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Topher will be the host of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

The Ridonculous Race is a prequel to Total Drama.
It was confirmed RR is in the same universe as TD, but not in between seasons. It being a prequel could have some interesting ideas. Specifically, what if Chris is a contestant, and something bad happens to him this season that made him the way he is today.

  • Jossed, Leonard mentions his (brief) time on Pahkitew Island during an interview, and Dwayne and Junior were watching the Pahkitew Island episode "I Love You, I Love You Knots" as in-flight entertainment in "Little Bull on the Prairie", which makes the Ridonculous Race' a sequel spinoff. Also, Noah mentions that he and Owen had appeared on several reality shows since World Tour.

Kelly and Taylor will be eliminated because Kelly quits.
More specifically, they will be eliminated because Kelly, having had enough of her daughter's bratty, entitled and disrespectful behavior, will finally get tired of it, put her foot down and teach her daughter a lesson, even if it means having to lose on purpose.
  • Confirmed. While Kelly doesn't quit, she does put her foot down against Taylor's insolent behavior and they do get eliminated due to their argument causing delay in reaching the Chill Zone in time.

Ellody is Courtney in disguise.
Both have the roughly the same high-pitched voice, both are Ambiguously Brown, and both are driven competitors who value winning over relationships.

Chet's mom and Lorenzo's dad will have a baby.
A new half-sibling would possibly cause Chet and Lorenzo to bury the hatchet. Jossed on the sibling; however, they do eventually reconcile.

Owen and Noah's Friendship Will Go Through Some Serious Rough Waters During the Race.
Despite how long the two of them have been friends (Going by Word of God, maybe 2-3 years now), in this viewer's opinion it looks like Noah is slowly growing fed up with Owen's usual antics, such as his overeating and bathroom humor. Evidence so far is his "I'm so done" reaction in the elevator when Owen farted a storm, Noah and the Judge laughing at his drawing of Owen and not bothering to even show him, and Owen eating the cheese which earned them a penalty. And that's only 3 episodes in. At some point Noah is just going to snap which, while out of character, wouldn't be totally uncalled for given that it's Owen. Lovable guy though he is, he's not the best partner at all times.

As a result, their friendship will end up in a rut and affect their gameplay which (if the writers cared about Character Development at all) would help Owen become a more responsible partner and earn his Little Buddy's trust again.

  • Semi-jossed; Noah's romance with Emma does force Owen to take more responsibility in the competition, but otherwise, the two remain best friends throughout the whole thing.

Carrie is the protagonist from the "You Belong with Me" music video.
And Devin's girlfriend Shelley is Miss Short Skirt Cheer Captain.

Emma and Courtney end up going to the same law school and/or working at the same firm.
(Just because they're both have an interest in law, but it'd be fun to think how they might (not) get along.)

Stephanie and Ryan will break up.
Ryan seems to be uncomfortable with Stephanie's hyper-competitiveness and intense personality. At some point, he may decide that enough is enough and break it off because he can't deal with Stephanie's temper anymore. Confirmed in "Hawaiian Honeyruin", when they come in last; however, they eventually reconcile and get back together, just in time to be eliminated in "Darjeel With It".

Rock will get fed up with Spud's laziness.
Rock was already pretty annoyed when Spud's refusal to help in Iceland nearly put them in last place. If Spud continues to sit on the sidelines and make Rock do all the work, causing them to continue skirting elimination then Rock may go off on him and call him out for his laziness. If they're lucky, then this will finally light a fire in Spud and get them to work as equals, possibly sending them to the top half of the rankings for the first time. Confirmed in "I Love Ridonc & Roll", when Spud's air guitaring and Farts on Fire nabs them first place.

Shelley is cheating on Devin.
Contrary to what Carrie believes, Shelley isn't watching the show. She's on vacation with another guy and at some point the team mates will run into them. Confirmed: While Devin and Carrie don't run into her during the race, Shelley is indeed cheating on Devin, with her tennis instructor.

The Goths' New Look will result in their elimination.
What with the extra weight and platform boots I expect the Goths to have trouble later in the race. Especially if a lot of running is involved.
  • Semi-jossed. For some reason they've snapped back to their original designs.

The Jake that broke up with Emma is none other Jake Spidermonkey.

Shelley is actually a crustacean

Since I doubt Crimson and Ennui are their real names
Ennui's real name is Jake. Apparently, he and Emma have been dating for three years. Three years ago is when Jake and Emma broke up.
  • Not likely, considering that Ennui is 17 and Emma is 21.

Josee is the female version of Trevor Philips.
Like Trevor, Josee's default coping mechanism is Unstoppable Rage. Also, her partner Jacques is almost exactly like Trevor's partner, Michael De Santa, who is more pragmatic than their partner, but is Not So Above It All at times.

Continuing the WMG on the Total Drama page about the cast being superpowered metahumans, the Ridonculous Race cast has powers too
  • Don: He can teleport matter in a wide range using his mind, including living people. That's why he can arrange the challenges so quickly and use Offscreen Teleportation, but the audience of the show is left to believe that Manipulative Editing was in effect and Don wasn't actually doing all this.
  • Kelly and Taylor: Break Them by Talking as a superpower. Kelly has the power to crush people's hopes with her Compelling Voice, which she has used to convince her daughter's superiors to pass her and accept her bribery despite Taylor's incompetence. Of course, Taylor inherited this power from her mother and she initially had Power Incontinence as a child, but Taylor realised that she could control others (even her own family) by breaking them with her words, which caused her to be the jerk she was. Kelly turned her power off because she was afraid of misusing it like Taylor did (and that Taylor had mainly used her mother as a target, lowering her self-esteem for years). After Kelly became fed up with her daughter's obnoxiousness, she eventually gained enough confidence to use her voice against Taylor in "Hawaiian Honeyruin" and "Hello and Dubai", which affected Taylor's self-esteem in the same way she had been affecting Kelly for years.
  • Josee and Jacques: Both of them have the power to manipulate their own luck. They have avoided karma and escaped elimination (even taking a flight from Hawaii to Zimbabwe and catching up with the challenge) numerous times because they simply give themselves good luck. Their power is uncontrollable and tends to go wrong sometimes, with the incident where Jacques dropping Josee being the first instance of their luck failing them. (The cursed Hawaii lava rock only amplified their unluckiness.) This eventually caused the Ice Dancers to become obsessed with winning, since they believed that even if they did sabotage the other teams and make them lose, they believed their luck powers would succeed and save them in the end.
    • On top of that, Josee is also capable of Hulking Out and demonstrating feats of strength when she's furious.
  • Mickey and Jay: Their power is inverse to the Ice Dancers' manipulation of good luck: they have an uncontrollable aura of amplified bad luck. Although the constant ailments and suffering throughout their lives came from their unlucky superpower, there are times where they end up having good luck similar to the Ice Dancers' rare moments of bad luck. In "Brazilian Pain Forest" Mickey got an Acquired Poison Immunity due to being bitten by so many things over the years, and in "I Love Ridonc and Roll" they have been immune to the hot temperature of the sauna because of their temperature dyslexia.
  • Brody: His body can conduct electricity. This is why he could power the boat's broken motor and survive getting electrocuted without any scarring. Of course, when Brody uses his conduction too much, he will become stunned and catatonic from all of the electricity in his system. This is demonstrated when Geoff touches an overcharged Brody in the next episode and gets an electric shock.
  • Spud: He uses time manipulation to affect his nervous system. His delayed reactions and unwillingness to participate are a result of him slowing down his neurons. When they eventually catch up, Spud will react. Rock is aware of Spud's inability to control his slowing powers, but no matter how annoying it is he still keeps trying to help his friend anyway.
  • Laurie and Miles: Their spiritual abilities are similar to Dawn's, but Laurie and Miles' powers are the result of being human reincarnations of ancient nature spirits. Due to this, they are able to speak and empathise with animals and attune with nature. In fact, the Vegans' attempt to get the fossil wasn't stupid on their part, they were actually trying to revive the fossil with their powers. However, Laurie is actually the reincarnation of a carnivore spirit, and she was unaware of this for most of her life until she ate meat. Laurie's spiritual aura had been accustomed with veganism and therefore kept the carnivore within her sealed away, but eating meat reminded her of it. Achievements in Ignorance, really. While the Vegans were horrified about eating meat for fear of provoking the spirits' wrath, Laurie's carnivorism resurfaced and she eventually embraced it. (Of course, Miles had a herbivore's spirit, so she wouldn't tolerate it.) When they were eliminated, Don joked about them being stuck on an island full of cannibals, but it's possible that Laurie might have used her carnivore powers to scare them away (or even eat them).

Brody will hook up with an Australian Surfer friend of Bridgette
Jossed. He hooks up with MacArthur.

The Ice Dancers were supposed to remain in black attire, but the show just forgot/colored them wrong.
Case in point, a latter episode with the group in Australia, Ennui agrees to lend Josee his pale-white make-up in exchange for her telling him where she "scored that cool unitard". If Josee was still in the black unitard this actually would have made sense, but based on everything we know of the goths from this point, what possible need would Ennui need for a hot-pink anything? My guess is whoever was in charge of coloring the Ice Dancers just forgot they were supposed to be dressed in black, and colored them back in pink, and no one caught it.

Rock's mom does not approve of his friendship with Spud
In "Down and Outback", Spud casually mentions that Rock's mom says that if anyone's going to kill Rock, then it's going to be him. It could be inferred that Rock's mom is not very supportive of their friendship, likely seeing Spud as either a bad influence or an anchor that will prevent her son from reaching his full potential.

Pete is Chris McLean's father
Jossed. Word of God confirmed they're not related.

Geoff will sabotage Don in a future aftermath
If Geoff continued hosting the Aftermaths, then I would see him sabotaging Don, like he did with Chris (TDA Aftermath IV) and Blaineley (Aftermath Aftermayhem), by revealing embarrassing footage of him.

Geoff further split his $500,000 winnings on The Ridonculous Race with Bridgette.
Because it's all too logical.

  • Considering how blatantly obvious it is that he would do this, it's probable that Geoff simply forgot to mention this during his time on the show. The guy's not the brightest bulb in the box (especially around Brody) and it was probably so obvious to himself that he would split the money that it never occurred to him to state it outright. Knowing Bridgette however, she definitely wasn't mad at all (or at least for very long) about Geoff's forgetfulness and knew he was planning to split the money anyways.

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