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The Introduction






  • Peter going against the burglar for the first time.


Horizon High
  • Spider-Man defeating the Scorpion, even through his setbacks:
    • He accidentally webs himself up on one of the subway control boxes and gets trapped while a car is coming, so he launches a web from the other shooter to send the car down the wrong track.
    • He chases after the Scorpion, breaking through the glass of the back of the car, to continue the fight after making sure he gets all the civilians to safety.
    • After a brief exchange of blows, Spider-Man seems to have missed the Scorpion with a web, only to casually observe as the Scorpion sneers at him that he was intentionally aiming for the emergency brake. By the time the car stops, Spidey's beaten the stuffing out of the Scorpion and casually hands both him and the gem he stole from a museum over to the cops.

Osborn Academy

  • Spider-Man stopping an out-of-control truck with his bare hands.
  • As Herman and Clayton begin to escalate their battle, Peter jumps in front of some Oscorp scientists who are about to be caught in the crossfire in an attempt to take the brunt of the blast, then as all three fall out of a window, Peter—still in civilian form—uses his webshooters to give the two falling scientists parachutes.
    Peter: Don't need a costume to do some good!
  • Give Harry some credit: his belief in who's at fault may be misplaced and he does have a grudge against Spider-Man, but he's not intimidated by him at all. When Peter falls out of a window and Harry can't find him but is rescued by Spider-Man, he doesn't swallow Spidey's excuses for where Peter is for a second and actually threatens the Webhead on his best friend's behalf. That takes guts.

A Day In the Life

  • The return of Black Cat in an animated show comes with her being one step ahead of Spidey thanks to the return of her bad luck powers.
  • Towards the end of the episode, Spidey finally manages to catch Black Cat (something no animated version of Spider-Man has done/bothered to do since 1981), all the while living up to his other responsibilities. Except Otto's class, too bad about that F.
  • Seeing the Symbiote show signs of life. Venom is upon us...

Party Animals

  • Spider Man is somehow able to make rapid-fire quips at Rhino when throwing things at him. It's like he was trying to get every single dance-themed play on words all the while taking on the behemoth.
  • Gwen being able to make a cure for Rhino and the Jackal.
  • Anya and Miles assisting Spider-Man by distracting Rhino with a bunch of speakers, playing Aleksei's favorite song.


  • When it seemed like Peter was going to be crushed to death, the symbiote saves his life.
    Peter: Hello, second wind!
  • Sandgirl vs Symbiote Spider-Man. The symbiote apparently enhanced Spidey's strength to such a degree that his punches created a shockwave that launches Sandgirl across the room!

Stark Expo

  • Give credit to Ghost in this episode. Not only did he take advantage of Iron Man's and Spider-Man's over reliance on tech, he had control over one of Iron Man's suits, blocked Spidey's webbing and blinding him to the point Peter had to rip off the eye pieces in the mask, forced Tony to eject out of his suit and nearly killed Tony Stark.
  • Ghost forced Spider-Man to use the V252/Venom Symbiote with the most logical conclusion: what happens when the power upgrade isn't technology based, but organic. Once Spidey gets the black suit, he absolutely annihilates Ghost. Then the symbiote destroys the upgraded Vulture Tech suits (while overcoming their combined sonic screams) before Spidey grabs Ghost by the face, and smashes his head into the podium!
    Ghost: But how?
    Spider-Man: How? Let's just say when you push people too far, they get enraged. And RAGE IS POWERFUL.

Ultimate Spider-Man

  • Doubles as a Funny moment, but Norman lied to Spider-Man about the time limit for the bomb in the Spider Slayer. That explosion would've killed Spider-Man/Peter had it not been been for Miles getting bit by the experimental spider.
  • It turns out Spencer sent the Spider Slayer and the bomb as a distraction not only to attempt to kill Norman, but that was a decoy so he could steal the experimental spiders. At this point, all the main villains are now Combat Pragmatists.
  • Norman manages to manipulate both Alistair and Spencer against one another in their own Spider Slayers. The two duke it out in Queens, which is not only awesome to see, but Alistair's robot is completely tuned with its own wind turbine and chest blaster.
  • Miles finally understands the meaning of responsibility, and saves Spidey and his father with his new electricity powers: essentially short circuiting both Spider-Slayers at once.

The Rise of Doc Ock: Part 1

  • Spider-Man and Otto end up working together to defeat Crimson Dynamo.

The Rise of Doc Ock: Part 3

  • Jackal successfully manipulates Spider-Man further in order to fool Harry and Norman yet again into believing that he's a part of his spider army, and this is only phase one of his plan as he has a ton of clones.
  • Otto and a few of Oscorp Academy's students and staff face off with Jackal's Rhino army, and Spidey works with them to prevent the school's destruction and deactivate the Jackal clones.

The Rise of Doc Ock: Part 4

  • A villainous one for Doc Ock. Not only he turns on Norman Osborn, and takes over Oscorp, he forms an alliance with Jackal, puts the Osborn Commandos under mind control, and forms the Sinister Five. Had Harry joined the Osborn Commandos beforehand, Ock would've had Norman's son to rub it in Norman's face even further.

Spider-Island: Part 2

  • Spider-Gwen with backup from Spidey (who hates to admit being treated as the sidekick) defeat Crossbones. Gwen punches him into the ground and the two perform a combo swing, smashing Crossbones into the same van he was trying to rob.
  • With Spidey's coaching Anya used her new developed Spider-Powers to throw a desk at a Hydra mutant!
  • Black Widow as a whole kicks butt. She handles Hydra mooks with nothing more than her staff. Then, she gains Spider-Powers, fuses her normal combat style with her new powers to solo the mooks, punches the Commander straight into a brick wall, and finishes him off with a roundhouse kick.
    • True to her spy title, once her plan to fake her surrender to find out Hydra's current leader works, she kicks an entire cub wall of glass into another mooks face.
    • As the three find themselves out matched and outnumbered, a group of Manhattaners with Spider powers, including a teenager that Gwen saved earlier arrive and help the trio defeat Hydra. Spidey ends the fight with a uppercut to Crossbones.
  • Spider-Man earns Black Widow's praise, even telling the young hero that he might be able to join the Avengers one day.

Spider-Island: Part 3

  • Peter, Harry, Anya and eventually a mutated Gwen Spider fight Kraven through the entire episode, barely defeating him at the end. At one point, Peter knocks Kraven in a garbage dumpster and makes fun of him on national television, earning him an unwanted Kraven autograph.
  • Peter tanks a point blank electrical taser for several minutes surprising even Kraven as Harry takes the latter's shotgun and blasts him into the crates.

Spider-Island: Part 4

  • Anya barely finished the cure and saved herself at the exact moment she nearly transformed into a Man-Spider.
  • Thanks to Anya's cure, Norman's mind remains intact and he battles the Jackal evenly despite being in his Man-Spider form.

Spider-Island: Part 5

  • Spidey saves the entire city using Jackal's bomb to spread the spider the cost of losing Harry as his best friend again.

Dead Man's Party

  • Venom's return is a glorious sight to behold. Gone is The Voiceless Venom that Flash Thompson was suffering as; this is the Venom. Eddie Brock, willingly joining the symbiote to create the true Venom. He already has all of the knowledge he needs for Spider-Man, and is coming directly for him; the next episode is when he puts everything in motion.