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Who has the coolest gadgets? BATMAAAAAAN!!!

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • What? Nothing about the pilot from the beginning? He's stared down by the Joker himself... and all he does is frown, and dismiss his plan to take over Gotham City! In Badass Bystander mode, he doesn't react to Joker's Nightmare Face, and only after seeing the plan play out gives Joker kudos for thinking of everything.
  • Batman in the opening, fooling Joker and the other rogues by disguising himself as the Mayor before single-handedly beating all of them. While singing his own theme song. Awesome Ego at its finest.
    • How does Batman's beatdown start? By knocking Bane out with a single kick. While somehow simultaneously flying through the air in slow motion, but head-banging in normal time.
  • This version of Batman managed something no other has to date: He convinced the Joker that their relationship was all in his head. While it's treated as a Kick the Dog moment, and it ends up causing the movie's main conflict, anyone tired of the Joker's mind games was probably cheering him on then.
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  • How the film develops Barbara Gordon. She confirms that she was a kid when Batman was around, and wanted to be like him. Instead of going the typical Barbara route - donning her own Batgirl costume, showing up Leeroy Jenkins style - she builds her career as a civil servant, studies martial arts, and succeeds her father as commissioner. She also makes it clear she's not interested in Batman romantically, realizing that he's too old for her, and will put him in his place when he steps out of line. Barbara is her own person, who only becomes Batgirl at the end when Batman asks for her help.
  • Barbara proves herself a hell of a Badass Normal during the attack on her ceremony. She takes out several of the henchmen with just her fists.
  • Alfred's response when Bruce orders him to send Dick back to the orphanage: he "accidentally" opens the entrance to the Batcave, allowing Dick to find out that Batman is. . . one of his dads.
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  • Batman instructing Robin in stealing the Phantom Zone key. Batman shows real smarts in his step by step instructions in how to get past the massive security system, while Robin is able to follow all of them perfectly and improvise when necessary.
  • Batman, Robin, and Alfred taking on the Gremlins.
  • Barbara taking over the Batwing to rescue Alfred.
  • Alfred finally getting to suit up the 1960s Batsuit! And later in the film during the climax, he dons a new suit of his chauffeur uniform with a Kato-style bat-mask. And it looks badass.
  • How Batman directing Barbara to drive the Scuttler allows them to take out Sauron using Forced Friendly Fire by the Kraken.
    Sauron: My eye!
  • As hilarious a Mythology Gag as it is, Batman and Robin being Back-to-Back Badasses 1966 style manages to be awesome at the same time.
    Batman: We are going to punch these guys so hard, words describing the impact will spontaneously materialize out of thin air.
  • The entire Final Battle. To note: it's the Bat Family in an Enemy Mine with their Rogues Gallery vs the Joker leading an army of fiction's greatest and baddest baddies in a Big Badass Battle Sequence.
    Joker: Who's layin' down those funky beats?
    Bat Family & Rogues Gallery: WE ARE!!
  • Barbara leading the Rogues against the Evil Army, and turning a group that got demolished singlehandedly by Batman into a force able to hold their own against the universe's most dangerous villains. She's not Oracle at this point, but she definitely shows traits of that persona. Also it's important to note that Barbara, a Badass Normal, takes down Voldemort by stealing his wand.
    "You wanna see a magic trick? I'm going to make you disappear!"
  • The birth of Nightwing, shortlived and despair-y as it may be.
  • Alfred (Bursting in guns ablaze) You just got Union Jacked!"


  • A very common refrain among the film's reviews is that despite the parody nature, it's legitimately an excellent Batman movie, thanks to being made by people who know the character inside and out and have a genuine love for him.
  • All the spells Voldemort casts in the film were at the suggestion of JK Rowling herself.
  • When Ralph Fiennes as Alfred mans a gunner, his "pew pew"s are the most realistic of the cast.
  • All of the villains Joker listed in the opening scene were real. Yes, even the Condiment King. The creators have Shown Their Work, indeed.
    • Moreover, if the whole movie is actually part-kid's fantasy, just like The LEGO Movie, it means that whoever is playing must be one heckuva Batman fan to know and memorize all those baddies' names.
  • Due to Batman dressing up as the mayor in the opening, Mariah Carey gets to play Batman!
  • How about the fact that, all things considered, this is the most successful Joker ever? Namely, not only does he get what he wants, he gets off scot-free in the end.

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