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  • Grumpy arriving with his piece of the Rock of Sages on a dragon.
  • Bashful working up the nerve to sing outside of his bathtub in "Bathtub Bashful".
  • The 7D showing up to save Doc with the most epic version of "This is the song that gets On Everybody's Nerves" ever.
  • Grumpy gets another one in "Take Me To Your Grumpy". Learning that two aliens who are trying to conquer his planet have had their own taken by a bully of a king (since the aliens are Extreme Doormat s who think that politely asking is a way of taking over), he goes right into space, confronts the king himself and demands that he leave. And it works.
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  • You gotta admire Sneezy's guts for standing up to the Forest Ranger. Also, in the same episode, Dopey's Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Having turned the 7D into children in "What Are You, Five?", and taken over the kingdom yet again, this time for an interview with Johnny Sage, Hildy decides to bring the 7D to the castle for some Evil Gloating. Being five-year-olds and sensitive to Hildy's yelling, the young dwarfs start bawling, which causes a shocked Johnny Sage to tell Hildy off and she reveals that she turned them into five-year-olds to Johnny Sage causing him to get mad and for the 7D to start sobbing again, which causes her to tell Grim to entertain them.
  • If it wasn't for Hildy's magical meddling, then Bashful would have easily beaten Grim at the Jollywood Games.
  • Happy leading the rats out of the castle in "Say Pest to the Dress".

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