creators kept Batwoman's sexuality canon as it was in the comics. Many fans were worried that they may not bring it up or just imply it. However, they not only kept it canon, they handled in a way that it wasn't a big deal.