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  • Why exactly would Coach Halder need to know if Jen (and, by extension, any of his other employees) had a sister? Or any siblings at all for that matter? Job applications usually don't ask about an applicant's relatives unless said applicant possibly had a relative who's a current/former employee at the establishment that they're applying to or if they're asking for emergency contacts (to Jen which probably put down her parents or something).
  • How can Wayne expect to open his store on December 25th when the mall itself isn't even open on that day?
    • He probably didn't think that far ahead when he came up with the idea.
  • If Caitlin loves shopping so much, why is she always wearing the same clothes?
    • The animators don't want to deal with different clothing on the characters.
  • In the UK, why has PopGirl only just now started censoring it when they've aired it uncensored for several years? They've cut out all scenes of onscreen puking and in "Unhappy Anniversary" they cut out every joke about Jonesy's bowl looking like a boob.
    • Probably due to falling popularity, so they are trying to clean it up and aim it at children instead of teens. Sad, but there is unfortunately little you can do.
  • old is Wayne supposed to be? I get the feeling he's at least a few years older than the main gang, but in "Role Reversal" when Caitlin accidentally asked him out no one seemed to think it'd be weird for them to go on a date.
    • He's at least younger then college age.


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