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Awesome / The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

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Rex Dangervest: Galaxy defending archaeologist, cowboy and raptor trainer! Of course he is awesome!

Even as a sequel, everything is still awesome!

  • Despite everyone else in Apocolypseburg, who have gone feral after the Duplo invasions, Emmet retains the same cheery, awesome personality. He even walks through the ruined city like he's on a pleasant morning walk.
  • Batman managing to take down Sweet Mayhem's spaceship by shooting down part of a building on top of it, after it had weathered through all other attacks unscathed.
  • Sweet Mayhem makes quite the first impression, proving to be nearly unstoppable and dishing out a Curb-Stomp Battle to most of the heroes.
  • As Emmet’s friends were being kidnapped by Sweet Mayhem, Emmet quickly Master Builds...a triple-decker couch...that transforms into a battle mech similar to the final battle from the last movie. Despite not being hardcore like his friends, Emmet is still the Special for a reason.
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  • Emmet's friends are captured, but no one wants to go along with him because of him not being "tough enough", so what does he do? Rebuild his house, which was destroyed, into a fully functioning ship to save his friends. A true Determinator, this one!
  • Lucy is no slouch either. She lasts the longest against Sweet Mayhem during the latter's invasion, and actually manages to defeat her during their second fight. Special mention goes to her rescuing the falling Sweet Mayhem mere minutes after their second battle, by building a long chain of Lego bricks in a matter of milliseconds.
  • Lucy is revealed to be a member of the in-universe group that originally recorded "Everything is Awesome."
  • Rex Dangervest is full of awesome:
    • First off, he's a galaxy-defending archaeologist, cowboy, and raptor trainer!
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    • His first scene has him saving Emmet from an asteroid by destroying it with his bare hands.
    • He built a fist-shaped spaceship/time machine and saves Emmet just as he's about to get hit by a glassteroid. He also cannibalized Lego versions of nearly every famous fictional time machine to do it, including Doc Brown's Delorean, the Time Displacement Equipment, and the TARDIS.
    • This persists even after he's revealed to be the Big Bad. After his ordeal in Undar of the Dryar System, he manages to achieve total freedom of movement in the real world, which the original Emmet could never do. He also comes very close to actually winning, almost securing Emmet's role in his creation.
  • Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi convinces Batman to marry her by singing a whole song about how she could never love a guy from Gotham City and would rather date Superman, which Batman's ego of course forces him to prove wrong. That's right, Watevra pulls a Batman Gambit on the actual Batman. Not only that, she tells him her plan up front, only she claims she's faking interest in him just to make Superman jealous.
  • Watevra Wa'Nabi's Voluntary Shapeshifter abilities are extremely impressive. At one point during "Not Evil" she transforms into an entire room!
  • We all knew Finn was awesome, but Bianca might just be even more so. While Finn kept rebuilding a single city, Bianca built an entire galaxy of planets, each with their own colorful characters and species! And when they finally join forces in the end, double the awesome ensues with Apocalypseburgers and Systarians coming together to save Emmet from Rex!
  • Wyldstyle denies (nay) DEFIES the Downer Ending and when the others begin to sing about how everything is not awesome and how they should just give up, she takes the song and while still acknowledging that things aren't always going to be 'awesome' they can't give up and manages to rally everyone else in the box.
    • And, somehow hearing this song, Finn opens the box to find the heart he gave his sister and it finally makes him realise how he's been acting - leading to his wordless apology by giving the heart back, their making-up and the reversal of Ourmamageddon.
    • There is an additional layer of both awesome and heartwarming to this. Lucy was the original singer of Everything Is Awesome, and in her journey to become Wyldstyle she came to loathe the song. But when all hope seems lost, Lucy finally embraces the part of herself that she denied for so long and reinterprets the song to find a more hopeful medium between the two, inspiring everyone to save Emmet from Rex.
  • Emmet struggling and finally achieving freedom of movement in the real world in the final duel with Rex. Only difference is this time, instead of being driven by anger and sadness, he’s driven by sheer force of will and the determination to see his friends again! And while Emmet struggles he tells Rex that he will never become like him.
    • What's more, Emmet achieving freedom of movement in the real world without resorting to anger or bitterness like his counterpart Rex did lives up to Doc Brown's philosophy ("[It means] your future hasn't been written in stone, no one's has!").
  • Lucy arriving at Undar to save Emmet as the area actually turns from reality into the LEGO world.
  • The song "Super Cool" that plays over the ending credits includes multiple verses rapping about how cool ending credits are, including literally name-dropping people that worked on the film.

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