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  • In "A Ding from Down Under", after days of Coach Halder and his son, Corey, using her as a paintball target, Jen was pushed too far. Towards the end of the episode, she lets out a primal scream, puts on war paint and a solider helmet and then proceeds to shoot down Coach and Corey with paintballs. And better yet, when she shoots down Corey, she does it on roller blades.
  • In "Bye Bye Nikki? Part 2", Jude is caught by the Ron the Rent-a-Cop for sleeping at the mall several times and thrown into jail. At the same time, Nikki is spending her final moments in the mall with all her friends. What happens? In order to get out of jail, he gives a Rousing Speech to Ron about what it means to be a teenager and how Nikki will not be around much longer and he pleads to Ron to set him free. Ron, probably the biggest badass in the show, starts weeping at Jude's speech and lets Jude go. Also a Heartwarming moment.
    • Also in the same episode, Nikki returns to the Khaki Barn for the final time and delivers an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Chrissy and the Clones, blasting the store for its philosophy of blasting individuality in front of all of the customers, even taking shots at their new purchases just to add salt to the wound. The Clones don't wise up to the error of their ways, but Nikki has already declared that she's through with them, and announces before everyone that she is quitting the Khaki Barn for good.
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  • After Darth becomes Jonesy's supervisor at an electronics store, he reveals that Jonesy used to bully him. Later, he gets revenge by giving him a wedgie on camera.
  • The Halloween special "Dude of the Living Dead" is a classic example of The Apocalypse Brings Out the Best in People. With a lot of characters getting one of these. To wit:
    • Ron gets one in his opening appearance, where he is seen literally ripping a zombie apart with his bare hands. He then proceeds to organize the teens around him, set up a workable shelter, gain their respect, and sacrifice himself to the zombies in order to save three of them.
    • Darth gets another chance to show off his lightsaber skills, where he sacrifices himself to hold the zombies off so that his friends can get away. He uses the strangely realistic lightsaber to decapitate, impale, slice and dice several zombies with a toy, and he looks like he's easily winning until Caitlin drops her zombie boyfriend's severed arm on his head.
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    • Jude, when he hears Starr is alive and in trouble and decides to get dangerous.
    • The Gang's Last Stand where they lock and load their guns as part of the Zombie Genre Rule of Cool, and completely decimate the first wave, with each gang taking out a zombified personal enemy. Downplayed in that they run out of ammo and are thoroughly slaughtered by the second wave.
  • Jude has one whenever he gets a chance to make a speech. Often includes a "Pomp and Circumstance"-like theme playing in the background.
    Jude: Jen, it’s your duty to take off work. No. It’s your destiny! Calling in sick is like a necessary part of the evolutionary process. Where would the human race be without a sick day? [Jen leaves, but Jude doesn't notice.] We’d still be living in trees, eating bananas and fish, and things. We’re humans 'cause millions of years ago, some ape took the day off and invented tools. [A crowd starts to form, listening to him.] That ape decided, 'I’m not going into the tree today, I’m going to go build a small car out of rocks or maybe teach a cow to give me some milk.' Next thing you know, we’re golfing on the moon. Which further illustrates my point because, like even at the point when the astronauts were pulling this mad historical move, they recognized the opportunity for goofing off. It’s like, one small step for man, dude, lets spin a few doughnuts in my moon buggy! The sick day isn’t just a fun thing to do, it’s a fundamental right of every man, woman, and child! [The crowd cheers.]
  • In "Labour Day - Part 2", Jen's mom has gone into labor and is about to give birth. Unfortunately, Jen, who was the one who would be helping her mom deliver, is stuck in the mall due to unforeseeable circumstances. So what does Jonesy do? He rounds up Courtney and gives her a speech saying that although neither of them is anywhere near as dependable as Jen, right now they need to pull together and help his stepmom with the birth. Jen ends up arriving at the last second, but the fact that he was willing and able to step up in a crunch situation is awesome.
    • In that same episode, Nikki discovers she likes babies and accidentally sends one off with the wrong parents. She comes to Jonesy for help, and he somehow manages to come up with the perfect plan to get the right baby sent home with the right parents.
  • Jonesey managing to deliver a baby in "Smarten Up" with little knowledge of how to do so. Also a Crowning Moment of Funny since he screamed like a girl the whole time.
  • Meta: This show won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2009, based on "Outstanding Original Song".
    • Not only that, but this show was also nominated for four other things based on its episodes. The episodes nominated: "Fish and Make Up", "Date and Switch", and "Woah, Baby!" (Writer's Guild of Canada); and "Silent Butt Deadly" (Gemini Awards).
  • A small one in "Lights Out" — After Jude's girlfriend, Starr, has gone "Hardcore" goth and is hanging out with an entirely new circle of friends, Nikki briefly manages to shut up the leader, a girl who goes by "Morgana," after Nikki questions her and the other goths (including Starr) about why they're still alive if they're so into death.
    • This happened after Morgana (who's been acting like jerk to Nikki and the rest of the main six) had called Nikki a "poseur."
  • Wyatt gets a major one in "Kylie Smylie": after Serena had dumped Wyatt through a text message, fired him in front of a crowd of people, used him in a jealousy ploy and tried stealing him from Marlowe (while she herself technically already had a boyfriend), she apparently thinks that Wyatt still likes her and can convince him to take her back. Wyatt quickly sets her straight, making it extremely clear that he no longer has feelings for her and advises her to move on.
    Wyatt: I just told Serena that she needs to get over me. I'm the man!
  • "Role Reversal" as a whole, for being very LGBTQ+-friendly.
  • In the special "Snow Job," Jonesy is at the dance with a popular girl named Tara, who is nothing but rude to Jonesy and his friends. And it's also quite obvious that she's just using Jonesy to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. Then, after Darth and Julie get back together, Tara mocks them and it's here where Jonesy decides that he's had enough of her.
    Jonesy: That's it! I've had it with you and your dumb friends. Nikki was right about you. You are as shallow as a puddle.
  • In "Dirty Work," Jonesy starts his own business where he gets paid to give people bad news. Everything is great, until Nikki's current boyfriend, Stone, hires Jonesy to dump Nikki for her. Jonesy cannot bring himself to do it and gives Stone his money back. Stone refuses the refund and even threatens to tell everyone that Jonesy is dating five girls on the rebound if he doesn't do it. But Jonesy still refuses, claiming that Nikki is more important to him than anything and quits his bad news business.
    Jonesy: Nikki is more important to me than some stupid business or rebound chicks. In fact, you know what? I'll save you the trouble. Jonesy, you're fired!


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