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  • The second season finale "Snow Job" had plenty of these moments, two that particularly stand out are Wyatt's love song to Marlowe and the scene where Jonesy and Nikki get back together:
    Nikki: What are you even doing here? I thought you were supposed to be at the dance with the prettiest girl in school!
    Jonesy: Well, maybe I'm with the prettiest girl in school right now!
    Nikki: So then why didn't you ask me?
    Jonesy: Maybe I was scared to!
    Nikki: Jonesy...
    Jonesy: Just shut up for a second and let me say something! I was at the dance with this really hot girl, and things shoulda been great, but all I could think about was you. Annoying, sarcastic, totally frustrating you!
    Nikki: (speechless)
    Jonesy: Nikki, you're the only girl I wanna go out with. So I'm asking you... (pulls out a corsage) Will you go to the dance with me?
    Nikki: (sniffling, holding back Tears of Joy) ...yes.
    • There's also the part in "Snow Job" where Jonesy tries to make Darth feel better and breaks up with his Jerkass date after she insults him.
  • In Dude of the Living Dead, Jude gets dangerous when he hears that Starr is in trouble. Of course, it was only a dream. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • The very LGBTQ+-friendly "Role Reversal" as a whole.
  • In "Enter the Dragon," it's actually pretty sweet to see how excited the girls of the main six are when their period cycles sync up—it seems especially meaningful for Caitlin (who claims that period cycles syncing up is the first sign of close female friendship), if you take into consideration how she hasn't known Jen or Nikki (or any of the boys) as long as they've known each other.
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  • Jen and her older sister, Courtney, manage to patch things up in the latter's debut episode—even if they do still have a bit of a rivalry in later episodes, they do seem to get along better. It's also nice that the rest of the main six patch things up with Jen at the end of the episode, realizing that they'd much rather be friends with someone like Jen instead of Courtney.
  • Ron the Rent-a-Cop taking care of Jen and Jonesy's baby half-sister, Emma, in "6 Teens and a Baby" after he gets her off the runaway Zamboni—he's shockingly good with babies, and feeds her and rocks her to sleep before Jen rushes to get her home before her mom and Jonesy's dad get home and find out what happened (which she does manage to do).
    • It's also pretty sweet to see Nikki, Caitlin, Jude and Wyatt help with taking care of Emma.
  • In 2018, the Public Service Announcement reunion episode "Vote Dude" confirms something everyone hoped for but that was not entirely certain in the Grand Finale: Nikki does in fact stay good friends with the group despite moving away. The whole group stays together for at least two more years, and probably more than that based on how strong they're still going at age 18. And the episode also makes it clear Nikki is able to come back and visit in person every now and again which is even better. Even seeing that the secondary characters in the mall all remember Nikki and are more or less the same as they always were proves that the magic of the group and their hangouts at the mall was never lost at all, even after Nikki had to leave them in the final episode.


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