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The Glooms are the parents of Mad Madame Mim.
They have her skin tone, their hair colors match up with Mim's when combined, and they're all evil magic users.

The series is a prequel to the Original Snow White story.
Queen Delightful is Snow White's mother, who died/was murdered by Grimhilde (who may have been the daughter of the Glooms), who took over the throne by marrying Delightful's future husband before murdering him too. The 7D were so saddened by the loss of their Queen that they decided to withdraw from society, living as mining hermits.
  • Alternatively, Hildy herself is Grimhilde.
  • Alternatively, it takes place decades or even centuries after the movie. With Jollywood being much more technologically advanced than the land in the original movie and the presence of the seven founders of Jollywood possibly being the original seven dwarfs.
    • Queen Delightful is the daughter/descendant of Snow White and Prince Charming. The 7D are the grandsons of the original Seven Dwarfs. Hildy is related to Grimhilde.
  • The voice actor of sneezy mentioned that it is meant to take place before Snow White was born

Queen Delightful is supposed to be the future mother of Snow White.
Compare the queen of Jollywood to Snow White herself. Notice any similarities?
  • No.
  • Queen Delightful seems to have a vague resemblance, Snow White’s mother, who was deleted from the film. There are small things they have in common, such as the sleeves on their dresses that are a bit similar, Their crown’s are a bit alike with the jewels on them, and they both have the same hair color.

Dopey is a Stepford Smiler.
He isn't treated very well. And, maybe, he feels bad about it.
  • Maybe he'll join the Glooms after falling out with the rest of the dwarfs.
  • This troper believes that the Glooms might mind control the kid.
    • I, personally, hope this happens. Someone write a fanfic!

Queen Delightful doesn't like Bashful back.
I just hope she let's him down easy.

Queen Delightful and Hilda are related.
Hilda is Delightful's younger sister, that's why she wants the throne for herself.

Grim has some sort of mental disability.
His actions and way of talking invoke this. He is easily fooled into buying an obviously bad magic mirror, he creates a bunch of flowers with even the strongest wand, buys a lot of leeches (thinking they're cute), throws the transformatory ring (reserved for Hildy) into a fish bowl...

Happy is a Stepford Smiler.
Seriously. Considering that he didn't take notice of Grumpy's pain when his lips got numb after he played the tuba in
Jollywood Jam, he probably also has dashes of Lack of Empathy. And then there was time when he came dangerously close to snapping in Goldilocks and the 7D.

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