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Heartwarming / Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

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The Heartwarming Moments page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • Geoff giving his love and greetings to Bridgette when he and Brody are introduced. It's really sweet to see how the two are still together and as in love with each other as ever despite all the rocky points they faced on Total Drama. Not to mention the fact that this means they've been together for three years at this point. Now that's a truly beautiful relationship.
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  • Owen now has a new companion to help with his fear of flying, Beary the bear. His interaction with it in Episode 2 is all shades of adorable.
  • Junior being proud of his dad for performing the Calanque de Maubois Botch or Watch.
  • Taylor complimenting her mother's upper body strength after the vine swing in Brazil. After behaving like a complete Spoiled Brat up to that point, it was nice to see Taylor say something nice to her mother.
  • Some of the eliminations have the teams leaving the show on a good note.
    • The Tennis Rivals manage to leave laughing, with a chance that their goal of having more sponsors could be a success.
    • The Geniuses leave the show with a joke on the irony of how they got eliminated.
    • The Step-Brothers and the Rockers seem to be striking up a friendship after their double elimination.
  • The way Kitty helps the Adversity Twins despite her sister's disagreement is kind of nice to see happen to the twins.
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  • Miles forgiving Laurie for eating meat and not being mad at her incompetence in the leg they get eliminated.
  • Noah admitting that this reality show is one of the favorites he participated in after Emma kissed him while he and Owen get ready to work on a new reality show.
  • Crimson & Ennui being genuinely excited to go to Transylvania, even if their voices don't quite show it. Crimson even willingly takes a penalty so that Ennui can have a turn to lie in the coffin used for one of the challenges. They even smile while talking about it in the confessional.
  • Tom & Jen making up after their fight in Transylvania, and Jen cheering Tom through a challenge he was having a lot of difficulty with. Especially poignant since Jen's encouragement was contrasted with Stephanie berating Ryan for his failures in the same challenge. And at the very end, when Tom and Jen are eliminated, they still leave on a positive note, starting a fashion trend with the fez.
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  • Owen and Kitty working together to try and get Emma and Noah to hook up.
  • When the Adversity Twins are the first to finish the Tennis machine challenge (due to it being damaged) Geoff cheers for their success and he, Brody, and The Rockers clap for them.
  • Noah saving Emma from falling to her death, winning her over in the process.
  • Crimson and Ennui agreeing to try and work through not being able to stand the sight of one another after their facepaint comes off during a challenge. While they manage to restore their gothic style not long after, it's still oddly touching. They even smile at each other before noticing the clothes store.
  • From "I Love Ridonc and Roll", Owen telling Noah how much fun he's been having racing with him, and asking him to stop trying to be Emma's hero and to be Owen's hero by winning the challenge.
  • When Junior asks Devin if it's okay to ask Carrie out, Devin lets him down easy by saying that Carrie's not interested in younger guys but maybe she'll change her mind in a few years.
  • Chet and Lorenzo realizing they have a lot in common and becoming best friends instead of worst enemies, just as their parents wanted. They even stay friends after elimination instead of going back to sniping with one another and walk off into the sunset to go play video games with the rockers.
  • Geoff & Brody hanging out with Junior during a long train ride, and Brody trying his best to offer some advice when Dwayne asks for help connecting with his son.
  • After being eliminated, Junior hugs his father and thanks him for the fun journey they had together and the episode ends with them walking into the sunset and deciding to watch Total Drama Pahkitew Island.
  • When Brody gets discouraged due to his repeated failures in the mechanical bull Botch or Watch, Geoff cheers him up by lending him his lucky hat. This gives Brody the renewed confidence to finish the challenge and win the leg.
  • Crimson & Ennui holding hands in the confessional.
    Crimson: That's nice.
  • After Geoff and Brody are eliminated in Vietnam, Don mentions in the next episode's intro how he'll miss them.
  • In Darjeel With It, there's the Haters rekindling their love, becoming Daters again before losing the game. It was easy to spot from a while back, and might not even last, but it was nice to see.
  • Carrie & Devin finally hooking up in "Last Tango in Buenos Aires" and, despite Devin's critical Game-Breaking Injury, earning their happy ending.
    • To top it off, as a sign of good faith and karma, when asked to choose a former team to replace them, Carrie doesn't hesitate to choose the team that made the ultimate sacrifice for them back in Vietnam: Geoff & Brody!
  • As the race has gone on, the Sisters have gotten better at working together, compared to the beginning. Just listen to their post-elimination speech.
    • Upon returning to the game, Geoff & Brody made a promise that if they win, they'll share the prize money with Devin and Carrie.
    • And despite losing, Emma and Kitty's post elimination statement heavily implies if not confirms that Emma still got together with Noah
  • MacArthur saving Josee from drowning during the underwater cave Botch or Watch. Even though the Ice Dancers are her mortal enemies, she couldn't bear the thought of leaving her to die.


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