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I don't have time for you.

  • Gru has several, but an especially noteworthy one is when he breaks into Vector's Fortress in an attempt to get Margo, Edith and Agnes back from him. This involves jumping over and around a series of heat-seeking missiles, tricking them into blow up the fortress wall for him, marching into the hole they made with one hell of a Death Glare on his face, and then punching Vector's pet shark in the face. With an Offhand Backhand.
    • That moment could also double somewhat as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Just before that, Gru delivers this threat to Vector (via door camera):
      Gru: Listen close, you little punk. When I get in there, you are in for a world of pain.
      Gru: (punches the camera hard enough to crack the lens, causing Vector to flinch and nearly drop the moon)
      Agnes: (smugly) He's gonna kick your butt.
    • Keep this in mind. When Gru tried to break into this fortress to steal the shrink ray, he was subjected to a long, painful series of tortures, most of them reappearing here as well. When Vector took the girls, after getting the missiles to hit Vector's own front door, Gru just walked in.
    • Vector starts the encounter his usual smug self, even when Gru intimidates him. The moment Gru punches his shark, he has a suitable Oh, Crap! moment and immediately tries to bail.
  • The DEFINING CMoA for Gru has got to be his first real "dad moment", which involved blowing up a rigged amusement park game being run by a Jerkass. Said carny con artist would not give Agnes a stuffed unicorn as a prize for hitting a small target, simply because it wasn't "knocked over." So Gru took a turn at the game and used his personal blaster on it. He knocked it over... by disintegrating it... and most of the game booth with it. Needless to say, Agnes got her unicorn.
    Gru: Knocked oooooo-ver!
    Agnes: (Holding her new unicorn) IT'S SO FLUFFY!
    Margo: That... was awesome!
    Edith: You blew up the whole thing!
    Agnes: Let's go destroy another game!
  • The Minions forming a Chain of People to save Gru and Margo.
    • Possible retroactive Fridge Brilliance: The main reason the Minions had to find new masters over and over is because they kept killing them. This time, they prevented their master's death.
  • Gru is surprisingly adept at disco dancing.
  • The Minions, who have been portrayed as about ditzy and scatterbrained, managed to do something just awesome! Well, technically one Minion, but if he could do it, so could the others. They are capable to hacking in government records, to change Gru's personal records. Why is this awesome? Because it was during the moment when Gru was talking to Miss Hattie! The Minions are just AWESOME!
  • Vector may be a real Jerkass, but the way this guy kept Gru from getting inside his house was not only very hilarious, but very impressive.
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  • Mr. Perkins managing to intimidate Gru of all people. Makes you wonder what he was like or would be like as a nasty super villain talking to their younger, and probably stronger henchman.
  • Gru, Nefario, and the Minions building a working rocket - without the support of the bank.
  • The part where the girls jumped over to Gru, most notable was when Margo tried to jump over. It TRULY redefined Climax Jump.
  • It may be small in comparison, but the fact the girls were able to sell so many cookies in a single day is impressive for their age.
  • Another small moment, but when the girls are getting berated by Miss Hattie for not meeting their quota, the fat jerk at one point gives them a glare. Both Margo and Agnes look away in fear, but Edith? She doesn't even flinch, and even rolls her eyes when Miss Hattie turns away.
  • Marlena (Gru's mother) shows off her martial art skills at her introduction.
  • Awesome Music: Pharrell Williams's "Despicable Me" is undiluted Cool and Win.
  • Margo getting Gru to do whatever she needs him to do for her and her sisters. Simply by explaining what will happen (i.e., won't sell cookies, stay up all night bugging him, etc.) if he doesn't do so.


  • This film becoming the 9th highest grossing film of 2010. No? How about becoming the 24th highest grossing animated film of all-time with $543,113,985, half a billion? OR the 11th CGI film in lifetime gross, Either way, this film is Universal's most unforgettable film and Illumination's highest-reviewed film yet! Even way better, the film surprisingly got very good feedback.
  • Surprisingly, the film was nominated for "Best Animated Feature" at the Golden Globes. It lost to Toy Story 3, of course, but still won "Favorite Animated Movie" at the Kids' choice awards.
  • Ice Cream Boy getting his revenge on Gru in a Missing Trailer Scene.