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  • In "Sneezin' Season", when Sneezy's sneezes first intensify the force is enough to send Grumpy in orbit across the planet and send him to Australia. The second time he lands in the arctic and the third time he lands on a cow, who then jumps over the moon.
    Grumpy: And that's how the cow jumped over the moon. The end.
    • In a similar vein, in "Big Bad Sneezy" Sneezy manages to send Grumpy into space, where he ends up traveling along Saturn's rings.
  • In "Bathtub Bashful," when Queen Delightful learns that Bashful can sing and tells the dwarfs that she wants him to sing at the Jollywood concert in two days, the other six dwarfs waste the entire day laughing at the idea.
    • Happy's complete failure to delicately break the news to Bashful.
    Grumpy (to Happy): Let's break this to him nice and gentle-like, okay?
    Happy (to Grumpy): Sure thing. (to Bashful) Hey, Bashful... You get to sing at Jollypalooza tonight!
    (Bashful shrieks)
    Grumpy: You really got the nice and gentle thing down, don't you?
    Happy: Thank you.
  • This bit when Dopey distracts Grim by dressing up as a salesman.
    Grim: "What's the matter, cat got your tongue?"
    Dopey: ...
    Grim: "Cat got mine once and it hurt."
    (Cut to Grim with his tongue out, a cat holding tight to the tip)
    Grim: "But Hildy, it won't let go!"
  • The end of "The Jollywood Jam" when Sir Yipsalot uses the Glooms' new wand to trap them in pickles and turn them into cats.
    Cat Hildy: Grim, you're a cat!
    Cat Grim: I can has pickle?
    • Lord Starchbottom's Jaw Drop when Queen Delightful reads out his grocery list instead of her speech.
  • In "Grim the Dragon", when the 7D see Jollywood being attacked by the dragon at the beginning Bashful jumps into a trunk, then sees Lord Starchbottom is in it already and the latter comments that he's way ahead of him.
    • Later, Bashful dives into a cupboard... only to again find Lord Starchbottom and Sir Yipsalot already inside.
    Bashful (deadpan): These hidey-holes are getting crowded.
    Lord Starchbottom (offering Bashful a tray of nibbles): Pigs in a blanket?
    • Dopey falling asleep in the middle of a conversation, from the same episode.
    • Grim's transformation into a dragon is very comical.
    Grim: Raahr! I'm dragon-y and fire breathing and stuff!
  • Bashful calling "dibs" on staying with Queen Delightful in the episode "Buckets".
  • Happy getting smashed by a giant pie in "Free Teensy".
  • On February 13, since there wasn't a new episode scheduled to air, the 7d crew decided to show a "Super Rare 7d Mini-sode"
  • The Jollypalooza is in danger of being cancelled in "Bathtub Bashful" because the intended main act, Jenny Jollywood, "has come down with a frog in her throat". Literally.
    Jenny: It tickles!
  • A clever little bit in "The 7 Frogs" when the 7D, as frogs, are standing on top of each other to spy on the Grims, to see if they're responsible for the spell. Grumpy is literally at the bottom, with Happy standing right on top of his back. Grumpy expresses his displeasure as a literal question, but Happy gives a rhetorical answer.
    Grumpy: How come I always gotta be at the bottom?
    Happy: Cause when you're at the top, you alienate people.
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  • In "Grandpa Grumpy and the Ogre", Grandpa Happy and his grandson are told to "keep on their toes". They stand on their tiptoes, beaming.
  • The entire Peter Piper exchange from the opening of "New Shoe" is solid gold:
    Patty Puddle: It's like this, your majesty. Peter Piper picked a peck of my pickled peppers.
    Queen Delightful: A peck?
    Patty: A bag full. About yea big.
    Queen Delightful: Uh huh. And you are?
    Patty: Patty Puddle.
    Queen Delightful: I see. So, Peter Piper picked a peck of Patty Puddle's pickled peppers. So what's the problem, Patty?
    Patty: Problem is, Peter Piper didn't pay. Picked 'em right out of the pepper pot and put 'em in his pant pockets.
    Queen Delightful: Is that true, Peter Piper? Did you put a peck of Patty Puddle's pickled peppers from the pepper pot in your pant pocket without paying Patty Puddle for the peck of pickled peppers you picked?
    Peter Piper: Um, could you repeat that?
    Queen Delightful: Ooh, I'm not sure.
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  • Some of the voice mix-ups in "Whose Voice Is It Anyway?" For example, a dwarf's voice gets mixed up with a chimpunk's.
  • Grumpy tries to teach cobbler Cobby to speak goblin. All he has to say is "Gob". Cobby repeats it but for some reason he just isn't getting it right.
    Cobby: I can't pass as a goblin.
    Grumpy: Sure you can. You just gotta act goblin.
    Cobby: But I don't know how.
    Grumpy: Say 'gob'.
    Cobby: Gob.
    Grumpy: No. Gob.
    Cobby: Gob.
    Grumpy: Gob.
    Cobby: Gob.
    Grumpy: Gob.
    Cobby: Gob.
    Grumpy: Gob!
  • The 7D and Queen Delightful going off in a tizzy in "Rock of Sages".
  • "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yeti" is full of them.
    • The Glooms turning several different colours in disgust to Happy's rewritten song for Hildy.
    • A darkly comic one in Doc's fear of mimes; he once got trapped in an invisible box for three weeks.
  • In "Which Witch is Which?", Hildy discovers the duplicate of herself sitting on the throne, and asks Grim for an explanation, assuring him that she won't be upset, and he explains that he used her duplicating wand.
    Grim: At least you didn't get upset.
  • In "The Very Important Thingy", the 7D need help from Lord Starchbottom to be quiet, so they can help Doc build an invention for the Queen. The conversation quickly descends into arguing, confusion and frustration.
  • Grumpy, Happy, Dr. Jingleheimer and Bingo playing keep-away with Doc's hat. And all the while Happy will not stop singing. Everytime someone calls out for Bingo, Happy would sing "B-I-N-G-O". Then everytime Grumpy would indignantly shout "Happy!", he'd reply with "If You're Happy And You Know It".
  • Grumpy's reaction when he accidentally gets into bed with Happy in "Take Me To Your Grumpy".
  • While holding Doc in captivity, Dr. Jingleheimer tries to dramatically reveal that he wants Doc's hat to build a shrink ray.
    Bingo: He's gonna shrink Jollywood.
    Jingleheimer: Thank you, Mr. I-Steal-People's-Thunder!
  • For some reason, Doc's regular hairstyle is a Mohawk.
  • The barista banshee in "Smarty Tooth".
  • Also in "Smarty Tooth": The plan to get Doc's smarty tooth back is to fly Happy in, via remote control, in a Tooth Fairy disguise. Grumpy takes gleeful advantage of hurting Happy by sending him crashing everywhere.
  • Happy Comically Missing the Point of a "yard sale" in "Planks, But No Planks".
    Happy: I sold the whole yard, Grumpy!
  • Bashful spends most of "Shapeshifter" doing a perfect Sean Connery impression. Problem is when that sometimes he'll slip into his normal voice.
  • In "Once in a Purple Moon", Happy and Grumpy seem to be the only ones with a dark secret when exposed to a red and blue moon. Turns out the rest of the 7D are also affected by different colors of the moon too!
    • Happy's is reasonable. He turns into a werewolf.
    • Grumpy turns into an extremely joyous lanyard salesman. It creeps everyone out. The way Sleepy summarizes it tops it off.
    (The 5D gasp)
    • Sleepy is hyper awake and caffeine obsessed.
    • Sneezy becomes a living doll.
    • Dopey turns into a goat centaur.
    • Bashful turns into an Expy of the Hulk.
    • Doc turns into a mindless buffoon.
      • In the same episode, Starchy gives all of the 7D the spare key to his cottage, saying each of them is the only one he can trust the key with, even someone like Dopey.
  • "Heigh-hidden charges-ho!"
  • In "Big Rock Candy Flim Flam", as the 7D make their way up the mountain with the replacement rock candy, on the Jollywood Express.
    Grumpy: Anyone else feel like he's bein' watched? (Zoom out to reveal Happy staring over at Grumpy in the seat behind him, beaming.) Not him. I'm used to that.
  • This unused ad-lib by Kevin Michael Richardson from "The Great Glitterpillar"
    Happy: It's prostate exam time, fellas. Better run!
  • From "Bedknobs and Gloomsticks"
    • "We're rich!" ''(the dwarves run around the tree stump, cheering)"
    • Dopey has used the dwarves' underwear and clothes for the quilt, leaving them naked and wearing barrels.
    Bashful: So you took our underwear and all our clothes, too?!
    Happy: I like the barrel. Makes me feel kinda... free.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus in "In Your Dreams, Pal":
    • Sneezy is dreaming of holding kittens in a field of flowers while giant pepper shakers rain pepper on him.
    • Doc is dreaming of reading in bed while flanked by a unicorn and an old hippy.
    • Dopey is dreaming of scratching his head with his foot like a dog.
  • From "Surely You Jest"
    Lord Starchbottom: I'm losing my mind.
    Pomp and Circumstance: LORD STARCHBOTTOM IS LOSING HIS MIND! (fanfare)
  • The whole Jollywood Jane's Chicken Noodle Soup commercial, which is one big reference to Orson Welles' "Frozen Peas" voiceover. Maurice LaMarche once again does his Orson Welles voice.
    Commercial voice: Is it delicious? Yes, always.
  • The 7D holding a funeral for their couch in "Planks, But No Planks".
  • This exchange from "Say Pest to the Dress", or any time Queen Delightful breaks out into spontaneous shouting.
    Lord Starchbottom: You can't lead a parade covered in mud.
    Queen Delightful: Right you are. SIR YIPSALOT, TIME TO HIT THE SHOWERS!!

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