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The Awesome Moments page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • MacArthur carrying Sanders up hundreds of flights of stairs in "None Dawn, Eighteen to Go – Part 1". To repeat, MacArthur carried her adult partner up thousands of stairs over her shoulder. Getting to the top had even the Ice Dancers, a pair of Olympic athletes, sweating and out of breath. MacArthur is a simple police cadet who did the same while being overweight and carrying another woman on her back. She wasn't lying when she said she was almost all glutes!
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  • Dwayne downing the spicy Moroccan stew in one gulp.
  • Josee and Jacques swimming their cheese raft down the stream after losing their oars, and still keeping pace with Sanders and MacArthur.
  • Crimson vs. a shark in episode 4. What does she do? Stare at it. It quickly gives up their Travel Tip.
  • Chet breezing through the gymnastics Botch or Watch in Transylvania, leading him and Lorenzo to their best leg finish yet.
    • Emma's performance on the vaulting horse is very impressive as well, to the point where she actually rivals Josee, a professional ice dancer.
  • "Hawaiian Honeyruin" is full of these:
    • Junior carrying his dad over the hot coal walk.
    • Kelly giving Taylor the mother of all Reason You Suck Speeches by telling her that all her awards and praise was just bought with her father's money and that she's not the Born Winner she thinks she is.
    • Ryan finally breaking up with Stephanie on national (actually international) TV after getting sick of her being a competitive jerk.
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    • Kitty starting to show signs of the intelligence Word of God notified us of by acknowledging Noah's crush on Emma, something even Emma wasn't aware of.
  • In Dubai, there's many things going on that involves the Tennis Robot:
    • It was the Ex-Daters turn and Stephanie manages to serve back to the Tennis Robot, which causes it to fall off the building. Unfortunately, the robot lands on Kitty and Emma's (who were doing the window wiping challenge) window washer kart, causing Emma and the robot to fall off. Luckily, Noah (who was also doing the wiping challenge with Owen), manages to save her just in time.
      • Due to the malfunction, the balls come out very slowly, causing ALL the teams who chose the tennis challenge to pass it... even the Adversity Twins.
    • Owen's plan in wiping the windows for BOTH Teams after they make an alliance with Kitty and Emma.... and neither of them get penalized for it. Also, kudos to Owen for coming with the plan to wipe the windows at high speed, using his own body despite the friction obviously hurting him.
      Noah: Way to take one for the team, big guy.
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    • Once again, Kelly gives Taylor a time-out after getting fed up with her spoiled brat attitude. The best part is... Kelly decides to cut her allowance after they're eliminated.
  • When Noah and Owen accidentally broke the sister's wheel in Beijing, how Noah helps them out? Using his ''OWN HAND AND grabs the holder of the broken wheel of the sister's cart, even at the cost of his own hand.
  • Spud finally stepping it up and giving an amazing performance in the air guitar challenge, capping it off by lighting a giant fart. Made even better when this gives him and Rock their first leg win after weeks of barely scraping by.
  • The Goths' new outfits after the events of I Love Ridonc & Roll are made of 50% Nightmare Fuel, 50% CRAZY AWESOME!
    • Owen, of all people, giving Noah a Rousing Speech that helps him complete the challenge.
  • In 'My Way or Zimbabwe', MacArthur outruns a rhino for 45 minutes, tiring it out so Sanders could take herself a photo with it. This also helps some of the other teams, as they take their photos with this same rhino while it's too tired to chase them away.
  • In "The Shawshank Ridonc-tion", MacArthur breaks apart the cell's window bars, and later intimidating Jacques so he and Josee would respect the truce and escape the prison together after both boomerang each other.
  • "Maori or Less", where the Don is even surprised in how fast The Ice Dancers breeze through the challenges.
  • Loki's plan to get Komodo Dragon saliva in "Got Venom?": Get up on a tree branch and taunt a komodo dragon by throwing nuts at it, causing it to try to grab Loki, who is out of reach, while the dragon's slobber would fall into a well placed bucket. When the time was right, the Goths would scare the komodo dragon away with their "deodorant." Not bad for a genius Killer Rabbit.
    • Not to mention "El Bunny Supremo", where Loki makes the Ice Dancers' efforts to sabotage the Goths by kidnapping him as difficult as possible, even if they did ultimately succeed. He escapes and scares off the burros with a simple snarl, which ends up slapping a 10-minute penalty on the Ice Dancers that at least denies them first place, which they covet more than anything. Just to cement his in-universe Memetic Badass status, Loki gives a throat-slice gesture to the Ice Dancers following the Goths' elimination that makes the Big Bad duo visibly flinch.
  • When the ice dancers get penalized for not completing the challenge correctly in "How Deep Is Your Love?" they get upset and Don tells them "Considering you're horrible people who have taken more penalties than all the other teams combined, you're getting off easy."
    • And in the next episode, he keeps it up by mentioning that he's dreamed of them being eliminated. Nice to see that unlike Chris, villain competitors leave a sour taste in his mouth.
  • In "Last Tango in Buenos Aires", Carrie finally shutting up Devin about Shelley, snapping him out of his jinx-imposed funk, and taking the lead in their tango to get to the next Don Box and catch up with the others.
    • Despite Devin's Game-Breaking Injury ultimately eliminating them from the contest, he and Carrie certainly earned their happy ending by finding love with each other. And a Heartwarmer to top it off? Bringing back, of all teams, the one that made the ultimate sacrifice for them in Vietnam: The Surfers!
  • In the same episode as above, Kitty getting the dancers (and cadets) stuck with the bathroom-adjacent seats on the plane, just to mess with them.
  • Sanders getting that pass and getting second place, finally getting The Ice Dancers off the show.
    • After the first two seasons of Total Drama with little payoff, Geoff (and his pal Brody) won the Ridonculous Race!
    • A Fridge Moment of Awesome for Geoff, who proved that the so-called "Power of Nice" does pay off, as his and Brody's sacrifice for the Best Friends in Vietnam paid off in the biggest way possible!
    • After a season of putting up with them, Don gleefully announces Jauqces and Josee's elimination, and he's clearly enjoying every moment of it.
    Don: Jacques and Josee, I'm sorry... that it took me so long to say this. You're cut from the competition!


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