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  • Banned in China: Twenty-four episodes from the show never made it to the US, for various reasons including sexual references and homosexuality in general.
  • Canon Welding: Retroactively, with the Total Drama franchise, when years later a contestant on Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race name-dropped Jen as a babysitter she had when she was six.
    • This might present a slight problem in determining the Time Skip between the two series depending on how loosely or strictly the visual clues are interpreted; said TDRR character, MacArthur, is confirmed via Word of God to be 19 years old, participating in a series set in the middle of The New '10s (as evidenced by another character constantly taking selfies on her full-screened camera phone). For that to be the case, 6teen would have to be set fairly early in the 2000s for MacArthur's comment to make sense. It's possible, for instance, to imagine a Jen just hitting 15, a year or so before the events of 6teen, babysitting a six-year-old MacArthur, who later grows up and applies to a police academy at 19. As babysitters can start as young as 15 or even earlier, and aspiring cops can apply starting around college age (19-21), it's plausible for MacArthur's experience with Jen to be set around, say, 2002, thus placing TDRR around 2016 at least (which shifts it into the future by only about a year).
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  • Channel Hop: In the U.S, the series first showed up on Nickelodeon, but then they dropped it a couple of years after. Later wound up on Cartoon Network, presumably due to the success of Total Drama Island.
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  • Unintentional Period Piece: This show is very clearly set in the first half of the 2000s.
    • Pretty much all the characters who're shown to have cellphones have flip-phones instead of touchscreen-smartphones.
    • Video stores still seem pretty big, with two of the characters working at one for a large part of the show—also, illegal copies of movies and TV-shows are shared by selling discs instead of just streaming them over the internet.
    • Stuff like texting is big but social media is rarely referenced.
    • The characters only ever have a little trouble finding new jobs with almost no references, clearly pre-Great Recession when competition for jobs made it harder for high schoolers to find part-time work in favor of unemployed adults.
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    • In "The Girls in the Band," Jen and Caitlin are listening to a song on a portable CD-player instead of on something smaller like an MP3-player (such as an iPod) or a smartphone.
  • What Could Have Been: Believe it or not, the show was supposed to have a live-action movie at one point.
    • Also, rumor has it that there was supposedly going to be an episode (potentially an hour-long episode) where Jonesy finds the perfect job for himself in the mall and doesn't quit or get fired—and apparently, this would've served as the series finale instead of Bye Bye, Nikki.
    • According to Luk Internacional's (who distributes the show and some other Nelvana shows in Spain) promo for the show, it was supposed to air in Germany on KIKA.
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