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Headscratchers / Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

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The Headscratchers page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • When MacArthur brought up her old babysitter Jennifer Masterson did she mean the character from 6teen or was the identical name just a coincidence?
    • Out-of-universe it was almost certainly an intentional reference. In-universe, it's harder to say.
  • In "My Way or Zimbabwe" how did Jacques and Josee fly from Finland to Hawaii and then to Zimbabwe and still make it back in time to nearly beat Dwayne to the carpet of completion? The travel time would have been 28 hours total, if not more. And yet in-universe it was portrayed as if it only took a few hours total when Josee and Jacques arrived in Zimbabwe. The show was pretty realistic with travel times (for example, in "Last Tango in Buenos Aires", it was mentioned that the flight from Darjeel, India to Buenos Aires was 24 hours, which is fairly accurate).
    • On a side note, how come the flight from India to Argentina flew west over Africa? I would guess it would be faster to go east across the Pacific ocean from where they were. They've done that multiple times throughout the show, but this was just one example.
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    • Also, why were time zones completely ignored in this episode? This show was at least okay in dealing with time zones (Don mentions in the finale that the final three teams crossed around 111 time zones, and I don't think the writers pulled that number out of their asses). And yet it was completely hand-waved in this episode. If it was daytime in Zimbabwe then it would be night in Hawaii and vise-versa. Why couldn't the animators have at least used a night background for the Hawaii scene?
      • Night/day backgrounds are reused all the time in this show, which was usually the same in "World Tour". Hasn't anyone noticed how it's always nighttime in Paris? Therefore, it's always daytime in Hawaii. China seems to also be a daytime place for the series, as is Australia. Presumably, if another season uses New Zealand, it will still have majestic mountains, even if it takes place in Auckland - the biggest city in the country.
  • How did they speedboat all the way from the south of France to Iceland?
    • They must have been incredibly fast speedboats. Also, Don might have equipped the speedboats with some kind of navigational system to help the teams travel from the France to Iceland without getting lost.
  • Why didn't the vegans have a problem riding the cheese?
    • They don't have to actually eat the cheese, so they can ignore the fact that they're using it. Maybe they did have some issues with it off-camera, but judging by Laurie's resolve to eat the feast in Episode 5, she has less issues with dairy contact and convinced Miles that they were still sticking to their morals by not actually eating.
  • When the Goths lose their makeup, why didn't they consider the fact that they could just put their makeup back on before deciding to quit?
    • They might not have had any makeup with them.
  • How come Noah and Owen never seem to recognize Geoff or acknowledge him as someone they know from Total Drama at any point in the show? With the way they interact with him and talk about him in episodes like "Maori or Less", you could have replaced Geoff with a totally new character and nothing would be different. Did they completely forget who he is or something?
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  • Not to sound anti-Brody, but why did the people behind the show choose to make Geoff's partner for the race a completely new character over bringing Bridgette back? Leonard was brought back to replace a magician character for money-saving reasons and Noah was brought back due to his popularity, so why couldn't the same logic have been applied with Bridgette? She has a good-sized fanbase that wants her to get more screentime and development, and reusing her over making a new character would have saved on money too.
  • Why do Lorenzo and Chet hate each other? They never explain the reason and even stated that they didn't like each other before their parents married.
    • Given how immature they are, probably over something minor or they just dislike each other without concrete reasons.


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